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An Old Forgotten Pleasure

I’d forgotten the joy of maintenance!

Forgotten Pleasure

I happen to be up at this time today only because I am waiting to experience the joy of a root canal in about an hour. I had hoped to distract myself with some WoW, but …

Ah, well. It’s back to gay porn for now.

Niffis & Nefane: You are Skyfire men!

I’m really not okay with gunning down hoards of … well, Horde. We’re at war, yadda yadda. I just want to be a Draenei with a crab. Unfortunately I also want to explore the new continent – well, new to me – and level up. So there you are. For the moment, I think I will just ignore the facts of what I am involved in. It just makes me feel slightly dirty.

Niffis & Nefane: Skyfire Men

Hey, if I could ignore torturing people for information, I can ignore killing some Horde.

Oh, hey! A magical native has shown me the error of my ways! That makes it all better.

Niffis & Nefame: Magical Native

The Weirdness of Account-Based Systems

I’m a huge proponent of systems that let players experience content in their own way at their own time, so I really love the fact that Blizzard is looking at more systems that are shared across all the characters on your account.

Goodness knows I never want to do the damned Argent Tournament rigamarole again …

But I have to admit, at this point in my MMO career it just sometimes strikes me as … weird. Creepy, even.

I logged out of Mania (my Horde main), switched realms, and logged in my Alliance main. And suddenly I’m seeing battle pets on my mini-map. What!? But I didn’t train Pet Battles on this character!

… Oh, yeah. Right.

Then I logged into an Alliance bank alt and did the exact same thing again. And then again with the Horde bank alt.

I like it, no question. But it’s going to take some getting used to.

My First Dung Beetle!

Dung BeetleI logged into WoW on Christmas day to pick up my presents from Father Winter. One of the presents – from a previous year – is Father Winter’s Helper, a mini-pet.

(Although Blizzard has gone to calling them pets or companions, I’m still more comfortable with the term ‘mini-pet’. It’s less ambiguous, especially when everyone knows that ‘pet’ very clearly means a real pet – a hunter pet.)

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