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An Old Forgotten Pleasure

I’d forgotten the joy of maintenance!

Forgotten Pleasure

I happen to be up at this time today only because I am waiting to experience the joy of a root canal in about an hour. I had hoped to distract myself with some WoW, but …

Ah, well. It’s back to gay porn for now.

Niffis & Nefane: You are Skyfire men!

I’m really not okay with gunning down hoards of … well, Horde. We’re at war, yadda yadda. I just want to be a Draenei with a crab. Unfortunately I also want to explore the new continent – well, new to me – and level up. So there you are. For the moment, I think I will just ignore the facts of what I am involved in. It just makes me feel slightly dirty.

Niffis & Nefane: Skyfire Men

Hey, if I could ignore torturing people for information, I can ignore killing some Horde.

Oh, hey! A magical native has shown me the error of my ways! That makes it all better.

Niffis & Nefame: Magical Native

Understanding Depression

If you have desire to take a look inside depression, may I suggest this amazing post Depression Part Two at the blog Hyperbole and a Half. There are many other wonderful posts there as well, but this one does a brilliant job of presenting the underlying reality of depression in a very visceral way.

I’m sorry your fish are dead. I still like you, though.

Or I would, if I had any fish left.