WoD Alpha: Not a Fan of Rylaks

Now that I am finally level 92, I was able to hunt down a rylak to tame – although note that for the moment they are classified in the chimera family in the alpha.

Driftwatcher Rylak

Thunderlord Driftstalker

Sadly, I find that I am not a fan of rylaks.

3 thoughts on “WoD Alpha: Not a Fan of Rylaks

  1. Veyska

    The exact same logic they used on why hook wasps became wasps works for these guys too. /confused

    Eh. I’ll tame one of whatever new family gets the slow fall effect, any more depends on whether I actually like them or not. :-P

  2. Tom Lasten

    Imo bring back individual pet stats as it used to be in Vanilla, I know they made it more accessible blah blah but the point was if you wanted max dps/stats for even your pets you camped those spawns like your life depended on it. Was an interesting side to the game being able to find pets with better stats than others and that they normalized it all for the sake of the beastmastery spec which is totally useless aside of one expansion when it was op. Blizzards swings and roundabouts with their specs is painfully annoying! Tom

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