WoW Tabards Needs a New Home

So I have this minuscule little site called WoW Tabards that I built years ago to help me track which tabards I had. When I ran into health problems, it was the first to fall by the wayside, and it is now so out of date that I rather hope no one is still using it.

I’ve given up hope that I’ll get back to a place where I can revive the site, so I am looking for someone to take it over. The site code is pretty simple – I wrote much of it myself in a WAMP/LAMP environment – MySQL, PHP – using Zend Framework bits and pieces. We can discuss hosting as-is, but ideally I want to get it moved off my servers are some point.

All I am really looking for is someone who can save the site from being a big waste of space. So if you might be interested, e-mail me at

6 thoughts on “WoW Tabards Needs a New Home

  1. Mania Post author

    Ack! Apparently something is up with my e-mail, because I didn’t get a notice about your comments and I don’t think I have seen your e-mails to me. Lemme dig through my spam folder and see if that’s what happened. How embarrassing!

  2. laesaelea

    just letting you know, i use this site a lot for my twinking guide and i appreciate that someone put this small but useful guide out there to help us wow players find cool tabards :)

    also, i hope whoever gains control of the site will end up adding mobs that give rep for these tabards (to get to friendly for argent crusade etc…) if possible. in addition to adding the pandaria tabards and such.

    thanks again for your help! i hope you get well soon.

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