WoW Tabards Needs a New Home

So I have this minuscule little site called WoW Tabards that I built years ago to help me track which tabards I had. When I ran into health problems, it was the first to fall by the wayside, and it is now so out of date that I rather hope no one is still using it.

I’ve given up hope that I’ll get back to a place where I can revive the site, so I am looking for someone to take it over. The site code is pretty simple – I wrote much of it myself in a WAMP/LAMP environment – MySQL, PHP – using Zend Framework bits and pieces. We can discuss hosting as-is, but ideally I want to get it moved off my servers are some point.

All I am really looking for is someone who can save the site from being a big waste of space. So if you might be interested, e-mail me at

5 thoughts on “WoW Tabards Needs a New Home

  1. Mania Post author

    Ack! Apparently something is up with my e-mail, because I didn’t get a notice about your comments and I don’t think I have seen your e-mails to me. Lemme dig through my spam folder and see if that’s what happened. How embarrassing!

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