3 thoughts on “The Best Use of Resources

  1. Guntitan

    Seems like you just started leveling in MoP. Go BM. Grab a Spirit Beast and enjoy. I pretty much am the Spirit Beast King so no bias. Just kidding! I am biased when it comes to Spirit Beast. You could also try Sporebats. I heard they are good for PVE. In all serious the thing I like the most is that we can make our pets Tenacity, Ferocity or Cunning at will. I do dailies with my Spirit Beat as Tenacity. I just forget to turn off Growl once I enter a dungeon.

  2. Cardy

    Hey Mania,

    Ive been away from wow for ages but used to pop on your site a lot ye olden days. Glad to see you’re still enjoying your pets. Many regards, Cardinalfang BM hunter and Spike the broken tooth

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