Niffis & Nefane: You are Skyfire men!

I’m really not okay with gunning down hoards of … well, Horde. We’re at war, yadda yadda. I just want to be a Draenei with a crab. Unfortunately I also want to explore the new continent – well, new to me – and level up. So there you are. For the moment, I think I will just ignore the facts of what I am involved in. It just makes me feel slightly dirty.

Niffis & Nefane: Skyfire Men

Hey, if I could ignore torturing people for information, I can ignore killing some Horde.

Oh, hey! A magical native has shown me the error of my ways! That makes it all better.

Niffis & Nefame: Magical Native

5 thoughts on “Niffis & Nefane: You are Skyfire men!

  1. Kezelthas

    You’re not really alone; there are times when I haven’t appreciated how much the game shoves the war in our faces on either side, though I generally find some way of making roleplaying hay out of it. Leadership on both sides leaves something to be desired in that respect, I find.

  2. Mania Post author

    Egad! Someone is watching! Hide, hide!

    Heh. You’re right. I remember having very similar thoughts playing through the Horde side a year ago. I’d much rather go up against the Lich King. This factional war stuff is … draining.

    I’m probably going to be updating this as I play some more tonight. It’s been awhile and I wanted to share some rather pointless thoughts.

  3. Kezelthas

    Indeed it is. I completely abandoned Wrathion’s questline because of it. I don’t trust him an ounce anyhow…he sucks up to both factions and tries to tell them he’s really on THEIR side, so I’m just waiting for him to betray everyone somewhere down the road. Blizz hasn’t made me at all cynical, nooooo…

  4. Guntitan

    I want to role a Human Hunter so I can tame Human themed Hunter pets and be glorious in PVP. I have one on Kil’Jeaden and since now heirlooms can be mailed cross realm. Wait you’ve been gone for a while. I’ll say it again… HEIRLOOMS CAN BE MAILED CROSS REALM!!!

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