Understanding Depression

If you have desire to take a look inside depression, may I suggest this amazing post Depression Part Two at the blog Hyperbole and a Half. There are many other wonderful posts there as well, but this one does a brilliant job of presenting the underlying reality of depression in a very visceral way.

I’m sorry your fish are dead. I still like you, though.

Or I would, if I had any fish left.

3 thoughts on “Understanding Depression

  1. Suzi

    Thanks for sharing that post, Mania. I spent years not knowing how to describe what was going on in my head to other people so I really wish I could have seen something like that back then to explain it for me. I also think that the more people that don’t understand depression that can read that, and take something away from it, the better.

    I hope you find your piece of corn one day. I’m still looking for mine.

  2. Brian

    Depression is one of the most misunderstood problems in our time.
    The symptoms that you will find with most people
    suffering with SAD syndrome are similar to that of someone who is genuinely suffering from depression.
    When we feel ourselves incapable of coping with these stressful events, and leading a normal life, we tend to suffer from
    what is known as Depression.

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