2 thoughts on “I Got Off Easy

  1. Bulletdance

    It’s rough. There’s really no easy in terms of medical bills. I was a little lucky the third time around I had to go to the hospital since my insurance decided they wouldn’t pay a dime I spoke with the people at the hospital and they were kind enough to help me. Please speak with yours as well if you find your having trouble. I hope your doing well. We miss you on the forums, but your health is whats most important. Take it one day at a time.

  2. mpdugas

    Well, I can sympathize to some extent; I just got through a knee replacement with the VA here in Houston.

    The meds ‘modern’ doctors give you definitely give you depression, and there is little that talk can do to solve that…caffeine helps, tho.

    I’ve always enjoyed your website, even though I do not play WoW much anymore.

    Here’s to your improving health!!

    Good hunting!

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