The Weirdness of Account-Based Systems

I’m a huge proponent of systems that let players experience content in their own way at their own time, so I really love the fact that Blizzard is looking at more systems that are shared across all the characters on your account.

Goodness knows I never want to do the damned Argent Tournament rigamarole again …

But I have to admit, at this point in my MMO career it just sometimes strikes me as … weird. Creepy, even.

I logged out of Mania (my Horde main), switched realms, and logged in my Alliance main. And suddenly I’m seeing battle pets on my mini-map.¬†What!? But I didn’t train Pet Battles on this character!

… Oh, yeah. Right.

Then I logged into an Alliance bank alt and did the exact same thing again. And then again with the Horde bank alt.

I like it, no question. But it’s going to take some getting used to.