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Pro tip: Do not post a nice *Updated* notice on your website and then disappear for a month.

So recovering from this damned surgery is taking me much longer than I anticipated … and it’s mostly my fault. The surgical incision is healing up nicely – no trouble there – but I keep doing stupid things that end me up back in bed for days at a time.

It started when I demanded that the doctor take out my second (and last) drain. They wanted to leave it in another week or two just to be safe, but I was sick and tired of it. So after I made a terrible fuss they took it out, with a lot of urgent warnings about swelling. (Drains remove excess fluid from the surgical site.) If it swelled too much, they warned, they might actually have to open me back up to put another drain in.

I felt great, though – I could finally wear pants again! – and set out the next day to get my life back with a rousing trip to the grocery store. And … my leg swelled up like a water balloon. I spent the next three days with my leg wrapped tight in an Ace bandage and elevated as high as it would go, alternately bored silly or irrationally panicking that my leg was actually going to burst.

The day after the swelling came all the way down, my landlord called to say he wanted to come by a few days later to inspect the house. Three years we’ve lived here and he’s never wanted to do that before. And after three years, the house is a little the worse for wear around the edges. So Eric and I went into a three-day cleaning binge … and as expected, my leg swelled up again. At least I didn’t panic as much this time. And the landlord was so embarrassed that I was bed-ridden when he came that he pretended not to see the whole in the wall or the pets we aren’t supposed to have.

Soon after that, I woke up one morning and walked into the kitchen to confront the bane of living in Florida – a massive cockroach. I tried to kill him, he flew at me, I went over backwards in an attempt to avoid a roach in the faceĀ and landed on my bad leg. And that was another couple of days in bed. (Later that day, Eric found the roach in the laundry room and smashed him good.)

Most recently, I slipped in the shower. I caught myself before I fell … by doing a kind of partial split that caused something in my leg to go “twang!” and left me in tears on the bathroom floor. I only pulled a muscle, but it’s one of the muscles that is trying to take over for the muscles that were removed. And it hurt. I’m still hobbling from it.

I don’t mean to whine. I’ve been very lucky with this whole cancer thing. So many of you who have written me and left comments have been through much worse. Just hearing about how you got through it has really helped me tremendously. But when I am stuck in bed, wishing I was anywhere else, wishing I could play WoW or at least sit at the computer desk long enough to answer some e-mail … Well, this is not how I expected to spend my summer.

But hey – I’m alive! And mobile at least some of the time. And if I could just stop doing stupid things to hurt myself I’ll be back to normal in no time! Right?

17 thoughts on “Followup to the Followup

  1. Suzi

    It would be easy of me to tell you to rest up and not do anything that will set back the healing process, but I didn’t take that advice after an accident I had a few years ago. It’s frustrating when the mind is willing but the body can’t handle it anymore as you end up pushing to do what you think you can do, and then pay the price afterwards (in my case I’m still paying it).

    Trust me though, however bad it is now, it will get easier to do things again. I can’t promise it will be how it used to be, but you won’t be as restricted as you feel right now. I wish you the best and hope for you to have as speedy a recovery as possible.

  2. Ian

    It’s hard to adjust at first and doing things you shouldn’t is understandable. Just take it easy Mania and I hope you feel a little better for the 25th :). All us hunters are rooting for you.

  3. AlpineSkies

    Just do what you need to do to get better. I’m sure people would be sending you physical flowers if they could. :) Here’s hoping for as speedy and non-obnoxious of a recovery as you can get.

  4. Akycha

    Mayhaps there is a way to play your computer in bed. When I was bed ridden for awhile(not for something nearly as long recovering as yourself) we set up the TV in my room hooked up the computer to it and put the keyboard on my belly. and a mouse pad next to me in bed. Now with all the wireless stuff it might even be easier. You could probably get some sorta breakfest tray so it wouldn’t rest on your leg if belly doesnt’ work for you.

  5. Bulletdance

    Maybe get some coloring books to keep you busy. I know its usualyl for little kids,but I’m almost 30 and when I feel sick I’ll happily use them to keep busy. Hope you feel better soon don’t get frustrated it was a big surgery it takes time, but as long as your making progess that’s what counts. :D

  6. batgrl

    Hang in there! From one who had an aneurysm/brain bleed – afterwards everything takes a lot longer than you’d think! You are not whining, you are in the “wait how the hell is all this taking so much longer to manage!” stage. For me the worst was that I couldn’t read or watch tv – nothing felt good but lying on my back and being very still. Podcasts and radio – like the last comment said – were all I could manage, but were wonderful. But yeah, this part is crazy slow.

  7. Su

    Sending you warm thoughts and wishes for continued recovery. I have relied upon your site many times, and was a bit shocked to find out this news upon going to THE site for hunter pets. (Obviously quite late!) Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Experiences like this can make us all stronger individuals, I hope it does that for you too. Lots of hugs!

  8. Zaryn

    Try SuperBetter. It’s like a game you play with yourself to get better, with achievements and everything! Yeah, it’s not WoW, but at least that way you can track your progress. :)

  9. Azzrazzah

    Assumes the mother role for a sec….”taps foot with hands in fists on hips”
    Let your body heal damnit!
    Oh and let the better half give you some support in the shower.. Could be fun!! Lol
    But anyway.. Get better!!

  10. Caribou

    When I get really sick I move a desk next to the bed, put my monitor on it, and set up my computer next to the bed with the keyboard in my lap and the mouse on the bed next to me. You could do that maybe so you’re at least having fun while bedridden. I couldn’t stand being in bed just for a week when I was sick, I can’t imagine being like that for more then a week. I really hope your leg gets better faster, that just sounds horrible the pain you are in and the swelling. Get well soon.

  11. Feline

    Sorry it’s late but I’ve only just come back to wow from a break . Came to find out about MoP (have abeta key but no time to play til now.

    You have been through a lot this summer. My thoughts are with you and I wish you speedy recovery. Don’t worry about us and Petopia, we will all be here when you are well enough to come back.

    Ps I know all about the landlord inspection panic, at least yours gives you notice, mine just turns up. Still, he does ignore the 5 cats and two very large fish tanks that we’re not supposed to have too. ;)

  12. Scotia

    Holy cow… just reading this makes my leg hurt with sympathetic pain. You sound like you need a hug! *hug*

    Get well soon!!!

  13. John

    Thanks for posting about your liposarcoma. I had my liposarcoma cut out one week ago. Have about a 12in cut. Hurts like hell, but I’m still alive. Looks like radiation will be next. My tumor was left inner thigh about 2 inches above the knee.

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