Damn You, Pet Battles!

If there is one thing I am really hating with the Mists of Pandaria expansion, it’s the new pet battle system. Now before you exclaim in surprise and disgust, let me explain.

I’m usually use the word ‘pet’ to mean ‘hunter pet’. Other communities (hi, Breanni!) usually use ‘pet’ to mean ‘companion pet’. When we overlap, we need to be clear about which we mean … but it usually works out okay.

Now the word ‘pet’ is all over the place because of pet battles – and it’s driving me crazy. MMO Champion had a headline today about “WoWDB Pet Pages“ that included two big, exciting images that read “Pet List” and “Pet Abilities”.

I got excited! Of course I got excited! Often the first hint we have of a new hunter pet family comes from a data-mined family skill!

But no … sadly the news was all about companion pets. Sadly for me, anyway – I suspect Breanni was happy as a pet clam. *sigh*

So yes, I am looking forward to playing with the Companion Pet Battle system. But I wish Blizzard had chosen to make the name a little more clear. My nerves can’t take much more misplaced excitement.

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