MoP Beta: I am so confused.

Today I woke up to two e-mails from Blizzard: one inviting me to the Diablo III beta and one inviting me to the WoW Mists of Pandaria beta.

Good timing, guys.

Unfortunately I had promised Eric that I’d go to¬†Wekiva Springs with him to meet a guy he works with (and the man’s family, all of them on vacation) – mostly to prove that he does indeed have a wife and he didn’t make me up. So it wasn’t until after we got back that I was able to log in.

And … I immediately became completely confused. My skill bar was mostly empty, skills and talents gone. Worse, half my active pets were gone. (Don’t panic – they showed up again as soon as I hit the stable master.) Portals are bugged so I had to fly back to Orgrimmar from Dalaran. And with so many new people in beta today, all of them just as confused as I was, my PC is having fits keeping up with the graphics.

I love beta!

At this point I’ve done very little except wander around Orgrimmar and Stormwind in a haze, ducking thirty-story tall devilsaurs and house-sized corehounds. I did manage to briefly make it to one of the new Pandaria zones and get killed by a peaceful green crane when I accidentally attacked it without a weapon or pet.

Hey – those cranes hurt!

There’s lots of information available from people who have been in beta for a week already. I should have gotten that info up on the website already but I’ve been sickish. And of course tonight I’m going to indulge myself and wander around looking at stuff.

The most important thing to know about new pets right now is that most of the beasts are currently not tameable. That’s not because we’re not getting new pets, but because Blizzard tends to do the pass where they flag things as tameable after they stick stuff on the landscape.

So I am hoping that sometime soon I can go back and tame that damn green crane who pecked me to death.

In the meantime I may post some random screenshots here – and I’ll try to get some basic beta info up on the sites as soon as possible.