Mists of Pandaria Info: Soon

Crane from BlizzCon 2011 Art PanelApparently there is a major data dump on the upcoming Mists of Pandaria (MoP) expansion planned for tomorrow, where tomorrow seems to mean 0700 UTC on Monday, March 19th.

(Aside: Hey, today is my sister’s birthday! I should call her.)

I suppose this means I have to start paying attention to World of Warcraft news again. I admit it, I have been sadly lax in keeping up with … well, anything. This is a combination of real life (Project Gorgon, money issues, my first ever MRI, the incredibly sad state of politics in the US) and a period of WoW ennui. Sometimes you need a break. Especially after almost eight years.

Anyway! I went looking for leaked MoP information today and found very little. This isn’t terribly surprising since as far as I can tell MoP is still in internal alpha, and internal alpha players are unlikely to leak much.

But apparently GamesRadar accidentally leaked four zone videos that weren’t intended to be released until tomorrow: Valley of the Four Winds, Wandering Isle, Jade Forest, and Scarlet Monastery & Scholomance Heroics. You can find these videos all over YouTube if you’re interested. Or you can wait ten hours until they are official.

Of course the important thing is not what the zones look like, however pretty they might be, but what potential hunter pets they contain! I saw: A white moth. Some sort of flappy bird – looked like an owl maybe.  A shreth. (I wish.) A baboon, although it appeared to be wearing clothing. Pretty tallstrider-like cranes. Actually, the crane in the Jade Forest video has red hearts coming from it – as if it were in the process of being tamed.

Blizzard also started adding MoP shots (and doesn’t that sound dirty?) to their Screenshot of the Day section – under Cataclysm, for some reason. Some gorgeous shots in there, but I didn’t see anything pet-like.

In the videos from last year’s BlizzCon we also saw some foxes and cats, including the gorgeous jade gem panther. The crane image above is from the BlizzCon Art Panel, via MMO Champion by way of the Petopia Community.

My WoW ennui isn’t entirely gone … but if there is one thing that can re-energize me, I suspect it might be that crane …

3 thoughts on “Mists of Pandaria Info: Soon

  1. Guntitan

    Petopia needs a update. I am hoping you will play again, Mania. At least for the beta so we can have the most up to date pet information on the site, that all Hunters depend on. I would love to see pet related posts and the discovery posts that comes with every expansion. Missed you much!

    ! Guntitan

  2. Mania Post author

    No worries. I lost internet yesterday and just woke up today, but I plan on having MoP beta info for both hunter pets and mounts up shortly, and doing some round-ups of the interesting stuff here also.

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