Hold on to Duplicate Mini-Pets?

I’m furiously flapping around the world (of Warcraft) right now talking to Candy Buckets to get Tricky Treats to turn in for a Feline Familiar mini-pet – all part of Hallow’s End.

And just now, the Candy Bucket at Splintertree Post in Ashenvale gave me a Sinister Squashling! I would be very excited … except that I already have a Sinister Squashling and the damned things are soulbound so I can’t send it to my up-and-coming blood elf hunter.

I was about to delete it to clear out the bag space when I suddenly remembered that as part of the BlizzCon announcement about Pokemon-style pet battles, Blizzard said that a bunch of mini-pets are going to become tradeable.

Now that may not apply to the Sinister Squashling … but just in case I think I will hold onto it for now. One bag slot is worth the possibility of my blood elf finally getting this slippery squash, I think.

5 thoughts on “Hold on to Duplicate Mini-Pets?

  1. Bloodshrike

    Go out with your alts, and try to get at least one of the Tricks and Treats achievements (EK, Kalimdor) done WITHOUT getting a Squashling, I dare you. I’ve tossed away so many Squashlings and Hallowed Helms, it’s getting annoying. If you have a level 1 toon, they can still participate, since Blizz unlocks a bunch of flightpoints around capitol cities without even having to discover them.

  2. PoliVamp

    I may or may not have done the same thing, once upon a time. No worries, Mania!

    The important question for pet collectors is: Which 3 would you want to be your starter team? I’m thinking mine will be Onyxian Whelpling, Spirit of Competition, and Lil’Frosty

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