PTR 4.3 Time-Twisted Nightsaber

Kurenio's Time-Twisted NightsabersI present for your consideration the Time-Twisted Nightsaber, a new level 85 non-elite cat that occurs in the Patch 4.3 End Time dungeon.

This cat actually represents not one but two new tameable pet looks: white with stripes and white with spots, and both of them are shiny with glowing red eyes, much like the Cursed Offspring of Har’koa.

This cat occurs in two different colors and does not switch between them. In other words, if you tame one with stripes you will always have one with stripes. The spotted and striped versions are technically different creatures (different IDs), they just happen to have the same name.

Remember: This information comes from the Public Test Realm (PTR) which means it could change.

And special thanks to Kurenio, who posted about the Time-Twisted Nightsaber on the Petopia forums – and whose pictures I stole - not to mention the other forum members who have helped fill in information about how to tame these beauties.

Kurenio's Time-Twisted Nightsaber (Spotted)Kurenio's Time-Twisted Nightsaber (Striped)

4 thoughts on “PTR 4.3 Time-Twisted Nightsaber

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  4. Kitairra

    This is one of the pretttiest cats ive ever seen in some time.
    Me want….lol…..too bad my ilevel of gear isnt quite enough yet../cry……lol!


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