Orgrimmar Portal In Dalaran

Now I know I’m sometimes (sometimes?!) a little (a little?!) out of touch, but when did they put a portal to Orgrimmar back into Dalaran and Shattrath? (And one to Stormwind too, of course.)

This is great news! I changed my hearthstone from Orgimmar back to Dalaran immediately to give me quick access to both Northrend and Kalimdor. Plus the Dark Portal portal in Orgrimmar – which is right next to the landing spot for the incoming Dalaran/Shattrath portal – gives me relatively quick access to the Eastern Kingdoms and Outlands.

Mind you, I can no longer bop easily between Thunderbluff and the Undercity (for example), but all I really wanted was a way to get from continent to continent without waiting for a bloody zeppelin (and then realizing I got on the wrong one, riding back and searching for the right one … just to see it disappearing into the distance).

Special thanks to Gavendo of Rapid Fire for mentioning this in a post. Otherwise I still wouldn’t know!

9 thoughts on “Orgrimmar Portal In Dalaran

  1. Arzon

    ….about time, removing those portals was one of the STUPIDEST things they’ve ever done.. and one of the few lame reasons why some players have already quit over the years over them. They still have that stupid glitch where the pet ain’t at full health whenever they appear when you zone in or dismount – or even when you log in sometimes every other time.

  2. Arzon

    …PS… about that pet glitch I mentioned, I think it’s been happening since the start of BC I believe… right along the time pet threat was also screwed over.

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  4. batgrl

    Here was the weird thing for me. I had a toon I’d left in Dalaran and not gotten around to moving home to Stormwind. I logged in and randomly found a quest at the Dalaran message board (or whatever they call the new bulletin board in cities) – it told me to scamper home to SW where all the action was and gave me a one-time use hearthstone to get me there. Which was…odd. I don’t know if it’s still there or not, I did screenshot the thing…somewhere. (SO behind in postings!)

    Meanwhile SO nice to have that portal there – now if they’d just get us one from SW/Ogrim to Dalaran, my alts would all be so much happier.

  5. Namaria

    Are you on the PTR looking for the new Hunter pets? I read on MMO Champion today there are 8 new rare spawns in the Firelands patch for Hunters to tame that have new abilities. There’s also a supposedly powerful one that’s named Deth’tilac, and I’m hoping it’s not a spider. Any info on them?

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