Sarcasm has reached [Level 63]!

I don’t know why it surprised me so much, but when my blood elf hunter leveled today so did her tallstrider Sarcasm. Right then and there. Double bursts of light.

Of course I knew that as of Patch 4.1, pets will level up to the level of the hunter when they are tamed. And I knew that pulling a lower level pet out of the stable will level it as well. But somehow I didn’t expect him to level the instant I did when we were out hunting together.

You know what this means? We never have to think about pet XP ever again. I knew that on an intellectual level, but this brought it home to me.

As an aside: My husband and I are engaged in a strenuous argument about whether the recent changes to pet happiness and leveling (and going back much further, to loyalty) are good or bad. I don’t really want to get into that discussion here – this is my blog, not his! – but I do find it fascinating that he has such a strong reaction to the changes.

It really calls out the differences between him and me. If he did play a hunter, he’d do it because he liked the detailed system mechanics behind pets. He would probably be maintaining Petopia, too, if he were me – but he’d be doing it because he loved to explore those mechanics and share them with others who could appreciate the beauty of an elegant system.

Truth is, that’s how I got started with Petopia myself – specifically with gathering data on the mechanics behind why some windserpents had lower stats than others. But now … I do it for the pretty furry, scaly, and occasionally slimy friends. (I mean the pets – not you people.)

8 thoughts on “Sarcasm has reached [Level 63]!

  1. Ashazzar

    Yeah, I’d assumed as much about pet XP when I summoned my cat who’d been 84 the night before the patch. Nice to have it confirmed, though. It just makes sense…takes the mindless grind out of keeping a pet. They’re now recognized as an essential part of the class, and not a cute little extra.

    Good on ya, Blizz.

  2. Namaria

    I don’t care about loyalty and happiness being removed from the game (although I’ll admit it’s nice, it wasn’t a huge deal for me), but I am ecstatic pet levels are now on par with the Hunter’s current level. I can now go tame any pet I want and be able to use it in raids immediately!

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  4. Pike

    Wow, so they got rid of pet XP entirely? Didn’t know they were doing that! Ah, memories of back during Burning Crusade, leveling new hunters and purposefully logging out OUTSIDE of the inn as to not accumulate rested XP, to make it easier to keep all my pets at my level… *wistful*

  5. batgrl

    I’d read about it too, but was also surprised by the first tame I did where, bam, pet was my lvl. I had a micro second of nostalgia for lvling my flamingo from 9 to 60ish (I forget when the change went down in flamingo time) old school – and then I was totally over it. Some things are totally ok to say goodbye to – tho I now don’t have an excuse for randomly killing things over and over for skinning purposes. (Guess I’ll just have to admit it’s sometimes relaxing!) It’s really hard to get used to the happiness thing though – I keep rechecking to make sure the pet is still happy, then remembering I don’t need to do that.

    “purposefully logging out OUTSIDE of the inn as to not accumulate rested XP, to make it easier to keep all my pets at my level”

    I remember doing that! I even had a cottage in Winterspring my hunter would log out in, just to have something interesting to look at for the 20sec wait to log. Ah, memories.

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