Anthology Support

You can’t see it – or at least I hope you can’t see it! – but I spent my free time over the past week entirely rewriting the database schema for the site in order to support anthologies.

The visible outcome of the rewrite is the Anthologies page … which I admit needs some help right now – but hey, at least it’s there. Stories that appear in an anthology are still listed on the author and series pages as normal, but you can also find a link to their anthology from their individual story page.

As an example, Tempt Me Eternally is still listed in the Gena Showalter and Alien Huntress line-ups, but the page for Tempt Me Eternally also has a link to the anthology Deep Kiss of Winter.

I haven’t converted all of the stories already on the site over to anthologies yet – they each have to be done by hand – and for most of the anthologies I only have one or two stories in the database.

Some stories are available both in an anthology and separately and I haven’t quite worked out how to display those yet so for the moment I am just adding comments to the story page. (Dragonswan, I’m looking at you.)

I’m very happy to have the database work done, though. Next I just need to support books that aren’t in a series …