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  1. Sarai


    That would be Rift.

    Man, I did the same thing with my ranger- her pet is named after one of my Belf’s pets. Not sure if I’m gonna do the same when she gets the wolf, but I probably will. At least I’m being original with my beastmasters’ pets. >_>

  2. Elsi

    I rolled a ranger on Rift and I have to say the same. It’s just not the same as a hunter on WoW. So, now my ranger is more of a saboteur and holy cow is that a fun class! Squishy, but fun.

  3. BluegrassGeek

    Yeah, the Marksman/Ranger doesn’t quite play like a WoW Hunter. I do like the combo system, though. Almost makes me wish they’d done that for the WoW Hunter when taking mana away.

  4. Mania Post author

    I should have mentioned that I am running on the very low graphics setting (because otherwise I get motion sick).

    My ranger’s boar is named SinfullyUglyBoar.

  5. Elsi

    I named my boar Prettyful. Yeah, I think they could have had more fun with the pets. But it’s all good. I am enjoying the game it’s similar enough to WoW that you don’t feel out of place, but different enough that you’re not getting bored.

  6. Mania Post author

    In the tradition of DAoC, I have dubbed RIFT to be “EQ2 without the suck”.

    As you say, Elsi, the gameplay is similar enough to what I enjoy in WoW and I really like having new directed content to complete. The look and feel screams EQ2 to me, though. Given the team that built RIFT, that shouldn’t be too surprising. (Hi, Scott!)

  7. Noba

    I think this little beasty cat would look much nicer if he had irises and pupils in his eyes. The plain white looks out of place for a non-zombie creature.

    So you guys have played rift some, and this cat, some wolf / boar / raptor are THE only pets for sure? That’s disappointing, as pet availability is question number 3 in my game screening checklist. (1= cost, 2= am i forced to pvp?)

  8. Mania Post author

    There are several pet classes, including two that are hunter-like.

    The Beastmaster is a melee warrior type and gets the cat (two levels of cat, Greater and Lesser, which seem to be different colors) while the Ranger is a ranged rogue type and gets a boar (2 levels), a wolf (2 levels), a “Shadow Stalker” and a “Blood Raptor”. I have no idea what the last two look like and that’s coming from a website about the beta so I’m not entirely certain they still exist. ;)

    There’s also a Necromancer with skeletons; Druids get a faerie and eventually a satyr and Elementalist mages get elementals. I’ve been looking at all the pet classes – I may do a write up when I have pictures.

  9. Akycha

    As a random comment, with the way it moves and the body musculature it looks Fossa not a cat. Also, excluding horses and critters the animals all have that sorta unnatural look. One of the quests early on in the defiant side there is a guy studying the wild life to figure out which are indigenous and which are influence or important by the other planes. The neat thing is if you are a natural history buff you can see where they got a lot of the influences from.

    That being said. I still like the looks of most the wow pets better. Though the Fossa like primal companion makes me happy since I like Fossa.

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