Guest Post by Azunara: Rak’shiri

Rak'shiriToday’s guest post comes to us courtesy of Azunara of Cenarion Circle.

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The Shattering brought numerous changes. Beyond altering the face of Azeroth forever, causing hunters everywhere to ‘squee’ in joy as new skins emerged, and making a very upset dragon fly around and throw a tantrum, there was one change that set the hunter community at arms.

Enter Winterspring, where you see, at Frostsaber Rock, Rak’shiri. Most people know Rak’shiri as the aqua saber who shared the skin with Shy-Rotam, a quest mob. If you wanted the aqua saber, you either camped or quested. The Shattering changed that, though, replacing Rak’shiri’s aqua saber and giving him the black and white riding model that the night elf starter pets share.

However, there was uproar in the hunter community. Some hunters adored the new Rak’shiri, some hunters had lost their faithful friend. There were some sympathetic people, but some people just told hunters it was just pixels, tame Shy-Rotam. Sadly, some people were unable to reattach to their new pet.

Then came 4.1, which brought about new changes. Now, the frostsaber possessed the riding model while Rak’shiri had his aqua skin restored. Noah, the developer mentioned in Kalliope’s guest post and a sneaky person who stalks our forums and keeps an eye on suggestions, said that this pet was a huge change to hunters and many people were attached to the old, so they returned the companion.

But now hunters who liked the black and white were in the same boat as the original Rak’shiri owners. Many suggestions were thrown around, a new mob with the black and white model, perhaps Rak’shiri’s mate, now named Rak’shara. Maybe Rak’shiri could be like Madexx, the scorpid who drives many mad, and alternate skin colors upon spawning?

No matter what happens, I am ecstatic for the change back to aqua kitty. When this was still in Beta, I dreaded Cataclysm. Rak’shiri (mine is named Moonlight) would no longer be my Moonlight, but some black and white impostor. No matter how I justified it, how I tried, I could not love my new, strange, foreign kitty. I solemnly went to Winterspring, hoping to reconnect with Shy-Rotam.

I couldn’t do it. So I promised myself I wouldn’t play my hunter again. The reason was it wasn’t Firewing with Moonlight, the cat who went through the Portal with me. He was the cat who I camped twice, because I foolishly abandoned him once. My Moonie was the cat who fought endless armies of Scourge, and now my Moonie was gone. And it tore me to pieces.

So Noah and to all the developers behind bringing my Moonlight home, I’d like to personally thank you for what you did. You made me overjoyed, you gave me my one pet I adored his rightful place back. To all of you who are sad because he gets his aqua skin back, my sympathies go to you. I know your pain, and I hope you find a pet to love just as much as you loved your riding model black and white Rak’shiri.

Firewing with Moonlight

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Azunara doesn’t have a blog, more’s the pity, but you can check out her Deviant Art page for some truly adorable artwork.

2 thoughts on “Guest Post by Azunara: Rak’shiri

  1. Stacye

    Wonderful article!

    I am so glad that others are as happy as I when it comes to this great pet to be back to the way she was prior to the shattering. I myself was rather upset by this change. Prior to 25 pet slots and spirit beasts to occupy this pet crazed hunter my original line up was the wolf, Rak’shiri, and an owl. My wolf and kitty did everything with me. I was crazy obsessive about it too! I would just grind mobs when one of them fell behind in levels. What little raiding I did in BC was with my cat, as was my vanilla raiding.

    I do also feel bad for the people who got attached to the white skinned tiger and my hope is that someday “Rak’shara” will be added to the line up of rare kitties to be had for those who have to have em rare. And in my own personal opinion they shouldn’t ever change old rares just to give them a new skin. Add more rares instead! While we gush and say “Wow! I love the new look!” a lot of hunters look at them and wonder why their companion was changed and are quite saddened by it.

    Again, wonderful article, I am so dying for 4.1 to get my Luna back!

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