Guest Post by Sasrei: Hawkbane

HawkbaneContinuing our guest post extravaganza, today I have a post by Sasrei of Icecrown (aka Saon of Nesingwary) on one of the most mysterious of cats: Hawkbane.

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This mysterious tiger was the crème de la crème many, many patches ago. He was elite. He hit like a truck. He was in a cave filled with other cats. He hit like a truck. You needed either a lot of pots/gear or friends to tame him. And did I mention he hit like a truck?

Hunters all over went to test their might against this beauty only to find one day … he vanished. Hunters were left staring at the empty cave for days wondering where kitty went. But finally it was said that he was removed (for some unknown reason) from the game.

Broken hearted hunters went on with their lives, always remembering Hawkbane.

Well Blizzard listened to our cries and now in Patch 4.1 he comes back as a rare in Skettis … eating, umm … hawk people. But all that matters is our precious kitty is back and is now only 1 of 2 of this skin, the other being the also mighty King Bangalash.

Now rejoice hunters; he may be nerfed to heck but the cat came back!

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At one point I had a bumper sticker from CafePress that said “LF Hawkbane PST”. All this time I thought no one but me remembered the long-lost stripey white cat. But now that he’s come back out of the woodwork I’m learning that a lot of people missed him. I’ll be very happy to have him back.

10 thoughts on “Guest Post by Sasrei: Hawkbane

  1. Veph


    In 4.1 the Winterspring tigers will be changing to a different model of white tiger, so King B. and Hawkbane will be the only 2 to use that exact particular model.

  2. Kalli

    It’s like the difference between Humar and Pitch: one is rare, the other is a quest mob. If you don’t see a difference, then that’s fine, but not everyone sees them that way.

  3. Veph

    I hadn’t thought of that mythrain but that’s a really neat idea too! A hunched white tiger would be the same model but give that little flair of uniqueness. And a glowy-eyed Hawkbane sounds pretty awesome. :3

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