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Chitter of RedridgeToday I have a special treat: a guest post by a very special hunter – Kalliope of Dethecus – about a very special spider – Chitter of Redridge. Without further ado …

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Though a handful of new tamables are being added to the game in patch 4.1, only one is a completely new rare spawn: a level 18 brown tarantula named Chitter in southeastern Redridge. Despite his common appearance, Chitter is a highly unusual little spider – he was a hunter’s pet before he became a rare spawn.

I was very fond of Chatter, Redridge’s original brown tarantula rare spawn, ever since I had tamed him as my pet Orpheus. So when Petopian beta testers reported that Alther’s Mill was changed drastically by the Cataclysm, I begged them to search for him. The closest anyone got was Vephriel, who spotted a lone Greater Tarantula in Render’s Valley, and dubbed him Chatter with amnesia. Since he used to hang out with a bunch of other generic brown tarantulas with that name, the theory made sense.

But things got complicated when patch 4.0.6 brought the real Chatter back in the northwest part of the zone (and much bigger than before!). While it was a great relief to see Chatter home, Veph and I wondered about the lone tarantula in the southeast: if he wasn’t Chatter, who was he? Veph suggested Chitter, and I was instantly smitten. We flew out to Redridge immediately and I tamed him on an alt.

The entirety of this journey was captured in several Petopia forum threads and caught the eye of Noah, the resident lurker developer. I had been the one to nickname him Noah, a reference to legendary ark builder, because he truly understood this hunter community: he made a point of taking Wain’s suggestions to add scores of previously unused pet skins to the game. Once again, Noah showed that he understood the bizarre attachment that some of us have with our animated pixels by removing the Greater Tarantula in 4.1 and replacing him with Chitter.

Chitter’s in game personality mirrors that of the original pet Chitter: he’s a normal-sized spider, despite being two levels higher than his big brother Chatter, and he skitters around erratically at running speed. He stays visible through the phasing in that area, so players who have quested through that part of Redridge will still be able to see him.

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Now I don’t quite have the same (unreasonable? eccentric?) attachment to Chitter that some people do, but even I have to admit that this is a very cool turn of events. I plan to take a special trip to Redridge to visit Chitter once Patch 4.1 brings him to the live game.

By the way, you can read more of Kalliope’s pet adventures, including the entireĀ backstory for Orpheus, Chatter and Chitter at Kalliope’s Pet Blog.

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    Yes, that is very cool. Dev involvement like that is one of the reason Blizzard has such a positive reputation.

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