Series Tags Added

I finally got tags working on the site last night, which should make finding things to read a little easier. Find a series you know you like, then click on the tags to see other series that share that tag.

Most of the tags are pretty basic right now – vampires, elves, things like that – but I’ll be expanding them to be more useful for classifying books in the future. For example, I’ve already tagged the young adult books, a few erotica series, someĀ historicals, and books written in a style that I have rather loosely decided to callĀ modern – largely because I refuse to call it chic lit.

As always, if you have feedback or suggestions please contact me!

I also finally added the rest of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s *-Hunter books (Dark-Hunter, Were-Hunter, and Dream-Hunter). I mean no disrespect, but … too many books!

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