Sample Chapters Online

I didn’t know about it until recently, but Amazon has been working on ‘Kindle for the Web’, a way to read Kindle eBooks in your browser. You can already read Kindle eBooks on your computer, of course, but you have to download the right app (PC, Mac, iPad, etc.) and then download the books. Kindle for the Web just shows the book in your browser without any of that bother.

Anyway, the reason this is important: using Kindle for the Web, you can get free sample chapters for many books and embed them in a web page. Which is what I did today – at least for most of the 370 books on the site.

Here, take a gander at a sample from Pale Demon, the latest Hollows book by Kim Harrison.

The formatting isn’t always the best – and if I have any control over that I can’t seem to figure it out. And unfortunately the samples don’t work for all books. I had to verify the samples by hand, so there was plenty of room for mistakes. If you see something wonky, please let me know!