Cataclysm Expansion Pets

Vephriel's TerrorpeneI was deadly serious the other day when I said that the Shattering really was the expansion for me.

But there are a number of neat pets that will only be available to hunters who purchase the expansion proper. For example:

And more! You can find a complete list on the Cataclysm page on Petopia.

7 thoughts on “Cataclysm Expansion Pets

  1. Rikaku

    There shouldn’t be a post about exploiting npcs until there’s actual official word that it’s ok to do so. Whether it’s used for good (just for skins) or bad (by those with malicious intents) it’s still an exploit unlike that of Garwal or other previous “weird” pets like ghost hydra and ghost wolf. I think it’s good to avoid any real blog posts about that until its official its ok to do so.

    On topic though…
    That fire turtle looks sweet. I normally can’t stand turtles but… I dunno, I may cave to get that guy. But Sambas is definitely going to be mine. That’s the only pet I really want out of this expansion (so far) <3

  2. batgrl

    I saw a hunter with the fire turtle today – really great looking. He said it was the hardest tame he’d ever had – the turtle’s fire spell hits for 10k per tic – which had me saying ouch. But really, REALLY great looking pet.

  3. Aiyannah

    I have almost all of them now(those that are the new rares of course), just two more spots to fill in with Maddex and Sambas. In the beginning I didn’t care too much for that lion coz he looked goofy with that big head but now I’m realizing he actually looks pretty darn cool. Been waiting for him for 22 hours now and nothing :( two more hours for me and I’m going to get off the computer and try next time.

  4. Namaria

    The only pet I was interested in taming was Karoma, but I checked out Ghostcrawler’s location a few times while leveling through Vashj’ir. I found him the third time I swam through and was disappointed I wasn’t high enough to tame him, so I let my husband get him. He’s a tough one to track! Later that same day, he found Karoma.

    I hit 85 earlier today and Karoma was the first one I went after. Found him after about two hours.

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