Appearance Changes – The Rest

For some reason I feel like I’m running out of time, so today I’m just going to hit all of the rest of the existing pets that I know will be changing appearances. Many of these are not anything to get excited about, but there are some interesting changes.

I posted cats, worms, and ravagers already.

Disclaimer: This info comes from the Petopia database of Cataclysm pets. That data 1) could change since it’s from beta and 2) could be wrong since I screw up sometimes. And 3) I know there are some pets not on this list, because I just found out about Gosh-Haldir today.

Pet Old Look New Look Pet Old Look New Look
Shardtooth Mauler Ursol’lok
Winterspring Owl Grunter
Princess Dire Condor
Lord Condar Searing Roc
Spiteflayer Shore Crawler
Rabid Blisterpaw Drakuru Raptor
Highland Lashtail Highland Scytheclaw
Shardhorn Rhino Deepmoss Creeper
Deepmoss Webspinner Leech Widow
Shadra Venom Mist Lurker
Ghamoo-ra Deviate Coiler Hatchling
Noxious Flayer Thunderhawk Cloudscraper
Silvermane Stalker Large Loch Crocolisk -> Gosh-Haldir

13 thoughts on “Appearance Changes – The Rest

  1. Cialbi

    Well, looks like my Shardhorn is finally settling for one color scheme. At least it won’t be yet another brown rhino.
    Thunderhawk Cloudscraper seems to be an effort to preserve that skin from Zul’Gurub, even though I believe it can be found in Wailing Caverns.

    Oh, and last but not least, my very own Ghamoo-ra gets some love! Can’t wait for that skin change.

  2. ziboo

    Interesting color changes. Some don’t make sense as to why the color/model changes. Nice to see more variety in the birds of prey.

    Interesting look for Grunter and Ghamoo-ra.

  3. Darkbrew

    One other one that might be worth mentioning is if you tamed the Scarlet Tracking Hound (Red Hyena) it will change into a mastiff with this patch.

    That’s both an appearance and family change, heh.

  4. Kalli

    By the way, this is totally off-topic for this post, but the blue rhinos in Gundrak (regular and heroic) and King Dred (heroic; he was already tamable on normal) are now tamable. :D (Info courtesy of Zeilla who checked today!)

  5. Kalli

    Scarlet hounds will change in 4.0.3a. They’re a bit of a different case, though, since they’re becoming an entirely different species, rather than simply changing color.

  6. Nimizar

    Should we start a book on how long after 4.0.3a going live the official hunter forums explode with people demanding to know how/why their pet’s appearance changed?

    (While the changes to beast skins are ultimately for the benefit of the game, the Rak’Shiri discussions shows pretty clearly that there are going to be some folks that are upset by the abrupt transition)

  7. Nimizar

    Hmm, I may end up needing to retame Essentials again – I don’t remember which kind of Winterspring bear I tamed when picking him back up after 4.0 went live.

  8. Raydex

    Currently my only changer from my most beloved pets is Lakagara, “Large Loch Crocolisk”, and she was tamed because of Gosh-Haldir being , so it was intentional. She’s Torrogar’s mate. <3 They're named in a language I made up for my storywriting.

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