Appearance Changes – Ravagers

Some existing cats are changing their appearance come Cataclysm. So are some existing worms. Who else? Today we’ll look at ravagers!

Disclaimer: This info comes from the Petopia database of Cataclysm pets. That data 1) could change since it’s from beta and 2) could be wrong since I screw up sometimes.

Pet Old Look New Look
Rip-Blade Ravager
Bloodmyst Hatchling
Nethermine Ravager
Death Ravager

Rip-Blade Ravager

Like the Deep Borer worms we talked about yesterday, Rip-Blade Ravagers were color-changers before Cataclysm. In the wild they came in three colors: orange, red with purple spikes, and orange with purple spikes. Once they were tamed, they could show up in any of the three colors – randomly choosing one each time you called them.

In Cataclysm, though, Rip-Blade Ravagers will no longer change colors. Instead they will always be red with purple spikes. This color was only available full-time on the retired Death Ravager before.

Looking for one of the other two colors? For orange, look no further than the Ravager Specimen.

Orange with purple spikes wasn’t available full-time before either, but in Cataclysm you can tame a Gore-Scythe Ravager to get that look.

Bloodmyst Hatchling

Pre-Cataclysm, Bloodmyst Hatchlings of Bloodymyst Isle were simple green ravagers – a look their shared with Enraged Ravagers on the same island.

Post-Cataclysm, Bloodmyst Hatchlings will have a unique color that we haven’t seen before: red with green spikes. And yes, they have already been dubbed the Christmas ravager.

If you’re prefer to keep the green color, you’ll want to pick up an Enraged Ravager instead.

Nethermine Ravager

Like the Bloodmyst Hatchling, the Nethermine Ravager is getting a simple color make-over. What was before Cataclysm, a simple orange ravager will after Cataclysm be transformed into red with deep purple/blue spikes – another new look!

Again, if you’d prefer orange, you’ll want to grab a Ravager Specimen.

Death Ravager

And finally we come to the Death Ravager. This little ravager has a pretty interesting story of it’s own.

The Burning Crusade expansion included a level 10 draenei warrior quest called Strength of One that involved unlocking a Ravager Cage and killing the Death Ravager.

When the Burning Crusade launched, the Death Ravager could be tamed – if you could find a warrior who didn’t mind unlocking the cage for you.

But because of the scripting involved with the quest, the Death Ravager had some … problems. He wouldn’t attack other players in PvP. He couldn’t be targeted for spells by other players. And if I remember correctly, he had some movement problems as well.

In Patch 2.1, Blizzard removed the ability to tame the Death Ravager – although hunters who already had him got to keep him. At some point after that they fixed his odd behavior, making him a fully-functional hunter pet. But they did not make him tameable again.

In Cataclysm, Death Ravager is changing from a red and purple ravager to the most gorgeous green and sky blue look.

Unfortunately, as I type this he still can’t be tamed.

However! It seems very likely to me that Blizzard intends to make the Death Ravager tameable again. It may not happen immediately – we’re getting close to Cataclysm launch now – but I would be surprised if it doesn’t happen sooner or later.

6 thoughts on “Appearance Changes – Ravagers

  1. LOL

    …. ouch, other than the new Death Ravager look, everything else looked pretty meh to me. after all the new looks and variations, this one is a bit of a letdown.

  2. Cialbi

    So, my chromatically-challenged Rip-Blade Ravager finally settles for one look. Fortunately, he settled for the look that I had wanted when I was strolling through Azuremyst Isle for my Explorer achievement. But, I now have my sights set on a Bloodmyst Ravager instead. I swear, picking my ravager has been the hardest step in filling my 4.0.1 stable.

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