Appearance Changes – Worms

Last week we talked about some cats that will be changing their appearance come Cataclysm.

Quite a few pets are changing their look, in fact. No looks will be lost in the overall scheme of things. (And we’re up to something like 130 new looks now!)

But just so you’re not surprised about the changes, let’s take a look at the pets that are changing. Today: worms!

Disclaimer: This info comes from the Petopia database of Cataclysm pets. That data 1) could change since it’s from beta and 2) could be wrong since I screw up sometimes.

Pet Old Look New Look
Deep Borer
Ice Heart Jormungar Feeder
Ice Heart Jormungar Spawn
Ravenous Jormungar

Deep Borer

Before Cataclysm, the Deep Borer was a color-changing worm. In the wild (that is, Maraudon), they came in blue or grey variations. Once they were tamed, they could be either color – randomly choosing one each time you called your pet.

In Cataclysm, though, Deep Borers will be blue worms, period. They will not change color when you call them. If you already have one tamed, it will be blue. Period.

If you’d prefer to keep a grey worm, grab a Dredge Crusher or Dredge Striker from Silithus.

If you are after a color-changing worm after Cataclysm, check out the Dredge Worm of Blackrock Depths. It changes between brown and grey.

I’m excited about this change myself. I’ve always wanted a blue worm and I found it somewhat unfortunate that I could only have one part-time.


Before Cataclysm, all tameable jormungar worms were purplish. (Except, arguably, the Disembodied Jormungar – which is ghostly purplish.)

Cataclysm adds four new looks for jormungar worms. Three of those new colors ended up on existing jormungar. (The fourth, a gorgeous dark charcoal, is on the newly tameable Rattlebore.)

If you have one of the worms above tamed, you will log in after Cataclysm launches to find yourself with a shiny new worm.

If you’d prefer to keep a purplish jormungar, you have lots of choices. My favorite is the Tundra Crawler of Borean Tundra just because they are so enormous in the wild that they’re hard to miss. (They shrink when tamed, of course.)

17 thoughts on “Appearance Changes – Worms

  1. Kalli

    LOL! We’ve gained 30-40ish looks since the last tally! God, that’s amazing. I love this build so much. xD

    I must put in a link for the new pink worm here, just because it’s so nifty-looking, despite not qualifying as a changed color (since it’s totally new).

  2. Nimizar

    Those Tundra Crawlers hold a special place for me – as I recall, they were one of the first screenshots I sent you when the Wrath NDA was lifted :)

  3. Mania Post author

    Nimizar: I’d forgotten that! Heh! No wonder I always liked them. ;)

    Darkcrow: Since you couldn’t tame Rattlebore before, no one is going to log in and be surprised to see him change. That’s why I didn’t list him in the table. But don’t worry – he is still going to be big and black.

  4. Darkcrow

    Awwwww thats sad news! I want that model so bad. Why would they introduce so many unused models and then put it on a non-tameable pet? Thats cruel

  5. Kalli


    Rattlebore WILL be tamable when he gets the new look. He just isn’t tamable NOW, so he’s technically not going to change as a pet, since no one will have tamed him before the new look.

  6. Mr. Perfect

    Those Jurmungar are sharp looking. They have fantastic expressions too, considering they haven’t got a face. Take the green one for example, he lends himself well to one of those “O rly?” type pictures.

  7. Akycha

    Worms both of the traditional and Jormunger variety, do have a lot of personality and expression . Which is rather bizarre, when you think about it. The new Jormunger skins really tempt me, but they are nothing compared to Thor I went out first day after patch and camped him until I found him. My guildies are still disturbed by how cute he can be. :D

  8. Veph

    Hehe, I agree Mr. Perfect. The Jormungar *do* have expressions, even though they lack real eyes. Actually for me the dark scale on either side of the head look like eyes at first glance, so that’s always how I see them.

  9. Seryth

    i like my jormungar just how it is, he was the first pet i tamed in wrath and i leveld with him all the way to 80

    maybe i´ll get one of the new colours too but only if i have some space left in my stable

  10. Nimizar

    It’s so cool that we can see pet models, rather than just family, level and spec on the new Armoury :)

    If I recall correctly, Ouroborous will be moulting and coming out a lovely blue colour :)

  11. thebitterfig


    I was initially worried that my beloved Phaeton (snazzy chariot and sports car of worms, formerly Grubthor) was going to change. I’m not quite as attached to him as some of the people in the previous thread on changing cats are to their pets, but I’d still hate to have him go.

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