Chromaggus – Core Hound of DOOM

Wain And ChromaggusOne of the more surprising changes – to me at least – in the latest Cataclysm beta build was a new tameable core hound: Chromaggus, a boss from Blackwing Lair.

Of course this look has been in the game for awhile, but we’ve never been able to tame it before.

I have to admit that I never clicked with the red and green core hounds. I like the Kurken a lot because he is fluffy and adorable, but I’ve always wanted more core hound options.

And Chromaggus? Amazing! Wonderful! Gorgeous! I want him.

Of course he shrinks a little bit when he’s tamed.

Chromaggus Wild

Chromaggus Tamed

All screenshots courtesy of Wain. Special thanks to Wain and Moonlost (from the Petopia community) and Vandrom from Lost Isles.

17 thoughts on “Chromaggus – Core Hound of DOOM

  1. Solunerra

    If not as phoenixes I was also hoping for spirit beast Gavendo. I want to TK in the beta 2 days ago…but Al’ar is still an elemental.

  2. Snortsch

    lets all just hope, that the Dogs of *Cthulhu just written differently in the Netherstorm* will become tameable too!!! The one’s with the many eyes.

  3. Kazador

    I visited Chromaggus last night (Monday), and he wasn’t tameable so I punished him for it. Now that a new patch came out today (Tuesday), might he be tameable? Or must we wait til Dec 7?

  4. Kazador

    I visited Magmadar last night (Tuesday, after the most recent mini-patch), and he was still untameable. I assume this means that Chromaggus is also still untameable. Too bad, I was hoping they’d slip that change into one of the patches before Dec 7th. I can’t wait!

  5. wolfgirl889

    OMG! Sooooooo awsome! It’s a tamable dragon! =D Uhm, sort of. ^.^ Absolutely a must have for Cata! =D Thank GOD blizz decided to increase our stable slots and how many pets you can have with ya! =D

  6. Cialbi

    @Kalli: Ah, great news! I was pretty unhappy that after having to tame The Beast with the old 20-second Tame Beast, my beloved Hooch was going to lose his Boss tag in December. I’m sure my friend (who patiently healed me and ran through many hallways being chased by a oversized beast in order to prevent his death) will be thrilled to hear this >.>

    Well, I guess the challenge is back into the boss taming game. I know that the CD on the fear is far greater that 10 seconds, which is nice. However, I’ll probably have to leave the core hound packs up per usual for my soloing runs there, and shamans don’t have the added failsafe of running away from a pack you’ve been feared into and feigning death to reset them. That, and I expect a far bigger healing requirement, which means more time in melee with Magmadar before starting a tame. Oh, and I may very well wind up standing in fire partway through the tame.

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