BlizzCon 2010 Mini-Pet Code

Mania And DeathyI got a rather suspicious-looking e-mail today from “” with the subject line “BlizzCon 2010 item redemption.”

All of the words were spelled right and the e-mail came to my real e-mail, not the one I use publicly, but all the links went to a URL in Israel that ended with a long string of gibberish.

As I said, suspicious.

But just in case, I went to manually (by typing in the URL to my browser), logged into my account, and found the Item Redemption area. I input the code in the e-mail and … it worked. I now own Deathy the little murloc.

I am guessing that RayV, who managed the paid stream and sent the e-mail, doesn’t understand how paranoid WoW has taught us to be about e-mails with weird links.

Anyway, if you get one of these, don’t trash it and don’t trust it. (You never know!) Instead head to yourself and see if the code actually works.

3 thoughts on “BlizzCon 2010 Mini-Pet Code

  1. Tsani

    For me it had another red flag as it sent me to the EU while I play on the US servers. Like you I went to the US page manually and tried the code there… add one mini-pet to the already overflowing stable.

  2. Akycha

    Yea I got it today as well. Forwarded off to my friend. Giving it to her as a Xmas/b-day present. It arrived at a good time too. She’s had a really rough week so it cheered her up. Now we just got to wait for him to stop thinking he’s Grunty. :D

  3. Cialbi

    How inconsiderate of you – eating the bait but not the fishhook!

    Still, that’s pretty darn suspicious, even if the code worked.

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