Angry Blue Ghost Birds [Updated]

Angered Arakkoa Protector[Update] As of build 13277, these birds are now Carrion Birds and not Birds of Prey.

Allow me to introduce you to one of the strangest birds in the World of Warcraft: the Angered Arakkoa Protector.

When you hurt an arakkoa enemy in Blade’s Edge Mountains, they may run to a nearby rune circle and summon an angry protector to help them out.

On the live realms, these little birds are level 11 – not a huge help for the poor arakkoa! – and cannot be tamed.

In the Cataclysm beta, however, they are level 66 and they can be tamed. And that’s interesting because:

  1. They are the only blue two-headed vultures we know.
  2. They are partially translucent.
  3. They are classified as birds of prey, not carrion birds.

See what I mean about weird? Also, kinda pretty …

6 thoughts on “Angry Blue Ghost Birds [Updated]

  1. Darkcrow

    I still find it stranger that Carrion Birds are ferocity while birds of prey are cunning. Crow = cunning. Eagle = Ferocious. Just saying. Carrion feeders (vultures and such) not typically very aggressive on how they get their “prey”.

  2. Nimizar

    I complained about that all the way back in the Wrath beta Darkcrow, but no joy. Their family abilities (currently Snatch for Birds of Prey and Demoralizing Screech for Carrion Birds) would also make more sense if they were the other way around.

    Fixing it now would be more trouble than it is worth, though, since players are used to the current split and have chosen their pets accordingly, even if it doesn’t make any sense from a thematic point of view.

  3. Veph

    I also agree with you Darkcrow, have had the same thought flit through my mind many a time, but I think it’s just too late for that change now.

  4. Kurasu

    I’m quite annoyed that these are Birds Of Prey as well. I’ve been checking and trying these every single patch (including 4.0.1), and was overjoyed to see them in your list. … until it clicked in *where* they were. I was going to get a gull, Dammit. :( Guess I’ll get one of each.

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