Ancient Turtle, Volcano Turtle

Vephriel's TerrorpeneIn Cataclysm, there are two ancient turtle boss-types roaming around the new Mount Hyjal zone.

Tortolla is the good guy turtle, a quest giver, and apparently a demigod and ancient guardian. (Note: My facts may be utterly wrong here.)

Nemesis is the bad guy turtle. I’m not sure what his story is.

There’s also another bad guy boss-type turtle who looks like Nemesis in the goblin starter area named Volcanoth.

Both Tortolla and Nemesis/Volcanoth have new, very cool looks with huge shell spikes, horns, and – in the case of Nemesis/Volcanoth – lava and an active volcano.

Everybody and their mother is going to be asking about taming these turtles. Unfortunately, none of these three can be tamed.

Ghamoo-Ra - Ancient TurtleHOWEVER – hunters can tame beasts with the same new and amazing looks!

Ghamoo-Ra, the first boss in Blackfathom Deeps, has been swapped from a boring old orange turtle to look like the ancient turtle Tortolla.

If you already have Ghamoo-Ra tamed, your pet will automatically switch over to use the new look.

The volcano turtle look of Nemesis and Volcanoth is a little harder to come by. But there is a new level 81 rare elite beast named Terrorpene who roams around the Throne of Flame in Mount Hyjal.

I can’t get a good model shot of Terrorpene yet – his lava doesn’t render quite right in the model viewer – but the Petopia community has taken some great screenshots. The one above is courtesy of Vephriel.

Terrorpene in his natural habitat, courtesy of nirvana:

Nirvana's Terrorpene

Terrorpene in Stormwind, courtesy of Wain:

Wain's Terrorpene

Terrorpene with excited worgen, courtesy of inico:

inico's Terrorpene

As you can see, this is one photogenic volcano turtle! For more screenshots, check out the Petopia community thread.

10 thoughts on “Ancient Turtle, Volcano Turtle

  1. Kurasu

    Poor Panzer is shaking in his shell as I look at these two. I’m strongly considering grabbing myself the Ghamoo’ra skin and renaming, and if I came across Terrorpene? Almost definitely. I’ll happily turn down that lovely lion skin for a volcano turtle! My poor, poor Panzer…

  2. Kalli

    Just name the new one Panzer and he moved shells. :D

    Kallimon’s Soup is just itching to become Ghamoo-Ra. She’s ready and waiting! :D

  3. nobbie

    Just a quick note for everyone who wants Terrorpene: You can’t successfully tame her solo before you are level 85 and completely decked out in blue normal/hc dungeon gear. The reason for this is that she channels a spell called “Burning Hatred” on you during the taming process. This causes around 70k damage during the tamimng process unless you are very lucky and the spell misses you 1-2 times. The spell ticks 3 times for 30k, and then she recasts it for another 3 ticks etc. So, there is no way to get her solo at level 81 when you meet her in Hyjal. ^^

  4. Cialbi

    “If you already have Ghamoo-Ra tamed, your pet will automatically switch over to use the new look.”

    What are the odds – that’s the very NPC that I’ve tamed and been using to kill the likes of Hakkar and Raganros, her triumphs announced from Valhalas!

    What’s even better news for me is that everyone and their brother are focused on taming Terrorpene, while my own Fonlithien undergoes a quiet metamorphosis…

  5. Aiyannah

    At about 3:45PM I was on my paladin leveling herbalism and spotted Terrorpene roaming about in the lava pools of the Throne of Flame. I was so shocked that I picked up my flower and watched him for a bit, then realized, I have a hunter in Org not too far why not hop on her. So when I do, out of excitement I forget where Mount Hyjal is and get confused with Twilight Highlands and end up taking the zep to UC….god I’m such a dork *doh*

    Anyways long story short finally get there and he is no longer there. I was so depressed that I was determined to stay there for the next spawn lol. He spawned again at 3AM….. but hey now I have my very own infamous turtle :D

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