Parrots Ahoy!

If you’ve been concentrating on the big hunter pet news from Cataclysm – like beetles and brain bugs and spirit beasts – you may have missed one of the smaller additions to our potential pets.

Well, if you can call seven (!) new looks a smaller addition …

I’m talking about parrots.

Right now on the live realms, the only parrot we can tame is Aotona, a level 75 rare elite in Sholazar Basin with lovely blue and purple feathers.

But there are a total of nine different parrot looks in WoW (including Aotona), and in Cataclysm hunters will be able to tame eight of ‘em. (All we’re missing is the plain brown parrot.)

And none of them are going to be nearly as annoying as Aotona to find and tame.

Parrots are classified as Birds of Prey. They are Cunning pets with the special ability Snatch, a 10 second disarm with a 1 minute cooldown.

The image to the upper right shows the seven new parrots all together, or you can follow the links below to larger images.

Hunters of 42+ can find a gorgeous dark red Monstrous Macaw and a truly brilliant yellow and green Brilliant Clayscraper in Thousand Needles. Both fly around the pirate settlement to the east of the Salt Flats are are quite easy to find.

But Deadmines is the real treasure house for parrots. Get your level 14+ hunter to the final room of the Deadmines and you may find:

So far as I know, none of these parrots are elite, and the only rare is the Albino Eyegouger. The Deadmines parrots can also be found in the level 85 Heroic version of the dungeon.

7 thoughts on “Parrots Ahoy!

  1. Rikaku

    I always wanted a parrot. When I was but a wee hunter, I thought we could tame those parrots in deadmines and I had my heart set on it. Needless to say, I learned otherwise by level 18 D:

    But now I can finally have my parrot! Now do I want the purple/white or the red and green… choices choices.

  2. Kalli

    Beaky looks wonderful in the pic. :D And thank you for properly identifying his real world species!

    I have to confess, even though those of us who frequent the Petopia forums have known about these parrots for months, I’ve been looking forward to your post on them, just to see them shine. *glee*

  3. Raydex

    Yay for new parrot choices! I’m not fond of Aotona, her beak is weird (I swear there’s a little yellow there) but I love Big Miniwing/Brilliant Macaw.

  4. Wain

    The Brilliant Macaw is also a rare spawn in there. When I found it, it didn’t have a silver dragon (maybe they fixed that) but it certainly only spawned once in a lot of resets. The Monstrous Parrots and Sunwing Squawkers are in there all the time. Ol’Beaky also occurs every time even if he’s just a single spawn on his lonesome on an island.

  5. Alsea

    Although all these parrots are wonderful, the only bird I will be wanting to tame when Cataclysm hits is the seagull :D So awesome.

    Love your blog by the way, just recently found it.

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