Boss Silithid Follow-Up: Brain Bugs for Beast Masters

Five boss silithids that can be tamed in cataclysm.Back in August we talked about two rare silithid pets with new models in the Cataclysm beta: Haarka the Ravenous and Soriid the Devourer.

At the time, taming one of these silithids on live and then transferring your character to the beta gave you a boss silithid model akin to Buru the Gorger.

Shortly afterwards, Blizzard restored Haarka and Soriid to the normal silithid appearance and created two new rares with the new appearance: Harakiss the Untameable and Ainamiss the Super-Exotic. Neither could be tamed.

Thankfully, those names were placeholders. Harakiss the Untameable became Harakiss the Infestor and Ainamiss the Super-Exotic became Ainamiss the Hive Queen. Better yet, both silithids can be tamed by Beastmastery hunters!

And there’s more. That silithid-infested cave in the southwest Salt Flats of Thousand Needles now contains a damaged Hive Controller – a brain bug with his brain exposed – that we can tame. And the silithid hive in the south of Un’Goro has a Fledgling Colossus to tame as well.

Plus Blizzard has also marked the existing boss silithids as tameable: Vem, Princess Yauj, Buru the Gorger, and Lord Kri.

These additions double the number of silithid looks that are available to us – always a good thing!

12 thoughts on “Boss Silithid Follow-Up: Brain Bugs for Beast Masters

  1. Wain

    Mania humbly failed to mention something that was pointed out on the forums, that Ainamiss seems to be a homage to her. “Ainam” being “Mania” backwards and “iss” being a common name suffix for Silithid-related buggy things.

  2. Mania Post author

    I’m not so sure that Ainamiss the Hive Queen has anything to do with me. :) But if it does by some odd chance, then I think Blizzard found a lovely subtle way to be very, very cool without making me feel too self-conscious about it.

  3. Veph

    I dunno Mania, I think that’s an awfully big coincidence that it spells your name. ;) Especially considering the bumpy road these brain bugs traveled as they went from glitch pets, to untameable, to tameable again. I can only assume Blizzard listened to the hunter community as a whole, most of which was centered at the Petopia Forums, about bringing them back due to how popular they were and how many had grown fond of the models. You’ve certainly been the reigning queen of WoW pets for a long time now, and I personally think a Hive Queen is very suiting title and an *awesome* nod towards you. ^_^

  4. Kurasu

    Personally, whether it is an *actual* nod to our Mania or not, I’m going to be catching me one. I need a Silithid for my collection anyway, and this way I can have a proper one! ;)

  5. Gavendo

    Yet another sign that Blizzard actually do love hunters, this is their way of saying “we’re sorry about the minimum range thing, here, have a brain bug!”


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