90+ New Looks – And Counting

Blizzard loves us. They really do.

There may be debate about the effect of Cataclysm on the hunter class, but for pet-obsessed hunters like me the verdict is clear:

This is the best expansion ever.

New Families

At the moment, it looks like Cataclysm will be adding five new pet families:

To compare, WoW originally launched with 17 pet families. The Burning Crusade added 6 more for a total of 23. And we picked up 9 families in Wrath of the Lich King for the current total of 32.

Compared to Wrath, five new families may not seem so exciting. Keep in mind, though, that 7 of Wrath’s 9 new families were Exotic and not available to all hunters.

But we’re getting a lot more than new families.

New Looks

The New Looks page on Petopia isn’t completely up-to-date, I’m afraid – as soon as I think I get everything the community members point out something I missed or find something new. (I’m looking at you, Wain!)

But even looking at what’s there right now, I’m counting 90+ new tameable looks. That’s roughly as many as in Burning Crusade and Wrath combined.

More than 90 more looks for hunters to tame. 

I’ll give you a second to absorb that. (And you thought our new stables were big enough!)

Now most of these aren’t new to WoW but are new as hunter pets. 

Remember back in May when Blizzard asked us for feedback on what types of beasts we’d like to see as hunter pets? And we told them. We gave them 116 pages of suggestions.

They listened.

My own list – and the lists of many other hunters – included:

  • Silithid Wasps – Check!
  • Blue & Green Magehunters (aka Runed Demon Dogs) – Check!
  • Silithid Scarabs (aka Beetles) – Check!
  • Darkhounds (aka Demon Dogs) – Check!
  • Helboars – Check!

Now there were a bunch of beasts they haven’t added (yet), like slime, bogstriders, maggots, basilisks, hydra, etc. But I’ll admit that some of those are pretty far-fetched. *cough* slime *cough*

In addition, Blizzard is also giving us the ability to tame these existing models:

  • Parrots
  • Boss silithids (aka brain bugs)

And new models for these pets too:

  • Lion
  • Scorpid
  • Crabs (thank goodness!)
  • Crocolisks (also thank goodness!)
  • Turtle (one or two, depending on how you count the volcano turtle)

And that’s not counting the new models in the new families:

  • Foxes
  • Mastiffs
  • Monkeys
  • Shale Spiders
  • Monkeys

Or the host of new colors available in the old models and families.

Blizzard Loves Us

There was a time way back when beta started that I could tell you which additions were my favorites. Now, though … I can’t even start.

Beetles! Demon dogs! Brain bugs! Foxes! A green tiger! Armor-plated scorpids! Volcano turtle! Qirot!


Sorry about that.

Suffice it to say that I’m excited about this expansion. I mean, c’mon – Qirot!

12 thoughts on “90+ New Looks – And Counting

  1. Solunerra

    This is looking like a nice expansion for hunters. All we need now is one more exotic pet for cunning to baleens and phoenixes(cross fingers).

  2. Gavendo

    I knew there were a bunch of new pet skins being added but I had no idea that there were this many. This post really puts it into perspective, thanks for the write-up!


  3. Kalli

    BTW, beetles finally have a family ability! It’s hardened carapace, which works like shell shield. (It’s up on Wowhead and possibly other places.)

    Also, Wain has found more tonight! :D :D Like BLUE DRAGONHAWKS! Eeeee!!!!

    Blizzard DOES love us!

  4. Raydex

    “Still no druid pets? Rats! Nerd rage ensues.”

    Arcturis is druid model and so are storm crows. It began in WotLK…it’s only a matter of time xD

  5. Darkcrow

    My character has been named Darkcrow (current), Bloodcrow, and originally Bldcrow…

    When Blizzard asked us for feedback, i would just like to point out my posts:


    Excerpt – (5/10/2010)
    “Wasps (i know they’re already there, but MANY are untameable as of yet and I don’t know why.
    Same with silithids)

    Hell Hounds / (more varieties as long as we have them. I LOVE the Beryl Hounds in Dragonblight Wolves and VH. I once said I would tradea ll my spirit beasts for the ability to tame one of
    them. Oh, and fix the animations. He still walks underwater. Your foxes are awesome,
    btw. Feel free to add more colors)

    Sea Snakes/ ( I saw some sea serpents as cataclysm images, but they should be sea snakes Anacondas that can travel on land. the collection of snakes currently available is rather pitiful
    and most of the cobras look hideous. Thick bodied snakes such as anacondas and
    pythons would also look cool)

    Lava Beasts (Whole potential plethora. Magma Worms, fire tortoise thing from concept art, fire
    lizards – think dragons without wings, not warpstalkers – rocky appearance four
    legged crab/spider things. Cataclysm is an attack by earth aspect dragon and fire
    elementals. There should be earthen/fiery creatures weve never seen before)”

    1.) OMG, I am so glad they listened to us! And so many of my requests/prayers were answered. Yes, I will be taming a Beryl Hound to use for the rest of eternity now. Do i have to get rid of Loque still?

    2.) Called It!!! i think i invented the new crabs and shale spiders, just saying. And possibly Terrorpene though that was a take off their old concept art.

    3.) I love Blizzard. If they didnt before, they own my soul now.

  6. Darkcrow

    Also, further back…. (12/31/2007)


    “Pets: Up the diversity, new abiities, not just new skins. Give us an other stable slot or two. Who cares how many pets we have, we’re not going to unleash them on the world all at once….

    Suggestions: Rhinos with charge ability
    New Birds (ie dont call a vulture a crow or an owl an eagle)
    Giant Rats
    Something made up and spiky like a hedgehog on steroids”

    Wishes do come true!!! I can’t complain about anything pet related ever again…And I don’t want to!!!!!! :-D

  7. Lilliah

    I have a question about the white Pridelord Lion. (He was tameable by Alliance only if someone from the Hoarde side called Pridelord up in a quest. He used to be an elite pet, back when.)
    On the last patch, Pridelord turned into Omnar (the black elite Lion). I thought it was a glitch since I was seeing other hunters who still had the white Pridelord. For that reason, I sent the GM an ingame question. I received what seemed to be their standard reply that many of the hunter skins were changing in the new game upgrade. But…but…but… how come I am seeing others with the white Pridelord still? Hmmm. Have you heard anything? Thanks a lot. Lilliah

    P.S. I really appreciate the work you do on your site. Thanks!

  8. Mania Post author

    Lilliah: I think I may be somewhat confused. Echeyakee is a white lion that is spawned during a Horde quest, so that’s who I thought you meant at first. But Humar the Pridelord is a black lion, a rare spawn. Are you saying that your white lion (Echeyakee) turned into a black lion (Humar the Pridelord)? Or do I have it all wrong?

  9. Lilliah

    Yes: I am saying that my white lion (Echeyakee) turned into a black lion (and now looks just like Humar the Pridelord). I am an Alliance Hunter, but my friend called out the white lion while doing the quest on her Horde character. She did this so I could tame it. This was about three years ago. The skin turned black though when 4.3 came out.

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