Ghostcrawler the Spirit Beast

Ghostcrawler the Spirit Beast CrabA lot of people have asked me if there are any new spirit beasts being added in the Cataclysm expansion. Until recently, my answer was ‘Probably, but I haven’t seen any yet.’

Now, however, the answer is an enthusiastic ‘Yes!’

And what is the first new spirit beast we’ve seen in almost a year? A spirit crab named Ghostcrawler. I kid you not.

Ghostcrawler is a level 85 rare elite beast that wanders around the Abandoned Reef area in the Abyssal Depths of Vash’jir. Like all spirit beasts, Ghostcrawler is an exotic Ferocity beast with the skills Roar of Courage, Spirit Mend, and Spirit Walk. And like the other spirit beasts, he is neutral (yellow) until you attack him or try to tame him.

The bare model for this beast doesn’t really do it credit, so I’ve stolen some screenshots from the big Ghostcrawler thread on the Petopia community.

Ghostcrawler in his natural habitat (courtesy of asaki):
Asaki And Ghostcrawler

Ghostcrawler very much not in his natural habitat (courtesy of onenation777):
Lauryssa And Ghostcrawler

Horde Ghostcrawler in Bestial Wrath (courtesy of Irie):
Iriemon And Ghostcrawler

Alliance Ghostcrawler in Teldrassil (courtesy of Bradden):
Bradden And Ghostcrawler

(Also check out this Ghostcrawler Ransom Note on the Cataclysm beta forum.)

10 thoughts on “Ghostcrawler the Spirit Beast

  1. Solunerra

    It is, and its not an exotic. So it gives non-BM hunters a cool and rare pet to get that has the feeling of a spirit beast. I know I am getting it. Now I just need a Japanese name for it.

  2. AVGNismyhero

    Jeezus, I don’t play for half a year and you see a lot of changes that sometimes don’t make sense.

    Last time I played was December 2009 and used to remember SB’s had some special called Spirit Strike or Lunar Strike – something like a druid’s moonbeam thingy… so now they changed it? Though that quest in Zul’Drak with Loque’s mate may still have it. Not denying that this new SB is cool, but I want some variety under the hood rather than a clone under a different skin.

    Again, aside from the skins, they’re basically the same under the hood. My god, they really became bland Pokemon clones as the reference with a lot of pets in stables and around 4-5 for immediate access is readily apparent – all that’s missing now is a Pokeball and a Pokedex. I’m tempted to ask (shudder) if they somehow made a WoW version of Professor Oak and an endless cadre of Nurse Joys somewhere in the game at the beck and call for hunters…. that would REALLY spread some “Joy” to the world…. of warcraft. Bad pun, I know.

    I love the ammo change though (thank merciful gods), and the focus takes a bit to get used to for a new rotation regarding focus, but that’s it – unless you’re a full-on BM, I believe that pets are close to meaningless so far in heroic dungeons and raids… at least the ones I’ve been to when I came back this month to see what’s changed. Oh yeah, a insta-level to 3 levels lower than you once tamed on a pet that’s lower level is cool too. But why not make them all insta-same-level with you anyways if you’re changing the rest of the mechanics? Maybe later on it could be 1-lvl lower than you next time… then probably after so long, they’ll get lazy and say “(frick) it, let’s throw all that out the window and just have them the same level as the hunter regardless so we can concentrate on something else.”

    I’ve also noticed the current Patch is the buggiest I’ve ever seen so far that the pre-BC bugs seem tame in comparison. I’ve messaged a GM abt a bug that still appearing: the one where a pet’s health is close to dead sometimes when zoning into dungeons or just from logging in the game when they were in full health prior to that BS – not in a fight, mind you – just out of combat zoning, logging in, and dismounting too.

  3. Tyranda

    “endless cadre of Nurse Joys somewhere in the game at the beck and call for hunters…”

    srsly am i the only person that knows that saying as Beckoned Call rather than Beck and Call? am i nuts? or is the world just stupid? >.<

    Anywho, right or wrong about grammar, i am camping this guy till i cant camp no morez! then off to grab up that lava turtle, and green plague hound, tho probly not in that order!!!!

  4. AVGNismyhero

    @Tyranda: ‘Call’ is used here with its usual meaning. ‘Beck’ is more interesting. The word, although current in English since the 14th century, isn’t one that is found outside the phrase ‘beck and call’ these days. It is merely a shortened form of ‘beckon’, which we do still know well and understand to mean ‘to signal silently, by a nod or motion of the hand or finger, indicating a request or command’.

    If the term ‘beck and call’ had originated prior to the 14th century we we would presumably now say ‘beckon and call’. It didn’t though and the first recorded use of ‘beck and call’ in print is in McLaren’s Sermons, 1875:

    “Christ’s love is not at the beck and call of our fluctuating affections.”

    That is straightforward enough. What brings the phrase to the attention of etymologists is the confusion that some people have between it and ‘beckon call’. This supposed phrase is a simple mishearing of ‘beck and call’. The mistake comes about because no one uses ‘beck’ any longer, whereas ‘beckon’ is commonplace.

    ‘Beckon call’ could be said not to be a phrase in English at all, but it is gaining some ground nevertheless. At present (January 2007) Google finds 28,000 hits for ‘beckon call’ and 474,000 for ‘beck and call’.

    The misspelling began in the USA in the early 20th century. For example, this early citation from The Modesto News-Herald, May 1929:

    A crowd of several hundred people heard a stirring address by B. W. Gearhart, Fresno attorney and American Legion official. “Down through the history of American wars, from the Revolutionary to the recent World conflict.” the speaker declared, “America always has had at its beckon call men who would give their all for their country that people might enjoy peace and freedom.

    The rogue phrase still appears in print in newspapers. Here’s a recent example from the London Daily Mirror, by Phil Differ and Jonathan Watson:

    “He [football manager Dick Advocaat] told me what he was particularly looking forward to when he comes to Scotland and that’s having the entire Scottish press at his beckon call and I promised he won’t be disappointed.”

    Just because ‘beckon call’ is based on a mishearing that doesn’t mean it won’t one day become accepted as proper English. Other phrases, like ‘beg the question’ for instance are routinely used incorrectly by so many people that the incorrect usage has now become the standard. Let’s hope ‘beckon call’ dies a natural death, not only because it is essentially just a spelling mistake but because its adoption would signal the last gasp of the enjoyable little word ‘beck’. mwehehehehe :P

  5. Lilivati


    I have had a crab pet as my primary (of the blue darkshore variety) since level 12. He is my hunter’s very first pet. He has been with her through all her WoW adventures, from Deep Ocean, Vast Sea to the pet pull in MC that EVERYONE at the time SWORE you needed a cat with dash to pull off to off-tanking Karazhan. I spent a month of my life arguing and pleading with GMs when they ninja-changed the crab models in BC to get rid of the back and under-leg frills, making them look merely like big critters.

    I have occasionally kept multiple crabs, but I was always limited by stable slots. I have been working on getting more models and looking forward to the new spiny crabs. If you talk to any of my friends in WoW, they will tell you my crab is my avatar’s defining trait (and long before Ghostcrawler appeared, lest anyone think it’s just a fangirl thing…I’ve liked crustaceans my whole life. Though I admit one of the things I like about Ghostcrawler is he shares this fascination.) Crisolin is well-loved.

    But this…this just blows my mind. Words cannot describe the excitement.

    I am logging in and purchasing dual spec for my hunter right now simply to have this pet on call in Cata.


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