Demon Dog Heaven

Deathshadow Hound from NagrandThe last few Cataclysm beta patches have had me in heaven. I want to post about some of the reasons soon, but today …

Well, as I said when I heard:

“Yes! Demon dogs! DEMON DOGS! YES!”

Needless to say, I rather startled the people around me. *cough*

Blizzard surprised us in Wrath of the Lich King when they let us tame the Vargul Blighthound in Zul’Drak. That’s the black demon dog with glowing red runes and fiery feet.

Ever since, we’ve been asking – nay, begging – to be able to tame the blue and green versions of this pet look.

In the last Cataclysm beta build (13221), not only can the blue and green runed demon dogs be tamed – so can all five regular non-runed demon dogs. (You can see them all on the Dog family page.)

You can see the grey example above and to the right, posing with Mania.

Now there’s two tricky bits here.

Trained Plaguehound from Howling FjordFirst, all the demon dogs are Dogs, not Wolves – and that includes the Vargul Blighthound. If you have one tamed now, then as soon as Cataclysm launches you will have a pet dog and not a pet wolf.

The big difference between the families is the special skill, of course. Wolves have Furious Howl, which increases critical strike chance by 5%. Dogs have Lockjaw, a 4 second root.

Personally I think sticking these pets into the Dog family is great since it broadens the possible dog looks beyond just mastiffs. I really feel for those hunters who want to keep their Vargul wolf, though. Changing existing pets is better avoided when it can be.

Secondly: right now, the green runed demon dogs (over there to the right with Nefane) can only by tamed by Alliance characters. However, I fully expect the Plaguehounds in the Eastern Plaguelands to become tameable as well, which will solve that problem.

Update: As of build 13241, the green runed demon dogs in EPL can be tamed – so both Horde and Alliance have equal access to the greens.

These guys are one of the pets I’ve wanted to tame for forever. I’ve been drooling over the blue demon dogs in Tirisfal Glades since original launch! So yeah … I’m in demon dog heaven.

16 thoughts on “Demon Dog Heaven

  1. Veph

    It’s about time, is all I have to say. ^_^ Blizzard kept teasing us with random NPCs having companion demon hounds, and then in Howling Fjord all the undead had those awesome pet ones. D:

    They suit the Dog family wonderfully, and really flesh it out. I’m insanely excited about these guys!

  2. Kurasu

    I saw the picture in this posting, and all I could say was “YEEEESSS!” Being as I’m in an apartment, I’m sure my neighbours are wondering about me.

    I’m in agreement: the fact it’s ‘dog’ family makes me a little sad. Not sad enough that I’m not considering getting one, though. Because, DUDE! DEMON DOGS! <3

  3. Solunerra

    ^_^, I was about to go over and ask Blizz to put the Vargul Plaguehounds in to the dog family lol. I am happy to see them as dogs.

  4. Kristy

    I can tell obviously. Since you didn’t update your pet web site, in a really long time, UNTIL the “demon dogs” became avaiable.

  5. Darkcrow

    Yeah I wish they had stayed in the wolf family. First reason is kinda silly. I really like wolves so I think that’d be better. That doesn’t really change the way they look though. Second, though, being a dog means they get that lock jaw ability, instead of Furious Howl, which has no raid utility.

    And just a side note….So are there no new wolves in Cataclysm?

  6. Rikaku

    Man who hasn’t wanted to tame one of these bad boys? I can’t wait to get my hands on the blue ones.. or green… OR BOTH!

  7. Kenmoe

    Are there new green runed demon dogs in EPL in Cata? I don’t recall any on live and didn’t find any in WoWhead (searched for “plaguehound”). I’ve always like the blue ones but green looks awesome too. Any specifics as to why Horde hunters cannot tame one? I wonder if there’s a workaround to it (cross-faction co-op); perhaps a Mind-Control? Hmm…

    I didn’t know that these will be moved into the Dog family. Thanks for the tip! Now I’ll have to pick up a wolf… yay for new stable space!

  8. Kalli

    Yes, Kenmoe, there are – in Cata. :)

    I’m so glad Blizzard didn’t forget the green ones when they decided to add the demon dogs. The blue ones were high profile in LK, but hardly anyone noticed the green puppies! <3<3

  9. Kristy

    It’s the “dog with rabies” (as they replied to a Blizz Con, player question) from what they said now. As they now see it too.

  10. Ixnay

    During one of the Q&A panels at BlizzCon, somebody mentioned that the mastiffs were too “cuddly” (paraphrasing here, don’t remember the exact words) and that they wanted a dog that was meaner looking. The dev jokingly said they’d give them a dog with rabies… It makes me wonder if this is the result.

  11. Mania Post author

    Update: As of build 13241, the green runed demon dogs in EPL can be tamed – so both Horde and Alliance have equal access to the greens.

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