Silver Fox & New Crocs for Everyone

Good news, everybody! That gorgeous silver fox that nobbie told us about two weeks ago is now available for Alliance hunters as well as Horde.

At the time, the fox showed up during a phased section of a Silverpine Horde quest chain. Now, however, all hunters can see – and tame! – the lovely Highlands Fox in the Northern Highlands of the Ruins of Gilneas. There are also some nice mastiffs in the area, although they are not (yet) flagged as beasts. The foxes and the mastiffs are in the 13-14 level range.

And in very southern Silverpine, there is another interesting find: a color-changing Cataclysm crocolisk. The level 18-19 Marsh Crocolisk randomly chooses either a green Cataclysm crocolisk look or a white Cataclysm crocolisk each time it appears.

7 thoughts on “Silver Fox & New Crocs for Everyone

  1. Jesswyn

    I read the start as “Good news, everyone!” in the professor from futurama’s voice :(

    So happy to see foxes in WoW, and with so many skins! :)

  2. Mr. Perfect

    Does the Catacroc make the same constant hissing noise as the normal ones? I like the crocs, but could never stand the noise.

  3. batgrl

    I’m always psyched to see pets able to be tamed by both sides – frankly because that way when I’m not playing my hunter I’ll still have a chance to see that sort of pet around the towns. And have no idea which fox color I’ll end up with – they all look so lovely.

  4. Mania Post author

    Mr. Perfect: I don’t honestly know – I’m having trouble with my sound right now. But I think I will steal the term catacroc if you don’t mine. :)

    batgrl: Our comments keep crossing this evening.

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