Questing in Style

Mania in Watcher's TunicLately I’ve been lackadaisically working towards the Loremaster achievement on Mania. (I want the tabard.)

I finished up Outland and Northrend first because I find per-zone count of quests both convenient and satisfying, but now I am working on Kalimdor.

(As an aside, I’ve been posting some of my more pithy-but-certainly-not-interesting-enough-to-make-a-post-out-of thoughts about my travels on Twitter.)

Anyway, since I outlevel the content in Kalimdor by at least twenty levels, and usually more like fifty, I figured I’d do my questing in style.

Mania in Purple from Dustwallow MarshAbove and to the left is my favorite questing shirt right now: a Watcher’s Tunic from a level 68 group quest in Nagrand. On a female character, the color of the sleeve fabric changes to match your skin color, leaving you with a spiderweb or fishnet effect.

The sleeves flare out at the bottom, though … which looks a bit odd if the fabric is supposed to be skin. But a pair of gloves fixes that! I am still looking for a pair of pants and a pair of gloves that look really good with this tunic, but for the moment I’m just wearing it with my normal combat gear.

But that’s not my only questing outfit! I also have the purple pleasure that you see above and to the right: Mordant’s Travel Tunic and The Wanderer’s Cover (both courtesy of quests in Dustwallow Marsh).

Mania as Wonder WomanI know that you can put together some really nice purple outfits if you try, but I just happened to pick these two pieces up while I was doing quests in Dustwallow. Coincidence, or does Blizzard employ a fashion consultant for quest rewards?

And finally, for those times when I want to look like Wonder Woman, we have a Gleaming Scale Breastplate to the left, also from Dustwallow Marsh.

My thanks to Letters From Birdfall, by the way, for a recent ‘Outfit of the Month’ post that got me thinking about my own outfits again.

12 thoughts on “Questing in Style

  1. MelRedcap

    Part of the reason why my banks fill up is because I keep pretty outfits. :) I still regret selling the plate bustier and stockings my DK found somewhere in Outlands… was it Nagrand? Next female plate-wearing toon I take through there is keeping them!

  2. Mazil

    Something that I always thought would be great was a WoW website dedicated to wearable items! Something you could search by colour scheme and slot… and you could save and previous outfits and have a “feature outfit of the week”, etc!

    I’m kinda surprised it hasn’t been done actually, except for the fact that there are probably more male WoW players than female, and the idea would appeal slightly more to females, I imagine :) (speaking as a female ;))

  3. Palladiamors

    About the only real dress-up item I keep is my old eyepatch, which my hunter will probably keep forever. For my paladin, it’s my old lightforge set. Ahhh, memories….

  4. Saphia


    Try using the everyquest addon if you’re trying to get a list of quests you’ve done and what quests are still available in the area. After I installed that, it made getting Loremaster SO much easier. Only problem is that you’ll still need to cross check some of the quests with wowhead to make sure they count. Lots of those in Silithus and Felwood don’t.

  5. Mama Druid

    What nice abs you have there in that purple number! I love how Orc females look so strong and powerful. I’m starting an Orc warrior and it just feels so right. I have tried the warrior class on other races, but it never clicked. Usually, I’m offended by the skimpy armor on female characters, but I won’t be for her because it’s quite obvious she could take you out if you looked at her the wrong way.

  6. Mania Post author

    Mazil: Believe me, I’ve thought about setting up a clothing website. (I even have a domain name, which is currently just sitting there.)

    But … doing a comprehensive site is beyond me. Too many pieces, no useful way to automate the sorting, and most pieces look different on males and females to boot.

    And I don’t have the kind of mind that could handle doing a non-comprehensive site. Just a wee bit autistic I am.

    Chillyhollow: Thanks for the link to Kirina’s Closet!

    Mama Druid: I know, right? *grin* I was expecting to hate several of these pieces based on the amount of skin they show (compared to the male version) but … I’ve gotta love those muscles.

  7. Mr. Perfect

    The Twilight Cultist’s set from Silithus is kind of cool, if you’re into purple. I must admit that I was instantly disappointed the “evil aura” didn’t actually look like anything though…

    Oh, and plus one for not messing with Orcs.

  8. neutrallo

    I have piles of gear hogging bank space (on all of my toons) in the hopes that someday… just someday, you may be able to “transfer stats” from one pc of gear to another. I would LOVE to find a “look” for each of my toons, and keep it forever.

    In the meantime… I had a lot of fun recently gearing up in old stuff and making mock posters and such on the wowprints website.

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