Pets for the Undead

Undead Hunter says: Seeing eye pet, please!One of the first things I’m going to do come Cataclysm is create an undead hunter. I’ve been waiting a long time to play an undead hunter.

(In fact, I will probably change Mania herself into an undead later. But I expect that I won’t have that option immediately.)

The most important question to answer regarding my undead hunter is, of course, what pets she will have.

Now there may be new pet families in the Cataclysm expansion, and there will certainly be new pets in the existing families, so I’m not writing anything in stone yet. But I did want to devote some blog space to thinking about the question.

The most obvious route for undead hunters to take is plagued pets. I know a lot of hunters are planning to pick up a Deathclaw the diseased bear from Bloodmyst, or a Diseased Wolf from Elwynn.

Later in life the plagued pet collector can continue the trend with a Diseased Black Bear from the Western Plaguelands, a Rabid Grizzly from Dragonblight, or a Plagued Swine from the Eastern Plaguelands.

There’s also a handful of other pets that, while not technically plagued, would make fine companions for an undead hunter. A Vargul Blighthound, for instance, would look wonderful next to your heroic corpse. So would Death Flayer, the rare black scorpid. Or you could go for a ghost, like the Ghost Saber or Disembodied Jormungar.

And if you are lucky enough to be the proud owner of a retired ghost wolf, ghostly crocolisk, ghostly hydro-croc or even a croco-slime, you may want to consider tranforming your previously-living hunter into an undead to match your pet!

Assuming that works, of course. And assuming Blizzard doesn’t remove these retired pets in the meantime.

Undead Hunter says: Slime, please!Personally, I am strongly hoping (wishing! begging!) that Blizzard uses the advent of undead hunters to open up the taming of these retired pets, plus more. I’d love a black slime, for instance. Or an Ethereal Frostworg.

Another possibility: pet families that fit an undead theme. Bats are a classic here, as are spiders. Black widows seem especially apt, although most spiders will work will with an undead hunter. A festive tarantula like Rekk’tilac may feel a little out of place, however.

Or how about a drippy corehound? (Again, you may want to take a pass on the cute’n'furry Kurken.)

Other undead-ly pet families include: carrion birds (well-trained ones, anyway — don’t want him feasting on your eyes); ravagers (spiky!); worms (especially the ones that look like Flesh Eating Worms); and even hyenas.

And if nothing else inspires you, you can always make a strong case for Spirit Beasts!

23 thoughts on “Pets for the Undead

  1. Grimmtooth

    One thing you might consider regarding the ghost saber is this: that part of the continent may be gone when Cataclysm hits! If one has one’s heart set on this with an undead hunter, might be a good idea to roll up a placeholder hunter to go get the saber now, and race change later.

  2. Jesswyn

    Ive already planned what my undead hunter will have: a Diseased Black Bear named Littlefoot, a diseased wolf named Thailog, a 2-headed orange carrion bird named RupurtGiles, an Albino Bat named Albie, and a Pink Tallstrider named Picard. The last ones a little out of place but i have no stable slots left on my other hunters and have been dying for one. Plus i got a feeling everyone will have the other mentiond pets so my pink tallstrider may be all i have to stand out with when it gets annoyingly common. =/

  3. Watermist

    I’m hoping Durotar would still have corrupted raptors. Those yellow-orange raptors look lovely, yet none of my hunters would “fit” with a raptor – but I just know that a raptor would be perfect for my future undead hunter. :D

  4. Namaria

    Personally, I’ve been looking forward to Worgen Hunters (who hasn’t?) and Human Hunters. I haven’t given any thought to appropriate pets for those races yet. I’m still hoping I can get into the beta when it’s released!

  5. Elsi

    I dunno..for a Human hunter one of the wolves would be pretty cool. Or one of the Birds of Prey from Howling Fjord…

    For a Worgen…I got nothing.

  6. Jesswyn

    @Mania – No reason, I just had one of those level 11 crows from northrend once and i named him RupurtGiles as a joke and ended up adoreing the name. Now just about every bird i tame is named that. and 2-headed orange carrion birds are my favorite bird :)

    Also, if carrion birds could speak, i assume they’d have Anthony Head’s sexy voice.

  7. Firewing

    My human’ll definitely get a panther. I had one on my hunter, (Poor Midnight was released back to the wild after inactivity. May he live long in Elune’s eyes. >.>) and after seeing the pair in the video, I knew it was a must. xD

    And I didn’t go worgen hunter…but who knows.

  8. Nimizar

    Aaron already linked the spider that occurred to me as a perfect fit for an undead hunter.

    And what could a worgen go for but a worg?

    (Probably going to roll a worgen hunter myself, just to see what levelling a hunter with focus is like)

  9. Gimlion

    On my Worgen, With high-hopes that stags will become tameable, i’ll likely get one named Prongs, a black wolf named Padfoot, prolly a serpent named Marvolo/Nagini/Riddle. Oh, and my worgen’s name’ll be Remüs. I love harry potter fyi =)

  10. Rezar

    I do not know how you have managed to overlook this but here is what MY undead hunter alt will be rollin’ around with: cute little red crab named Barnaby. /salute Oxhorn

  11. Mesc

    I have to admit that I been considering making the switch from Troll to Forsaken when it’s available. I am pretty happy as a Troll but I have a number of the rare creepy/ghostly pets already – a grimtotem spirit guide (ghost wolf) and a Spirit of Koosu (the slime). An undead with those pets is just too perfect.

  12. Amke

    I can’t wait to make and play my undead Hunter…though I haven’t decided on a name yet.

    My Goblin hunter is going to be called Kermin and he’ll have a boar named Pigathius, a bear named Fuzzy and a I haven’t decided how long I will continue this theme…Would Gonzo be a Ravager?

    I’m worried about sharing because of imitators, but fun is fun! Let’s be fun!

  13. Snapdragon

    This is really off topic, But I’ve always wanted a Belf druid. I hope they get teddy bear form!! Hehehe, sorry bout the off topicness. Plus, I doubt we get teddy bear form

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