ETC: Tallstrider Bonanza

ETC: Tallstrider Bonanza

[edit] An explanation, since I’ve confused people without meaning to:

These are my two newest Elite Test Cadre characters, code-named J and K. (I’ve been naming my characters in alphabetical order. And I’ve already forgotten their actual names.)

J and K are bound for levels 58 and 64, respectively. After my last post about the ETC project, your comments convinced me that I should at least try using Refer-A-Friend to speed things up, and it’s working like a charm.

In this screenshot, my two characters are level 10 and have tamed Greater Timberstriders as part of the Draenei hunter taming quest.

Because these tallstriders aren’t real pets — they are just temporary tames with the quest wand — they didn’t shrink down the way that pets do when you tame them. And so they tower above my Draenei characters in a most impressive fashion!

(The apparent difference in size between the two tallstriders is because one is rather closer to the camera than the other. I had a lot of trouble getting them positioned. Where is Eyes of the Beast when you need it?!)

I wish I could have gotten an action shot. Because these birds are so tall, they seem to run in slow motion, bobbing along majestically like geese about to take flight.

87 thoughts on “ETC: Tallstrider Bonanza

  1. Ryai

    Actually Palla, the dorfs are the easy part. as i’ve done the run so much horde wise to get to Badlands; as it’s really the only safe passage to badlands, thanks blizz! Anyways I basically know where they’re at for the most part/where they pat.

    It’s only my own stupidity I keep taking the HARDEST TUNNEL IN 8D

    The hard part is how long it takes and all the other mobs. I found two ways to get there, one was basically gromgol-westfall-hug the water right near the continent to not get fatigue and start swim hopping to wetlands, [note trash pet does help slightly from here on].

    Ironically I only really started dying when I got to where the dragonmaw were at in the tunnel things.

    The other way is just as long, if not longer cause of how far you have to go. Aka Tirisfal glades – Silverpine – Hillsbrad – Arathi – Wetlands – Loch.

    >_o Arathi also has those lovely formerly elite guys that path randomly. Ran into them once. quite litterally thanks to lag.

    It wasn’t petty Dx

  2. Dweezill

    Yeah, I also have a horde lowe level hunter that has has clutchmother and a white bar. I never really play that toon as I have too many 80′s to keep up with on my alliance server. And I do play on pvp servers. For some reason,i still had a harder time with getting the spider thanI did the bear and the clutchmother. Maybe becaue I far more familiar witht he Dwarf and gnome areas thanI am with the Draeni. i don;t have one level 80 draeni. lol I hated their strting areas. lol

  3. BethanyAnne

    I wanted a snow leopard the other day on a lowbie hunter, and found the Thalassian Pass trick still works. Long long run, of course. Die in the Ghostlands and cross the portal at Thalassian pass through to EPL as a ghost. Then you can rez at any spirit healer, and not return to where your body was. So, I ran as a ghost to Dun Morogh, and rezzed there. Took a while, but was an easy way to get a pretty cat at 11 :-)

  4. Gimlion

    Yeah, I once made the trip to get myself a red Lynx on my young dwarf (not Gimlion) that wasn’t terrible, until i had to get through the city to actually get to the red lynxes… But it was a lengthy trip to say the least…

  5. Gimlion

    Pinky: “What are we going to do today Brain??”
    Brain: *sigh* “The same thing we do everyday Pinky, try to take over the world!”

  6. Goraan

    hey Mania, i got some pet tame updates for u and nice screen shot btw. The Scarlet hound in western plaguelands are tameable, so are the White elite wolves from UP instance. just wanted to give everyone a heads up and start new tames :)

  7. Myzou

    Just did this quest on my new hunter, and just pointing out, the cat you tame for the quest is AS TALL as you, so, naturally, it’s quite huge as well. :D

  8. Crusader Rottingham

    sorry for double post, but I just thought of simething that Blizz should also do in an upcoming patch…
    Ghoul emotes.
    I’ve been risen as a ghoul twice (and also had a scourge disguise) and wanted to see what their dance is… or how they slept… or how they sat… and I found out that they do nothing!

  9. Ryai

    Rottingham: I doubt it. Ghouls used to -speak- when clicked upon. Taken out. Ghouls used to only need to be resummoned when they died. Not anymore, now anytime you do anything you summon a ghoul from the ground automatically and that means I have to wait 30 seconds for it to cool down, if the ghoul dies imideately. There’s also a glitch with this in instances too!

    Working as intended I was told!


    I’ve noticed with the belf cats, the red ones, not had a yellow-red or killed one lately yet, is that well. They have NO SFX. I mean NONE. Not when fed. Not when attacked. Not when attacking. Not when killed. It’s just they’re all erriely silent.

    I also don’t think the starting zone Dragonhawks have an sfx when fed either O_o

    But could the cats atleast get some sound effects?

  10. Flinkbaum

    I know this is off-topic, but has anyone checked out the video of the Goblin starting area on MMO-Champion or Youtube?


    Also turtles and raptors (brown outlands skin) and sharks without lasers on their heads yet.

    Sure hope those Baboons are tamable. And wouldn’t hurt if you could teach them the /moon animation once tamed, heh.

  11. Palladiamors

    Could be a source for low level monkies, I suppose. I’d have rather seen a new pet family, but I didn’t see any real sign of that in the videos.

  12. Ryai

    Palla, remember Baboons aren’t exactly like gorillas, so I don’t think, if they are tameable, that they’ll be in the same family. As well most tank pets really are bulky and beefy to use Thunderstomp [at the moment] and the Baboon seems more of a cunning/ferocity possibility.

    I also saw I think pink Pterodaxes too, not sure. Might have been a grey skin, or greyishpink. Idk.

    And remember this is only 4 minutes in the starting area, and it could be like Mulgore. Tauren’s have pigs, striders and cats in their very first starting area. Near Bloodhoof it changes to wolves, striders, birds and cats.

    There’s also Flamingo :D

    So I’m hoping that there’s more that we’ve not seen yet.

  13. Crusader Rottingham

    Oh, I think there are bound to be more. I’m just curious as to what the beats in Gilneas will be. Perhaps some cats or bears that are mre ferocious looking because they, too, were infected with the curse.

    \And maybe, if Blizz does that, then we’ll know what the worgen druid cat and bear forms might look like

  14. Myzou

    I thought the Lost Isles were told to be like the DK starting zone, not able to enter unless you’re a goblin? Same with Worgen?

  15. Crusader Rottingham

    I think that since they are doing the phasing like the DK starter zone, worgen and goblins won’t be able to see other players that come until after they are done witht he phasing quests. You can still probably go tot he Starting zones and capital cities like all the other races, you just probably won’t see anything that was happening before the phasing

  16. Ryai

    And you still can get into the DK starting zone- technically. And I doubt they would make pets available to -only- Worgen and Goblins. I know Blizzard are callous and ignorant to things, but even they can grasp that if they did something like that, there would be to much rioting.

  17. Zinbolt

    I thought that they weren’t going to have their own capital cities? I think the wogen are moving into Stormwind and the Goblins to Orgrimmar or something.
    I heard that the new captial cities will be gnomeregan and probably a troll one but I’m probably wrong.

  18. Volcan

    Undermine is, as long as i know, unfortunately, destroyed in Cataclysm :( But from what i understood, the Goblins are building their own capital, i saw a screen from Blizzcon of some quarry which supplies the building process.

    And Worgen can’t live in Gilneas City, since it was announced to be actually a Battleground.

    So if i understand right, the worgen are getting their own gothic spooky district in Stormwind, while the gnomes are moving back to Gnomeregan.
    To balance it on the Horde side, trolls are staying in Orgrimmar, while Goblins will build their own capital.

  19. Crusader Rottingham

    Are they just getting rid of the Gnomeragon Instance then? Or will it be more like RFC where there’s a raid inside of the Capitol city?
    But also won’t it be strange having two main cities in the same startin zone? Maybe the Cataclysmic events are going to change that, but I have no idea :P I’m sure some of you out there do, though.

    Also a worgen district in Stormwind, THat seems pretty cool. I bet lots of Grim grinning ghosts will come out to socialize there during Hallow’s End.

  20. Nimizar

    No published info on Gnomer – just rumours that gnomes will finally reclaim their city.

    As far as Lost Isles/Gilneas go, I believe the major phasing happens on the trip to level 5 (which is part of the reason why Blizz skipped to the higher level for the Cata demo systems). The 5-10 experience may still involve phasing, but the zones themselves shouldn’t change fundamentally after that point.

    All pretty up in the air at the moment though – we won’t really know for sure until Cata gets into beta.

  21. Palladiamors

    Not quite, Nim. While it hasn’t been OFFICIALLY announced, it has been hinted at several times that the reason we haven’t seen gnomish priests is because of their work on reclaiming Gnomeragan, same with other gnomish fighters. Just those in particular, since I seem to recall there being medics that were functionally priests in Gnomeragan. There were a couple if blue posts regarding it. Regardless, that seems to be the direction that things are going. Worgen won’t get a home city, Goblins will, last I chest, in Azhsara.

  22. Ryai

    Palla: So then in theory it should be possible to go from Azshara -> goblin starting zone?

    Cause those low level raptors just scream ‘make an alt come try to tame me’.

  23. Volcan

    Azshara will definitely be connected to Lost Isles by a boat, i can’t wait to see the Goblin capital though. I imagine like, strings of huts hanging from the cliffs of Azshara, mechanical lifts, tunnels inside the cliffwall, darn i can’t wait if it’s like this :)

  24. Nimizar

    We know goblins are getting something in Azshara, but if it is only on par with Sen’Jin Village then it wouldn’t need a new Alliance city to balance it.

    The other thing that makes me doubt it though is the fact that Dun Morogh was only flagged as being in for a light overhaul in that colour coded map. Obviously, Blizz could have changed their minds since that map was created, but the area around Gnomer plays a fairly significant part in the quest flow for levelling gnomes and dwarves, even if you don’t get sent into the dungeon itself until much later.

    After all, it isn’t like the blues would ever make misleading comments that are strictly and literally true, but designed to get people to leap to the wrong conclusions just so they can be amused by the wild speculation that results ;)

    I’m not saying I’d mind if Gnomer was cleaned up and made partially Alliance controlled with a shorter instance left behind – I just don’t expect it to happen.

  25. Ryai

    Nimizar: They’re retconning Arugal’s history hard and fast for Cataclysm, even going so far as to make out the Worgen as the holders of the curse/infection and the Worgen as the ones being vile/evil etc etc, and Arugal as one of those anti heroes/dark heroes, what have you, you know ignoring the fact he’s evil T_T

    So that probably means several quest changes/instance changes to SFK, but they’re already going to be making a … lol .. heroic version of sfk…

    ._. wat.

    Anyways I would not really care if they did change Gnomer. Hell make it shorter. And less confusing.

    Was in a run there on my dorf hunter and we were there for like an hour :/ getting lost and etc.

  26. Shirubia

    Soo… Im the only one that tought when saw the ”codenames” of the characters ”Men in Black”? (Agent J and Agent K)

  27. Zinbolt

    Really hope that Gnomer gets reclaimed and the gnomes get some real lore. They’re enire civilisation seems to have just grown out of the ground.
    The goblin captial should be good though. I really wanted to see Undermine but the new one should be just as good. I hope for lots of explosions. In a good way.
    If we really are getting new goblin and gnome capital Blizzard is going to have a tech fest, with each city trying to out do the other.

  28. Dweezill

    Something just popped into my head while I was takig a shower. now, follow me here…. Blizz made Bestal Wrath’s duration 10 sec down from 18 secs because they didn;t want hunters relying too heavily on our pets. Now, in this patch (which hit today) they give our pets the “Culling the Hurd” ( I am pretty sure that is what it is called). This is an ability that gives the hunter and the pet 1/2/3% damage increase when the pet crits…… is it just me, or did Bizz just make themselves look like huuuuge hipocrites? This is an ability that depends on the pet, and Blizz said they were going away from that. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting a new ability that ups my dps, but this seems to go against everything that Blizz said they wanted to do. I also realize that all hunters will benefit from this, and that is cool too, but if a oet dies it hurts BM the most. Just don’t understand why Blizz would do something they said they were trying to get away from. If anybody knows anything, please fill me in.

  29. Flinkbaum

    They nerfed Bestial Wrath down to 10 seconds from 18 for Arena reasons. The 18 seconds of immune-to-crowd control was deemed to be too powerful. To most players it was an over-reaction, and I myself miss it very much.

    But when the 18 second immunity was already working people over in Arena, it made it hard for Blizzard to buff BM dps back up to where it should be, and still be fair.

  30. Gimlion

    not only was it reduced due to arena… but it was also only ONE arena match… ONE FREAKING arena match… apparently blizz just didnt think one match could go unheard, even tho they won fair and square using CC/Imobilization reduction…

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