ETC: Tallstrider Bonanza

ETC: Tallstrider Bonanza

[edit] An explanation, since I’ve confused people without meaning to:

These are my two newest Elite Test Cadre characters, code-named J and K. (I’ve been naming my characters in alphabetical order. And I’ve already forgotten their actual names.)

J and K are bound for levels 58 and 64, respectively. After my last post about the ETC project, your comments convinced me that I should at least try using Refer-A-Friend to speed things up, and it’s working like a charm.

In this screenshot, my two characters are level 10 and have tamed Greater Timberstriders as part of the Draenei hunter taming quest.

Because these tallstriders aren’t real pets — they are just temporary tames with the quest wand — they didn’t shrink down the way that pets do when you tame them. And so they tower above my Draenei characters in a most impressive fashion!

(The apparent difference in size between the two tallstriders is because one is rather closer to the camera than the other. I had a lot of trouble getting them positioned. Where is Eyes of the Beast when you need it?!)

I wish I could have gotten an action shot. Because these birds are so tall, they seem to run in slow motion, bobbing along majestically like geese about to take flight.

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  1. Crusader Rottingham

    What’s this madness? if there are tallstriders that big when tamed then I want one! could it possibly be from patch 3.3, the tallstriders become the size of Devilsaurs?

  2. sara

    I just made a new little hunter – this is the hunter quest at level 10, the “pets” don’t scale down. I was so sad, when I went and tamed Mazz, that he became tiny after taming one of these guys and having him be HUGE! ;o)

  3. Diaone

    Yeah, it’s from the draenei hunter quest at 10. When I first made a hunter and tamed a pet, I was excited because I thought they were gonna be that big forever. How sad I was when I discovered that was not the truth.

  4. Will

    it is the draeni pet quest it is really odd tho but from what i learned both r wild it is just some 1 use a growing spice to make 1 look bigger

  5. Eochaid

    I am guessing these are toons in mania’s Elite Testing Cadre guild. So I would say the pic above represents pet growth between character levels.


  6. Mania Post author

    I’ve added an explanation to the original post. These are indeed the Greater Timberstriders from the level 10 Draenei taming quest. I apologize for the confusion — I thought it was just a neat shot.

  7. Brad

    Devilsaur+BW+3x montrous bite still gets pretty big, its about 2-3 times the size of my tauren, love devilsaurs just wish i could find skoll already =P

  8. Icecrystal

    This is simply because of the taming quest. While hunters complete the taming quest(s) at lvl 10, the pets you tame does NOT shrink. :)

  9. BethanyAnne

    It was watching the tallstriders slowly bounce through Darkshore that hooked me on them, years ago. I was so happy when the cap hit 80; mine scaled enough to stop that broken run they had at 70.

  10. Palladiamors

    I like to tame tall Mazzaranche for the sole purpose of PvP. It isn’t because they are ferocity, or because of dust cloud. It’s just because handing some one their rear on a platter with a giant pink flamingo is priceless.

  11. Ryai

    Repair bill to get to Mulgore at lv 10: 2g
    Spending time hiding from stalker cows: five hours
    Taming Mazzaranche and owning people with a flamingo: Pricless.

    There are some things you can do as a paladin. For everything else, there is hunter.

    :c couldn’t resist.

  12. Ariamodasu

    I’ve already got two striders, Clutchmother on my elf and rather bizzarely, a WHITE strider on my level 14 dorf which is a constant source of :O with the lowbies wondering what it is :) By my god they look tiny on the character screen!

  13. Maree

    I don’t get this whole multiboxing thing. You’re playing both (like, 2 screens?) or just having 1 of the hunters on following?
    And if that’s the case, what are you doing when you come across “pick X things up” quests? Or just have to turn quests in in general?

    Sorry for the noob. I’m really clueless about this..

  14. Nanotrev

    I caught Loque, and then Skoll, but was forced to abondon them both when I wanted to dual-spec survival without wanting to give up Krush, Vile Sting, or my elite Tan Silithid, or Gezzarak for that matter. Vile Sting went to replace Loque when I decided I wanted him again for sentimental reasons. I picked up the purple 80 warg from the storm peaks that was fighting a Jormungar to replace Skoll since I was going Survival on my other spec.

    Also, about the elite pets (the “(Elite)” you get when you mouse-over a pet that was an elite before the tame) were intentional. I didn’t know how obvious or not obvious it was so I asked a GM for clarification if it was a bug or not. They told me it was most likely put in as a reward for the hunter to show off after they’d tamed a pet that was elite.

  15. Kurasu

    I have a habit of doing the ‘dangerous tame’ pets, myself. :) My dwarf made a suicide run to the Blood Elf newbie lands at 20 to get himself a Dragonhawk, a tauren had a white bear, and another got an owl. But I think my most epic tame was getting my level 11 tauren into Northrend to get himself one of those Dire Raven skins…

  16. Nanotrev

    Tame a Ravager as a Horde character when you hit level ten and make sure the one you’re taming is level ten as well. That’s a dangerous tame. :P

  17. Palladiamors

    I hate you, Nanotrev. SO hard. I can’t even find Loque ONCE.

    I took my newly minted level 10 draeni hunter through the plaguelands to tame a dragonhawk. That is an interesting run, lemme tell you. Though I think far worse would be horde trying to tame a low level owl.

  18. Brad

    lol some people are so much luckier then me, been lookin for skoll for almost 2 weeks, cant check during early hours like everyone recommends b/c of school but gratz to those able to find him =P

  19. Ryai

    Palla: Oh yes it really is worse, let me tell you. Running naked up to darkshore, running naked with gaurds after you for clipping to close, then having to run naked while dead to get into a ship to run get to Teldrassil’s shores only to rez, get five feet and die again.

    Rez timers exist why? >(

    Gimlion: Regash means the lv 7-10[?] crows, in northrend. They’re near where the ally come to shore, attacking rats and etc in Howling Fjord. Note, not the ones that are near Vengence Landing.

    For a better reference, they’re in the place where UK/UP is.

  20. Dweezill

    Kinda on the lines of long runs… took an Orc over to Bloodmyst Isle to get the Zarakh spider at level 19. That was a terrible haul. Try it sometime. It’s terrible.

  21. Ryai

    Actually Dweezill, that’s a pretty easy haul compared to getting into Darn. Mean outside of drowning yourself to rez on the boat and out of the guards reach; it’s a clear and fast trip thru Azuremyst to bloodmyst. Unless you clip Exodar.

    Or are on a pvp server.

    tho I’m reminded of dragging an orc and a cow all the way up to Dun Mogor for a white bear and a white wolf.

    Reminded me of the good ol days of stripping and running thru STV :v

  22. Palladiamors

    Yea, I did that one pretty easy ten to get a ravager. The trick is to actually AVOID Auberdine, by swimming out and drowning under the boat to Azuremyst. Then you rez on the boat, and viola!

    I can’t even imagine trying to run to Dun Morough as a hordie. All of the dwarven sentries and hostiles close to the road would just make that hell.

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