Pets in Peril – Kalimdor

We know that the upcoming Cataclysm expansion is going to literally tear our virtual world apart. What we don’t know yet — and what many of us are worried about — is how the changes to the world will affect the existing wildlife, namely the beasts that we can tame.

But I thought it might be fun to speculate a bit. In this post I’ll make some guesses about what pets may be in peril in Kalimdor. Later I’ll take a poke at the Eastern Kingdoms as well.

My speculation is loosely based off the color-coding in a map that was seen at BlizzCon, which seems to indicate the intensity of landscape changes in various zone. (WoW Insider posted about this recently, which brought it back to mind. It’s also been on a number of other news sites and blogs since BlizzCon.)

Now I’m going to make an unsupported assumption and guess that, for our purposes, major landscape changes are more disruptive to wildlife than level changes alone will be. In my experience with MMOs, a major landscape change will require the content people to re-place any spawners in that area — a tedious chore which also gives them a great opportunity to change around the enemies in an area.

Just changing the level of an area, on the other hand, can often be accomplished with a simple data tweak to the spawners, or at worst a search-and-replace operation on the data tree. Of course, revamping the quest flow through an area will also likely change what creatures are where, but often this will be handled as an addition in a small area rather than a wholesale replacement.

… Which is just a lengthy justification for why I think basing my speculation on what appears to be a landscape map may be useful. I could be utterly wrong, of course.

So let’s take a look at the red zones from that map — presumably the most disturbed zones — one by one.  (I’m starting at the northwest and zig-zagging down.)


We’ve heard a bit about the changes coming to Darkshore. Auberdine will be destroyed and the night elves will relocate to the northern end of the zone. (This will help the quest flow immensely, especially if they add a second flight point at the southern end.) Apparently the Horde is encroaching from the south, as well.

Now Darkshore contains a lot of pretty common pet looks, plus two very special beasts: the transparent Ghost Saber and the turquoise Strider Clutchmother. Unfortunately for us, the Ghost Saber spawns in the very north of the zone — where the night elves are relocating their town — and the Strider Clutchmother spawns in the far south — where the Horde are encroaching.

If we are lucky, the Horde won’t disturb the southern part of the zone too much and the Strider Clutchmother will remain there. If we are very lucky, Blizzard will relocate the naga ruins in the north to someplace further south and we’ll get to keep taming Ghost Sabers. But I am rather worried about both of these creatures.


From all indications, Azshara is going to get a major make-over. The goblins are reshaping the entire zone more to their liking, and who knows what — if anything — will survive.

Fortunately, Azshara is not a very pet-dense zone. It’s main claim to fame is some chimaeras, some turtles, and way too many taratulas. There are two rare beasts — the Evalcharr and Scalebeard — but neither has a really uncommon appearance. So while I will miss it as a handy place to grab a chimaera, I am much more excited about what new creatures the goblins may import from their islands.

Stonetalon Mountains

I admit it: Stonetalon Mountains is one of my least favorite zones ever. There’s that long boring run from Crossroads to the tiny Horde settlement, then another incredibly long and annoying run down through the Charred Vale to Desolace. The Alliance don’t have it much better, coming down from Ashenvale through all the goblins.

So I am completely ready for Stonetalon to get blown away. I haven’t heard much about specific changes, other than a canyon to Ashenvale rather than a tunnel, and the Charred Vale opened up to the sea on one side.

I’m rather hoping that Stonetalon Peak (the green valley to the north that contains the Alliance flightpoint) is relatively unaffected, because I tamed my Twilight Runner there. But otherwise this zone only boasts the same ubiquitous brown chimaeras and green taratulas, and we’re not in danger of running out of those!

The Barrens

The Barrens is, famously, being split into two zones divided by a lava-filled chasm. I don’t know if we have official names for these areas yet, so I’ll just call them Barrens North and Barrens South.

According to the color-coded map we have, the Barrens North will see moderate changes to landscape. I have no idea what that means at this point, but it seems reasonable to expect that we will not lose our lions and lionesses, our violet raptors, or our tallstriders.

Similarly, Echeyakee is probably safe, as is Snort the Heckler and Takk the Leaper. (Have you ever noticed that the Barrens rares have very Mafia-like names?) In fact, Takk is probably extra-safe since he is now related to the Leaping Hatchling mini-pet.

The Barrens South, however, seems to be up for some more severe landscape changes. Which means that, depending on exactly where the lava-filled chasm goes, we may have some special pets in danger.

Humar the Pridelord currently spawns just outside Ratchet, which hopefully means he’s safe. I’d also hate to lose Azzere the Skyblade, since the only other places to find this particular color windserpent right now are in instances. But my top concern for the Barrens South are the vibrant green scorpids in the Field of Giants. That’s the only place we’ve ever seen these scorpids, and they are by far my favorite color.

Thousand Needles

Apparently, the Cataclysm is going to flood Thousand Needles. I imagine the ‘needles’ will still be above water, but the Salt Flats definitely won’t be … and that really doesn’t seem like it leaves us much of a zone to work with.

Unfortunately, while I have never really thought of Thousand Needles as a bustling hive of beasts to tame, it actually houses quite a lot of interesting options — most of which probably don’t breathe underwater so well. So there are some worries in this zone.

Most notable is the rare Silithid Ravager, the only tan silithid you’ll find outside of Ahn’Qiraj. But Thousand Needles also contains the only non-instance red scorpid, the Scorpid Reaver. And Vile Sting, of course — although you can now find silver scorpids in Silithus, at least.

This zone is also currently the easiest place to tame low-level white wind serpents, which from what I see in game are a very popular choice. At least there are other options for the white wind serpents, though — getting another tan silithid is a bit harder.

Speculation is Fun!

At this point, all we have is speculation. As we get closer to Cataclysm, I am sure we’ll learn more about what will be changing and in what ways.

I’ve only touched what we assume will be the most affected zones here. There are plenty of pets in other Kalimdor zones that we could conceivably lose. But I have a certain level of faith in Blizzard — they know that some of us are crazy about pets, even if they don’t really understand it. *grin* So if we get to beta and we find out that they’ve removed, say, Echeyakee … well, we can let them know that we don’t think that’s such a good idea.

Next time: the Eastern Kingdoms!

142 thoughts on “Pets in Peril – Kalimdor

  1. Ryai

    Naturae, you do realize that you contradict yourself? You complained about turtles, yet admit there are only 4 skins. And 3 of which are only available readily- one exclusively, to the crater. And ignoring the fact that like how everyone has been wanting something related to Pandaren [heard Pandaren monk codes sold out in the US..] those very same people have been wanting a devilsaur? Which is the reason one of my friends rolled a hunter? He I guess in the early months of the game thought they were tameable. Or he dreamed they one day would be. Or they inspired him to roll a hunter.

    And why would Devilsaur’s suddenly exist outside the crater?

    And there really aren’t that many. They all share the same spawn paths and points. And at any given time the skin you specifically want is most likely not going to be up. I had to search for an hour and a half almost to ‘find’ a white devilsaur once.

    And think about it. As said; the easiest to tame RED/BRONZE saur is in the crater. The only place to tame a white saur, is in the crater.

    Then there’s also the fact that; Devilsaur’s aren’t common on my server, SPARKLEPETS [no offense spirit beasts] are more common. Why? I’ve only seen a few other BM hunters who are end game and trying to make their specc work like I am. Others gave up and rolled MM/SV. The rest have BM to have SPARKLEPETS for show.

    Then ofc there’s the fact that not only are devilsaurs cool, they’re one of the ‘top three’ pets, since, Blizz has decided no, instead of making 5 top teir pets for normal hunters and 5 exotics for BM, they only really made Devilsaur’s viable.

    That and there’s also the fact of ‘Ravasaur trainer’ exists only in the crater.

  2. Palladiamors

    That’s because that’s the only place that really has them, Naturae. And we can’t tame them until sixty anyway. *Laughs* There is one easy to tame devil in Outlands, and one rare, one boss in Northrend. We’re a little short on taming spots for big and angries. But I do know what you’re saying. However exotics are just that, exotic. They don’t have a ton of skins, they don’t have a ton of spawn points. That is in comparison with non-exotics.

  3. Firewing

    @ Naturae

    Ehehehe. You have a grumpy frowny >:| face.

    Ahem. Anyway, I do confess I feel the same way about Auberdine, but only because the quest hubs and lay-out, I’ve found, are awful. DO NOT WANT. It’s too gray, as well. :p

    *back pedals* Don’t hate me! I merely hate the place! *hides from the shoes!*

    Now, I think Un’goro should also be left alone, because of the possibility of dimetradons and pteradaxxes. Two new possible pet families. BAM! Right there. However….know a place that can get blown to smithereens in my opinion? Silithus! I’ve never nuderstood the point of the place except for AQ. Honestly. (Okay, maybe not. AQ 20 and 40 are there.)

  4. Zinbolt

    I’m not saying it shoud go but how is Ungoro going to survive? I mean it’s the deapest point in the old world isn’t it? If any place was going to flood or explode with lava it would be there. I mean it’s so marchy the water level must be close to the survice.

    And Silithus should dofetlently go. The bugs are just too creepy

  5. Naturae

    Zin’s got a point, it’s the lowest point in the game! Also, I am not a grumpy frowny face! =[

    Fake Poll: Should we also seek the destruction (that was nearly given to us last expansion) of Orgrimmar. xD

  6. Ryai

    Because think about it.

    In Northrend, Arthas or rather his undead scourge minions for the most part, are unable to get into there. Why? The beacons- destroying one was the only way they were able to get in. And outside that, it seems not even Deathwing’s sundering of the world or anything short of the Titan’s wiping the slate clean effect, will affect Un’Goro or the Basin.

    Now ofc there are some forces as said that have circumvated[?] the guarding factors of the crater/basin, but, these have all been -unnatural-

    And don’t you all remember the quest? That has you loot a bit of flesh from a Threshadon? In the crater?

    How did a threshadon get there in the first place? How was 1k flooded enough for the flats to have to be connected to the ocean? For there to be a boat there?

    This all kinda hints that tanaris was flooded before; but something kept the water out.

    AKA the stone and crystal wards we all see.

  7. Gimlion

    NTM the GIANT freaking Plesiosaur skeletons in Tanaris… how in sam hell were those to get there unless Tanaris was once flooded… I just don’t quite get when this happened b/c if these two places (not 1k) were flooded and then ‘protected’ by the Titan Pillars… how were they part of the Ocean??? the titan’s were here well before the Great Sundering, which is when Kalimdor (the very original continent) broke up and a large part of the middle just got gobbled up by the Maelstrom… there was no ocean there, and nothing seems to state it was once flooded, no reports, no history, no nothing… So IMO these places were once a very, VERY large lake or small Sea bed and were drained into the Ocean when the Great Sundering took place.

  8. Ryai

    Gimlion I think those are actually dragon skeleontons[arg can never spell it] and stegodon bones. There’s several bones of dragons in 1k, tho the one I readily remember is close to Freewind post, in the direction of the salt flats.

    Tho now you have me questioning, there’s always been this OTHER Plesiosaur/pliosaur[?] remains, you know the ones I mean, not the Threshadon, the one that’s usually lacking the complete front half of the creature.

    Yet. We. Never. See. It.

  9. Firewing

    Soooo….lemme get this straight. In Sholozar, you have the nifty pillars, which creates kind of a giant no-bad-things allowed forcefield, which the Titans only put to protect their artifacts and good stuff….

    Un’goro is also supposedly rich in these artifacts, too…right? And so the North, East. and West pylons keep the place safe?

    As for how it happened….I think in lore it says the Titans made Azeroth, appointed the dragons as protectors, then said, “Bye! G’luck! You’re on your own now!” My guess is Tanaris was flooded, (Lake Tanaris!) and some of the water, dripped down into Crater, making it marshy and wet, but not to the point of a lake. Let’s say the Titans scattered lore and artifacts in numerous places, namely Basin and Crater, for their creations to one day find, admire, and worship or something to the extent. They created artifacts to protect their places to the point where nothing came happen unless all pylons/pillars and destroyed.

    Of course, this could all be redunant, I have no idea what I’m talking about, and am pulling stuff out of the air. :3

  10. Jessie

    Apparently my blockquote didn’t go through properly.

    “Hatchlings: Leaping, Darting, Razormaw, and Ravasaur Hatchlings no longer drop from their associated rare creatures. Instead, there are now rare nests that spawn which contain these hatchlings. For example, the Leaping Hatchling can now be found in Takk’s Nest rather than as a drop from Takk the Leaper.”

  11. Madison

    I think blizz needs to put something up on their website to say what pets will be added and wut pets while be destroed (sry don’t kno how to spell :p) I don’t want any pets to go away :( wut pets will my wearwolf hunter will get? Wut pets will other hunters get?

  12. Naturae

    Well there’s a dinosaur in Darkshore…complete opposite of 1k and Un’Goro and I don’t know why. Someone splain. It’s all dead and icky. Oh and why can’t we tame giant turtles?!

  13. Ryai

    Naturae: Do you mean the Threshadon corpses and the mysterious threshadon corpses? Those are in the waters and etc around darkshore and everywhere else. Or do you mean skull with the sword stabbed thru it? If you do that’s actually an Old God either dead or bound via that sword.

  14. Firewing

    Sooo…for the gryphons I got a neat idea. Basically, depending on whether you want a hippogryph, gryphon, or wyvern, you go to Feralas (A)/Stonetalon (H), Hinterlands/Hinterlands (A and H) and Stonetalon(A)/Barrens (H).You do a few quests to get an egg….which you have for two, three days like Oracle one. When it hatchs, you do dailies to feed it, yes…but we can also incorparate some kind of emotes to teach it skills. Example: /growl Firewing growls menacingly at Gryphon Hatchling. Gryphon Hatchling casts growls. And you teach it spells like that. Eventually, after a few weeks, you have your adult gryphon/hippogryph/wyvern.

    Abilities: Gryphon: Gouge
    Hippogryph: Toss
    Wyvern: Tail Jab

    So, like the hunter bow quests, you work for it. It’s just random, incoherent parts, but I do like using emotes to teach it.

  15. Farseer Lolotea

    @ Ryai:  Yes, I am fully aware of the deal with the sprite darters.  Again, disagreement does not equal incomprehension.  So stop asking me if I “get it.”  It just makes you sound condescending.

  16. Ryai

    Damn I had forgotten all about this argument. Had to actually scroll up.

    I wasn’t trying to be condescending. I was just trying to explain why the sprite darters should be BoP and should remain BoP; as unlike other pets they are the only one I have seen that do NOT get farmed. And the only reason is because of the BoP.

  17. keltarking

    I dont know if someone said this already, and I’m feeling too lazy to read all the posts, but Echeyakee is a Horde quest summon. Just felt like I should clarify.

  18. Firewing


    Yup, though with all the new quests they’re likely adding, we could see Echeyakee gone…Or even a skelly version of him! Anyway, I think there’s just no possible way to predict what’ll go on, after all, I know Blizzard blew multiple people’s mind with the intro of Cata. Least, did for me.

  19. Aya

    Personally I am gonna be worried not about rares but rather normal mobs around the world. Look at Frostsaber Stalkers, I knew many hunters logging in very unhappy that their white cats developed stripes. And Silvermane stalkers that used to be gray wolves and are now black. Although I didn’t know anyone who had those tamed when the switch happened.

    Me personally, have had my Ghostpaw Alpha for years and years and I would hate to see them changed from the xpac.

    Oh and on a side note, I copied a low level hunter that had a thistle boar from Teldrassil to the PTR, it is no longer the “blonde” boar that it was.

  20. BunBun2

    remember Scarlet Monastery?
    if the rightmost wing is destroyed no more hyenaskinred A.K.A Scarlet Tracking Hound.
    unless a Scarlet Hound or two escape.
    (Scarlet Hounds come from Western Plaguelands)

  21. Firewing

    My guess is there will be a trade off. We’re going to lose some skins, or some easily accessible ones, but we ARE however, going to get some many new, cooler ones. If you ask me, if you like a skin, tame it. If you can’t….make room. And if you can’t do that…there’s always screenies?

    And, they might make more corehounds.

    Think. Lava + Destruction = Corehounds! *cackles!*

  22. Ryai

    Change Core Hound Lava breath from a caster slow to something more useful and they’d work fine for Tenacity OR Ferocity imo. As caster slows don’t work on bosses do they? And even if they do what if you’re fighting a MELEE boss urg.

    Like maybe a debuff- it causes the target to take xx% additional fire damage. Or Armor is reduced xx% or something. Or maybe a DoT that increases fire damage taken.

    I mean come on then we would be buffing Warlocks/Mages/Shaman/SV hunters[?] and actually be BENIFICIAL to party/raid! OMG. .-.

    If Scarlet Monestary is actually being changed or something, this would explain why the hounds in WPL are becoming tameable, as no doubt the scarlets would -still- be there, urg. Arthas couldn’t kill them, zombies couldn’t kill them, I doubt Deathwing’s rageface fit is gonna off them either.

  23. Ryai

    I’ve been thinking a bit more since I posted about the core hound’s lava breath. Why not make all pet attacks benificial like that? Or like what they did with Rhino’s… … stampede.

    Like say, Wind Serpents could increase, for a short time, the amount of nature damage taken by the target. Like for 5-8 seconds, can’t occur more than once every 15-45 seconds. Netherays: theirs causes volnurability to shadow damage for the same amount. And Sithilid/scorpid/serpents/sporebats cause the same for poisons, or possibly bleed effects?

    Maybe Monstrous Bite could also work as a sort of Armor Debuff/Attack debuff of sorts. Not as strong as the pets with a pure debuff for that, but mean, the Devilsaur is growing to imense sizes and whatnot. It should strike some terror or do something a bit demoralizing or damaging to the ‘opponents armor’.

    This could actually possibly even improve Spirit Beasts, if their Spirit Strike could INCREASE arcane damage taken too.

  24. Vëlvët

    So this is my first time making any comments- It’s no longer worth trying to tame Humar anyways – They took away his elite status as a pet now. I saw another hunter running around with Gondria and moused over just to check him out better. No elite status. I ran to the stable master pulled out my Ashes (Humar) and again no elite status. So they’re changing that also. What’s the point in keeping an elite rare skin if it doesn’t get to keep the elite status (don’t mind dps being normal) but part of the reason we wait so patiently for Humar is his status.

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