PTR 3.3: Arcturis the New Spirit Beast

Arcturis the Spirit BearThanks to safrienaer, we now have a lot more information on the ‘spectral bear‘ — the potential new Spirit Beast that showed up in the Patch 3.3 data files a few builds back.

His name is Arcturius. He is, indeed, a Spirit Beast — complete with all the Spirit Beast skill, including Prowl. Like other Spirit Beasts, he is a non-aggressive rare elite. Unlike them, he’s only level 74.

Hunter safrienaer tamed him in Grizzly Hills just north of Amberpine Lodge — you can find a map and more pictures on the forum post. safrienaer also notes that:

As of now he doesn’t have any special sound effects – he sounds just like any other bear.

But we probably have many builds left before Patch 3.3 is ready for prime time, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up with unique sounds and possibly some more glowy effects as well.

We’ll have to keep a careful eye on this bear!

[edit] More great pics from nobbie at just follow the Gallery link at the bottom of the Arcturis post and scroll down.

[edit] And because I think it’s very cool, I’m reposting info that Jangalian dug up:

Side note – thought his name looked hella familiar, so I put it into Wiki. Here’s the first answer it gave me…

Arcturus (α Boo / α Boötis / Alpha Boötis) is the brightest star in the constellation Boötes. With a visual magnitude of −0.05, it is also the third brightest star in the night sky, after Sirius and Canopus. It is, however, fainter than the combined light of the two main components of Alpha Centauri, which are too close together for the eye to resolve as separate sources of light, making Arcturus appear to be the fourth brightest. It is the second brightest star visible from northern latitudes and the brightest star in the northern celestial hemisphere. The star is in the Local Interstellar Cloud.

An easy way to find Arcturus is to follow the arc of the handle of the Plough. By continuing in this path, one can find Spica (α Virginis) as well—hence the maxim, “Arc to Arcturus, then speed on to Spica.”

Other uses include the following –

  • Arcturus, a star known for its brightness.
  • Arcturus in works of fiction, for fictional references to the star
  • Arcturus (planet)
  • Arcturus (band), an avant-garde Norwegian metal band.
  • Arcturus (steamship), a passenger ship of the Finland Steamship Company.
  • Arcturus, Zimbabwe, a village in the province of Mashonaland East, Zimbabwe.
  • Arcturus Mengsk, the leader of the Sons of Korhal and later Emperor of the Terran Dominion in the StarCraft computer game series.
  • Project Arcturus, a failed Ancient power-source project in the Stargate Atlantis television series.
  • Arcturus Group, a consultancy based in Brussels

=) Just FYI. And yeah, I know wiki changed the name, but there were no results for the original spelling. That’s the closest I could get.

291 thoughts on “PTR 3.3: Arcturis the New Spirit Beast

  1. Palladiamors

    It ISN’T hard! It isn’t! At all! Not hard! I’d be happy if more people were mediocre to fairly good, but you don’t see it! Ever!

  2. Shinryu Masaki

    Oh yeah, I totally forgot his PvP bashing! XD

    Ah well, was worth a good lauugh. Damn I love you guys, and girls, and whatever else you people are!

  3. Palladiamors

    Rilgon absolutely hates PvP, and thinks its the stupidest thing in the world, and that it has ruined his PvE. It’s really more the balancing act between Arena, BGs, and PvE with an especially energetic nod to area, but that’s just the way I see it. I still say separate the rule sets for each of them. They have already started, what with not being able to use 15/10 minute cooldowns there, so why not just go whole hog and alter other abilities for it? Focus more on just balancing two aspects of the game, instead of three.

    *scratches his chin* Not that it matters to much, I think. If the stats are right, then only about 4% of the overall WoW community seriously arena, and many of the changes lately make me think they are trying to move away from there, and starting to make preparations for rated BGs.

    I am glad we have a nice little community here! Cheers Mania, and thanks again!

  4. Ryai

    I think I have a friend, well a friend of a friend of a friend- that plays arena.

    Tho have to agree slightly, that Arena and BG breaks pve, and pve breaks BG and Arena. Like say with the paladin LoH move; yes in pvp it is to op, far to op, I know cause I’ve done the exact same thing as the paladins they’ve described, to an extent.

    But then it was still nerfed in pve to compensate for pvp instead of just nerfing it for pvp.

    Tho guess granted, that perhaps it was a bit to strong in pve but yeah :c

  5. Jangalian

    I’m running with this bear in pug’s and I’m telling you, he’s spectacular. F#$%ing TAME him. I’m going to toss either Loque or Gondria right out the door for Arcturis. Pffffffffffft spirit cats. I’m a dwarf, I like bears. He’s like the long lost spirit of my first bear, a black bear named Blackberry. Maybe I’ll pitch both cats, because I will never ever use them again.

    I took sum purdy pictures, I will show y’all when I gets home. =B

  6. MasterBeast1011

    Got this guy on the PTR a few hours ago,he is so awsome.found him at same place as
    Safrinaer.I also got a video of it.Search for Arcturis on YouTube and u will find it.

  7. neutrallo

    The truly funny thing about the BM-basher above is that he states that BM is poor for PvP “isn’t worth a hoot” was the quote.

    Anyway, the entire reason for the recent change to Bestial Wrath was because with it, BM was in fact a bit overpowered. Particularly for the Arena. Which demonstrates his knowledge of the topic.

    The vast majority of non-BM battleground hunters can be smoked by setting your pet on them and running right at them. I do it all the time… you would be amazed how effective it is.

  8. Mitsuhide

    @Neutrallo- it may have been overpowered ONLY for the arena, but that’s no reason to nerf it the way they did, especially without giving us something to compensate.

    Notice how no one gave a damn about BW until the most popular cookie-cutter arena team combo was defeated by another team that happened to have a BM BW-using Hunter? Then the ones who were beaten screamed and cried and whined about it until Blizzard said “Fine, we’ll nerf BW, sorry about that”. For nearly 5 years it was fine the way it was.

  9. Palladiamors

    Mitsuhide is correct, it worked for the beast cleave team to help make people immune to the insane amounts of CC that RMP could put out. And that eight second nerf seriously hurt BM PvP.

    BM is okay in PvP. I won’t lie and say it is amazing, but I also won’t lie and say it is crap. In flat out standing fire fights we’re the worst, but in moving fights, for when people get through a SV’s traps or scattershot or what have you, the BM has the advantage since so much of our damage comes from a separate source that doesn’t have to run away screaming bloody murder whenever a melee ((Or friggin’ frost mage….)) comes charging at them.

    Part of the problem as I see it is that hunters in general are the only class that really has to master a second playstyle for PvP. Other classes use slightly different skills ((Or no different skills, class depending)) from PvE to PvP, but in order to be good at PvP, you have to learn to kite. Which actually brings up another thing in my mind…..Blizzard has been fairly consistently giving melee classes anti-kiting tools, or in the Paladins case enough burst to seriously wound or drop a hunter within the time span of a six second stun.

    I don’t think the beast cleave team was overpowered. The team composition was made up specifically to counter the most popular team composition in the arena, the RMP. Now here is where I get annoyed. Instead of looking at the popularity of the RMP team, and saying “Oh, hey, you know this comp might be a bit to strong, we should nerf it some.” they said “HOLY !@#$! Someone beat RMP! OVERPOWERED! NERF!” ……my brain still hurt’s thinking about this. BUT at least they got a small nerf in the form of Will of the Forsaken.

  10. Rikaku

    His fading effect is reason #2 why I won’t tame him. Didn’t like the effect on Gondria, don’t care for it here. But that’s me XD

    about pvp:
    I hate arena all together. Let’s remove it XD

  11. Jangalian

    …don’t know why the first one won’t give you a direct link…copy/paste! It’s a great shot! Sorry for the hassle! =D

  12. Palladiamors

    Oh Rikaku, you know my feelings on the arena. It was a potentially good idea that ended up being all about class imbalances. They could save it, but they won’t.

  13. Ryai

    Tbh I die just as much now with the TBW change as I did before. Even to a PRIEST X_x and it’s not like I don’t know what I’m doing or that I’m unprepared as sometimes it’s me doing the jumping, but it seems to me not to depend even on the fact I’m in several pieces of pvp gear, even BEFORE Ulduar OR TotC/ToC I was getting my face melted.


    Tbh what I feel like is really just a omg nerf as Palla says, is the fact that Shaman can summon two wolves for ALMOST a full minute and it has a two minute cd basically- if you ignore the minute or so while the wolves are up.

    That’s roughly three times as long, per minute, than TBW :/

    Bloody Arena.

  14. Palladiamors

    As my enhancement shaman, I can beat just about anybody with my spirit wolves. I loves them dearly, and they is nasty. Not to mention FROST SHOCK!!!! *Coughs* Sorry. But yea, my enhancement shaman is a force to be reckoned with, though from what I am hearing a lot of people think they are crap. *frowns* No idea why.

    My hunter is sporting an almighty 300 resilience dear Ryai. I hate the stat with a passion unheard of under the sun, and always have. I think it is the most ignorant way to separate PvE gear from PvP gear. The way I see it, if I am willing to vest hundreds of hours into a game in order to get PvP gear, then I damn well should be able to use it and have it perform admirably in PvE. And especially vice versa.

    And actually, shadow priests in PvP are nasty. Ew nasty. I don’t have a huge deal with them on me hunter, but most of my melee classes go through hell.

    *takes a deep breath* You’ll notice the change the more you get CC’d, Ryai. I spent a lot of my time slowed in one way form or fashion, and the immunity that eight seconds granted me was a god send.

    Here is my best piece of advice for a BG, Ryai. Find some one else, and stay behind them. At all times. In fact, find two or three, or five other people. This may sound weird or what have you, but your place is in the middle of a lot of other people, where you can plink away without having to worry to much about using your defensive skills. If some one DOES target you, then you are usually set, since the people around you will all focus fire on the person who just ran into the middle of them. Usually.

  15. Rikaku

    Enhancement shaman are crap? It’s funny to hear that cause I’m actually leveling one at the moment. But i’ll tell you what do rule in PvP.


    ******* rogues.

    I hate them, those stabby mofos >=/

  16. Ryai

    Yeah I know Palla, and it’s what I try and do, but you see, unfortunately, alot of horde players that I unfortunately run into for pvp, run off the moment there’s danger, or they ignore the fact you yourself are getting killed and need help.

    I mean yeah sometimes I get into a battleground and it’s perfect, I get protected and I’m able to pewpew…

    But then all a sudden I realize I’ve been left. Alone. As stall bait and all I can do is whimper as like two rogues and a DK descend upon me.

    Cause yeah most of my pvp experience lately, has been me, myself and I. Dx

  17. Ryai

    And ench shammies crap? Who the hell is saying this? I’ve had to 1v1 an ench shammy once, and even tho it was lower levels, we were respectively geared the same AND IT WAS TOUGH. I ALMOST had killed him before he killed me.

    I was able to relish the sight of a DK coming and one shotting him with icey touch or blood boil, forget which, as I died.

  18. Rask

    Oh yeah I’m not finished by a long shot. Yeah you’re absolutely correct that in a head to head, same gear type of thing, you can try to send your exotic beast at another hunter of a sv or mm spec and THINK that the exotic is going to make a difference, but a good hunter knows real well and fast how to deal with that and the lack of the bm dps, is what will get the bm hunter killed quick.

    I see BM hunters carried in instances all the time. I suspect that is the case most of the time, especially in the early stages of level 80.

    Our guild has only 3 bm hunters and yes, we carry them every time, simply because they aren’t and have yet to prove to be able to do the dps needed for the particular instance. A for instance of this was (and it had to be difficult for them just to get to 80 I’m sure) was that we had a girl who leveled in bm, she even got the spirit beast because we helped her get it, Anyway she turned 80 and of course wanted to start heroics! So we put a grp together and took her into h-vh. To make it short, her dps never hit above 400 over all (around 384 was the actual read using recount) and at best, she only could crit at times to about 500. Oh yeah we carried her and she got a few pieces of gear and she continues to be a low dps person on the totem pole even though we’ve tried to help her by enchants, reading everywhere we can find good info for the bm hunter and have her implement that into her toon via said gear and enchants, and yeah we still carry her because we like her. So my claims are valid going by the experiences I have witnessed. And I don’t care if I’m in a group of people who thing they are friends and who don’t’ care for any other spec. or someone actually telling the a truth about that spec. Hell Hitler had all kinds of so called friends too that would back him, but the smart ones knew and still know, that t hey were wrong for the way they were doing.

    The dps is what matters in heroics. Not enough there, then it’ll be a wipe for sure.

    All this new exotic is, is just another commercial/ advertisement for Blizzard. Looks cool and might get a few more folks going to the BM tree of which they claimed, not more than 5 months ago, that they were trying to get people away from. But hey, there will always be people that will carry the bm hunter so it’s all good. After all, if nothing else, those pets sure look cool.

    Now certainly a 5 k 2600-2800 geared bm hunter can go into a naxx where it only really takes a 1900 gear rating and get their 5k dps there. But I want to see a bm hunter do 5 k in a Ulduar 25 with just a 2500 gear score. Just haven’t seen it yet. So while I see claims of 5k dps from a bm hunter, it is for myself and every other person in my guild that heard this claim from here, nothing more than that, a claim. None of us have seen a bm hunter do that yet. And we are all now looking close for one. We are hard at finishing Ulduar and we do pug people into it with us where and when we can. We’ll be specifically, from time to time, looking for that elusive 5k bm hunter.

  19. Rask

    One more thing. All this has caused me to go ahead and look at your talents on the wow site Rikaku and I have copied them exactly to my now duel speced mm and now bm hunter. I’ll be going after the exotic as soon as I make sure my gear is as yours and then I’m pluggin it into every dps meter I can get my habds on to see if I can get my bm hunter to do 5 to 5,5k dps. I have my doubts but hey! I’ll give it a go. Figure I’m as good a player as anyone else is with the hunter since they are my favorite toon. We’ll see.

  20. Palladiamors

    Rikaku, my experience with rogues depends almost solely on two factors now: BW and damage dealt. If BW is off cooldown and I get jumped, I now have a pretty good chance, UNLESS they are criticalling me for stupidly large amounts of damage. Unfortunately I don’t have much of a chance to kill the really good rogues, since the second they realize I am capable of fighting back they cloak of skill and then vanish.

  21. Palladiamors

    I agree with you, Akyo. I had a lot more fun at 70, when people didn’t die so fast. Then again back then I noticed a much larger gap in hit points and in even the more basic match ups, where as now if I think fast enough I feel like I have a better chance then I did at 3.0 time back at 70.

  22. Ryai

    Palla: And back then there were no warriors with like 40-50k hp zerging you and oneshoting/twoshoting you.

    Oh my god Dx

    And it was so much more fun back then. I remember imp wing clip. I was able to spam it AND RUN AWAY. I was able to actually do stuff! Since I was bad at kiting back then and still am. I have trouble pulling off the jump-spin-shoot deal as not always do I hit concussive shot, or sometimes I spin to much…

    Tho kiting seems a bit pointless anyways with all the cc/snares/grabs/etc that can be pulled on you.

    Admitedly tho, it is funny when a Ebayed DK tries to cc you while you’re big and red.

    God why can’t Blizz just balance PVP or something.

    I mean it’s horrible.

  23. Palladiamors

    Nah, back then you’d see a warrior with 30,000 hit points and just fall over dead before he could even touch you. *Laughs* But it was rare then. As far as the jump spin shot thing goes, I don’t do that. Yes, it’s a very neat trick and it does add an edge, but you don’t really need it for kiting. The trick is to never run backwards. Diagonals are your friend. *Laughs* The basic idea is to literally run circles around whoever is chasing you. One fun thing I love to do to keep melee guessing is to run at them when they approach, wing clip and move behind them, and THEN disengage as they turn.

    PvP? Balanced? What is this vanilla? *Laughs* Blizzard stopped trying to balance things years ago, my friend. The original idea was that any class would have a fighting chance against any other class in PvP. But with the advent of arena, that changed. “We are no longer balancing for 1v1!” they said. “Group PvP!” they cried. Yea, whatever. Sounds to me like they want the class imbalance to remain.

    Oh and Ryai? Don’t feed the trolls, darlin’.

  24. Ryai

    I know but it incites the rage, the stupidity, it’s just, rage inducing Dx

    And I’m not that good, I don’t use the mouse to move around and the keyboard. I run with keyboard and use mouse to click everything. I have tried to move past it but yeah due to that and slight slow reflexes, I kinda just stand there going WHERE DID MY TBW GO- oh there- u r ded.

    And joy Arena broke the game :v

    Ok to be fair it’s not that I want everything easier or really balanced, but mean, with 400ish or more resil that I have with my pvp gear, I should be able to do something. But it doesn’t work. And it doesn’t work even when I have that on and have nearly 30k

    Nothing. Works. Auurg.

    I last longer on my warlock when I’ve got my blue blob out. Mean seriously Warlock bubble is over powered- bad as priest shield tbh.

    Atleast pvp is fun at lower levels still- especially with twinks being punted for the most part.

  25. Palladiamors

    100% correct, sadly. But at least back in the day they made an effort at balance. Now days if it doesn’t have a huge impact in either arena or end game raid PvE they don’t give a crap.

  26. Rask

    I’ve decided that I’m not going to read the aftermath of my last post of the haters here. I’ll just place my findings and final assessment.

    I went ahead and have done what I said I’d do. I went and speced Beast Mastery and broke out my level 80 devilsaur. I did not change one piece of my gear that I use in MM, except I did put glyphs into the glyph slot of my BM spec. My gear rating going by is 2116. I used recount as the main dps tool addon and made certain it was put on overall setting and not current setting. I don’t’ use the current setting, simply because it only gives you the particular dps on a single fight, be it 1 npc or 5. While the pet and my toon may crit hard on one npc, the next one, they may not crit as much or maybe not at all and so on. So overall data is the best judgment of dps. The overall gives your average over a whole instance. I tried a few other addons too and while another person may like one of them, I found that recount was closer to a more better judgment, based upon some of the incredibly ridicules numbers I saw out of the others.

    I then did a lil math too. but I wont’ bore anyone with it right now. Suffice it so say… that each instance has a min dps level that everyone should be doing, or at least and overall average of it. Each boss has a time limit to burn em down and if you don’t’ get em down in that particular time, then they will enrage and you can then start your trek back from the graveyard.

    Anyway on with this.

    I can go into great detail into the numbers and the this and thats. But in the end, it doesn’t matter. What I have said here is the truth . Well for myself it’s the truth. I lost a total of over 1800dps going into BM. IE: I went from doing right at 3kdps (oh yeah, when everything pops right, I can crit hard up into the 4ks) down to between 1143 to 1200 dps. This is a substantial loss of dps. So again I’d have to see, with my own eyes, a BM hunter doing anywhere near 5k dps using the tools I have, in the way I have, in order to judge it. At present, going from my experiences, it’s a fallacy. Simply because in two years of playing, I’ve sure not seen it done from a BM hunter and I sure can’t get there atm.

    Considering my hunter is a lvl 450 leather worker, I always add my own buff to the raid or instance group using the new “Drums of Forgotten Kings” Which gives all party members an increase of all their stats by 8% for 30 min or I’ll use, “Drums of the wild”, which gives all party and raid members, increasing armor by 750, all attributes by 37 and all resistances by 54 for 1 hour. I always (since I’m also a level 450 cook) put out “fish feast” for everyone which gives the raid members “Restores 22500 health and 19200 mana over 30 sec. If you spend at least 10 seconds eating you will become well fed and gain 80 Attack Power, 46 Spell Power and 40 Stamina for 1 hour.” I place all this text here to cover my point in the end.

    Now as far as I can tell, the beast mastery tree does give a few buffs to raid members. Things like: “Ferocious Inspiration” and a couple of others which I put points into. But in the end, loosing that much dps and considering what else I do bring to an instance in the way of buffs, through the above, for me at least, it’s not worth it.

    Now even if no one cares why I think it’s not worth it, I’ll tell you anyway. For myself, the fun in the game is two fold at level 80. One is to be able to do the best dps that my gear and knowledge of a particular toon will allow; and in doing so, NO ONE has to carry me and my lack of dps or whatever. Hence, if I know an instance requires everyone to do at least 550dps, I’ll do everything I can, to make sure, that if I am dps, I’ll be doing that, if not more. And the other is (and this goes along with doing the right amount of dps);is to be a help to the raid or instance members and not a hindrance if at all possible. So If I go into an instance and I can’t bring the right amount of dps and knowledge and what I can for buffs, then I personally feel that I have failed those people. IE: You’re only as strong as your weakest link and personally, I don’t want to be that weak link. I’d rather have everyone doing what is needed. This holds true of a group of people no matter what that grps objective is. You for instance sure don’t want someone in your grp in a real war battle that can’t do their job. While in game, it’s no big deal to some people to run from a grave yard! In real life however, you don’t get that second chance. So for me at least, it’s a crossover between the two. I am the same in game as I am in reality. IE: I won’t get my brothers killed if I can at all help it and I’ll be everything I possibly can be. Having said this, I can’t, if in game, I were a healer, keep healing someone who won’t get out of the ozz or is having computer issues or what not. But I will try, until the tank starts to get the worse of it, then you my friend, are going to die, That tank is the only thing keeping us going and I’m not going to let them die. You can whine and cry about it till the cows bloat up and start stinking and I won’t care one bit.

    Like it or not, The BM Hunter has proven thus far to be a potential weak link. In my in game experience, this is the truth and is why I was greatly appreciative of Blizzard for giving everyone the option at level 40 to duel spec. This way the BM hunter can have his play fun/leveling spec with all the pretty pets and look cool with em and the MM hunter can bring hard dps to the table, while those that like pvp more, can duel spec also into Surv, or simply have two specs being a hybrid. That was a good thing for hunters.

    My statements have been made. I stand by them and am convinced right now that while yes, the fancy pets are neat and cool looking, it’s just not worth being a BM hunter for me in raids and instances. I am however having fun sitting down watching my Devilsaur do all the killing when I do my dailies, but NO WAY will I use my BM spec and my pet in any raid or instance right now.

    As far as I’m concerned and I’ll repeat it until it changes. Blizzard has a long way to go in making each tree balance out nice. Maybe they don’t want each spec tree balanced, but if it were, then at least in end game there wouldn’t be such a large separation. I certainly do not expect to go into wintergrasp for instance in nothing but raid gear and mm spec and think I’m going to do a whole lot of great pvping. On that same note (and I do have two 80 hunters btw), I don’t’ expect to go into a raid or instance in full arena/ pvp gear and do as well as a same gear rated raid geared toon. The point is, that each hunter tree has it’s place. I think that is what Blizzard may have strived for and in that, I think they hit the mark. But this new pet is just one other one that people can sit and wait for months, days, weeks or hours to try to get. Atm I’m hovering over Storm Peaks trying to wait out for Skoll and have been for 3 days till the weee hours of every morning. And yes, I’ve searched the web for spawn locations and yet no sign of him. I suppose it’ll take me months to run across him and hope some jerk didn’t kill him before I can try to tame him. But there is a point in this too. It’s damn hard to have the patience it takes to get the exotics and still, even if I or you get one or even all of them, they still aren’t going to make up much difference for what is needed out of hunters dps wise in instances and raids, But you will get gloating privileges for waiting and having em. Maybe for you the individual, this is all the fun you care for… to be able to brag and gloat.

    It’s not for me.

  27. Gimlion

    Trying to reach great dps as a spec you don’t enjoy will never, NEVER ever ever ever happen…. Plain and simple, if you don’t like it you won’t try as hard or be nerd-raged the entire time and not pay attention. Also, did you look up how to properly time and play the BM spec? Also, just to point this out, 5k is well attainable from a BM spec if your great. Now granted I can’t even reach that much, but the highest numbers possible for a BM currently are around 9.5-9.7k with MM at 10.5k and SV at 10.3k… and yes, I DID look it up, although I’m kinda ashamed I went to Elitist Jerks for it… But my point is at the absolute best you can get, BM is only about 600-1000 away from the others, which, if your putting out that much anyways, added with some of the little bonuses BM gives, isn’t terrible.

  28. Palladiamors

    We’re up to eight hundred behind? Ouch, I didn’t think it had gotten that bad. But of course it’s okay with Blizzard for the moment. *sighs*

  29. Gimlion

    Yeah, but again that’s at the extreme top end of raiding… It’s more evened/balanced out in mid ranks, but still not as balanced as it should be.

  30. neutrallo

    Assuming the EJ numbers are correct…. The 1000 dps loss in a 25 man raid is MORE than made up by the nearly-constant 3% raid-wide buff to damage that a BM supplies. In fact, it likely means that a BM hunter is overall more valuable than the other specs, they just don’t shine as pretty.

    The value of this will decrease in a 10 man, and then further in a 5 man however.

    BM pets are also invaluable in high-movement, but pet friendly fights.

  31. Mania Post author

    PLEASE NOTE: I have deleted some comments on this post. Disagreeing with someone is fine – using personal slurs is not.

    I apologize to anyone reading if this makes the thread hard to follow.

    I am also locking down comments on this thread for good. When we have more information on Arcturis, I’ll put up a new post.

    In the meantime, I suggest you use the Arcania forums for general discussion.

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