PTR 3.3: Northshire Wolves Getting Sick

Aisna and her Diseased Young WolfRanshiin, in a post on the Arcania forums, brought an interesting thread on the MMO Champion forums to our attention: the wolves in Northshire Valley — the little walled human starter area in Elwynn Forest — are becoming diseased!

As you can see from this shot of Aisna with her new diseased wolf, these guys do indeed use the diseased wolf skin — which was previously unavailable before level 47, in Felwood.

The Diseased Young Wolf replaces the existing Young Wolf. Like the Young Wolf, the Diseased Young Wolf is a non-aggressive, level 1 beast that seems to hang out mostly inside Northshire Valley (the human starter area) in Elwynn Forest. (I also found a few behind the cat lady’s house just outside the Northshire walls.)

A bit further back in Northshire Valley you can find a level 2 Diseased Timber Wolf, which replaces the Timber Wolf. Same skin, same non-aggression, one level higher.

Both of these new diseased wolves can be tamed. They are also involved in a quest: Eagan Peltskinner, who on the live realms right now asks you to kill Young Wolves and Timber Wolves for their meat, now bemoans the growing sickness in the neraby wolves and asks you to bring him diseased wolf pelts instead.

(But no worries about the previous wolf skin: you can still tame non-diseased Mangy Wolves just outside Northshire, or the Gray Forest Wolves a bit past Goldshire for that look.)

So the question for me is: what’s the goal here? Is this part of the set-up for a pre-Cataclysm event? Setup for Cataclysm itself? Blizzard moving the diseased wolves elsewhere because they’re going to be eliminated from Felwood? Or just a developer who really wanted a diseased wolf at level 10?

[Aside: While I was checking out the Diseased Young Wolf, I noticed that the PTR also features a slick new tutorial system with better text and pictures, plus flashing UI elements to help new players figure out what's going on. I probably just missed this before, but I quite liked it. In addition, the stupid Defias inside Northshire Valley itself are *finally* non-aggro. Man, I hated those thugs before!]

Addendum: I took a trip around Durotar, Mulgore, and Tirisfal but I didn’t seen anything else new in the way of beasts. Two things of interest:

  1. All the enemies in the protected 1-5 areas are now non-aggressive.
  2. I couldn’t find any abomination guards in Undercity. Instead all I found were Kor’kron guards.

76 thoughts on “PTR 3.3: Northshire Wolves Getting Sick

  1. akyo

    i find it nice to see some models/skins that are normaly locked to one or two areas move to more places so they dont disapear when cat comes. but it still leaves ALOT of beasties in the worry zone. if Ashenvale gets turned around and sfk gets changed what will happend to the pure white wolves? what about our dear barrens kittys Echey, Humar and dishu? takk, snort and the rest?
    and what about the ever so fameous ghost sabre, cluckmother, snarler and so on.
    im sure they will add a few new skins and models and most likely try and keep all the good old know petsies. But some might disapear for good for what we know atm.

  2. Palladiamors

    I actually have to agree with ihlos now that I’ve read the comment, Firewing. I LOVE Auberdine. And doesn’t it seem to anyone else like it’s mainly alliance places that are being destroyed? Auberdine, Ashenvale, Southshore……..

  3. Palladiamors

    As my double, Rikaku! I dunno if the sprite Rikaku would be as sexy as a human or the furball form. *Laughs* Then again, it might be better….*Ponders* *Laughs*

    But on a side note,((More of a side note?)) why would you EVER play as a worgen and not be in worgen form, RP purposes aside?

  4. Ryai

    Palla: Grom’gol is going to suffer too, in one prevew the zep towers are skewered or whatever the word is, squwed? .. ye I fail, anyways, then there’s also Durotar getting revamped and Barrens and if the oasis are being nearly sundered into the lava being made to spew forth well BAI XR. WAS NICE GETTING DEFENSE SPAM OF UR RAIDS. NOT.

    Horde and Ally are suffering :p

    And Rikaku: I know I just read up on him on wowwiki D| no offense or anything meant. And while you and wow-ki do bring up good points, I’m trying to hope it’s NOT Noz, because look we’ve killed Malygos, why? He was insane.

    AND THERE’S NO REPLACEMENT ATM so technically magic is like screwed D:

    Or the blues are.

    Deathwing; insane. And who’s going to replace him? Somehow I doubt -any- black dragon is going to be seen as trustworthy..

    If Noz IS the ‘master’ then that possibly means we will have to face him next, OR after Ysra.

    Or whatever her name is.

    The one that luffs her lil droods. The green one. Because it does hint that she is falling into the grasp of the nightmare.

    So we have; insane, insane, [unknown], [insane]

    So yeah it’s why I’m hoping, it’s not Noz. And besides, he could be containing the battle at the shrine for a purpose and it might not be of evil consent, what if he’s preventing any real death or take over at the bronze shrine. Because afaik it’s the same battle. Over and over and over.. the infinite flight could be trying to get to Noz, not the other way around.

    That and the belf and dranei kid then do kinda fit together- AND she doesn’t have to affect the aspects by herself; looking thru some other lore it seems [mortals] and [dragonkin] have hooked up to create [new dragonkin], IE Chromatics, Twilight drakes. And if the infinite flight are bronze dragons in the future. Well.

    That and it’d be a change from insanity runs with bosses.

  5. Rikaku

    I know right?

    Plus I’m so used to my NE it’s like…damn…
    On the other hand though, I’d get an updated model that has more then 5 polygons! MWAHAHA VICTORY!

    And I would never play Worgen in human form, that’d be stupid O_o But yanno, I might try Worgen Rogue too. Have you seen those bad boys in Prowl? Sweet bacon of heaven!!

    No offense was taken at all, no worries XD

    I wouldn’t worry too much over Nozzy right now. Most likely Ysera is the next dragon we take on (if we do take one on) after the Black Dragonflight. I’m assuming she won’t be part of a major scene until the Emerald Dream. If she does come in, I really think she will make it out of the madness.

    As for the blue flight…I’m hoping that new dragon Kalecgos takes over perhaps as the new Aspect? I mean, yeah he doesn’t have the blues’ powers embued from the Titan’s; but perhaps he’ll step in and keep watch over the magic.

    I kinda don’t wanna kill Deathwing though.
    He’s the baddest mofo in all of Warcraft imo… D= I’ll be sad to see him go.

  6. Palladiamors

    But Rikaku, what if they update night elf models? Make them more prettier? Bouncier?

    Though I do have to agree with you on the rogue thing….I may race change my human rogue over to one if I like them well enough….*Coughs*

    As far as killing baddies goes, meh……right now Blizzard is working on offing Arthas, who is arguably the most well known of the Warcraft villains. I’ma thinking that with both TBC and Wrath they wanted to use well known bad guys, something that people who aren’t huge lore buffs would know or be able to recognize.

    *Scratches his chin* Then again, who am I foolin’? Your average WoW player doesn’t care if they are killing Arthas or Hogger, so long as they are getting loot for it. While Blizzard is still around to toss out generic bad guy #56431897, there’ll be people around who want to kill him just because of his phat lewt.

    I am banking on Emerald Dream for the next expansion after Cataclysm, personally. Beyond that we may see more of the infinite dragonflight, and do some more time traveling. Who knows? I’ll have probably quit for good by then. *Laughs*

    Oh, and an actual related note……anyone else notice that for a major patch, there aren’t a ton of class changes in 3.3? Normally we get a good chunk of notes shifting things around, but this time feels barren. Which annoys me to no end, since it’s what, four major patches and almost a year after our promised melee range changes….*Rolls his eyes* Yea, I’m just gonna drop and forget that one now.

  7. Gimlion

    TBH i think there should be something about the Maelstrom/Well Of Eternity after Emerald Dream, with the eventual death of Azshara

  8. Firewing

    Off topic, but anyone else have a broken Bloodthirsty? My poor raptor is supposedly thirsty for blood….for 20 days. Functioned fun except for the weird duration.

  9. Rikaku

    No, I don’t want sexier/prettier night elves D= I just want models for the forsaken, orcs, NE and every pre-BC race to just get an upgrade. It would just like the character model to look better. An example being look at how much better the eye glow effect of draenei are, and then lookat NE eye glow. Put an eye patch on over you NE’s eyes and then you’ll really see the issue.

    Ok but I do want prettier hairstyles *cough* Would be nice if all the NE didn’t choose the same freakin hairstyle @_@

    I actually think we’ll be seeing some of the emerald dream in cataclysm. Not alot, but maye some. In patch 3.2 (or 3.1) the actual ingame files of the Emerald dream got a visual upgrade.

    Coincidence? I think not

  10. Firewing

    Double Post; my fault.

    One: fine*

    Two: Nothing on my wolf or cat. Just on Blackjack. It’s nothing too awful, I mean a free constant 20 day buff? Heck yeah! It’s just weird and the constant plus 27 is getting to me. Anyone else have a broken bloodthirsty?

  11. slimj091

    “I couldn’t find any abomination guards in Undercity. Instead all I found were Kor’kron guards.”

    there is one abom guard in undercity sewers. my guess is they forgot about him.

  12. 84

    i havent noticed anything with bloodthirsty.but iv noticed ALOT of hunters (and even a few locks) with their pets out while mounted.
    iv also noticed a lot more evade bugs with my pets…

  13. Palladiamors

    *Chuckles* Funny you should mention that….my RP helm for my NE hunter is an eyepatch…..

    I agree with you, of course. I don’t think it’d hurt to much to do what they did with TBC… a graphical upgrade, but allow you to turn it off if it affects your gameplay to much.

    Finally, before I left I was noticing a good deal more bugs all around. My pet would randomly not attack people in BGs, I got stuck in odd places, a ton of enemies were stuck in evasion…..I think it’s just cumulative lately, since Blizzard is so busy working on both the expansion and on a second MMO. This does tend to happen around end of expansion time, tho’.

  14. Zinbolt

    Actually Kalecgos could have power imbumed in him by the titens. It mentions in the Well of Eternity series (I think it was the second one, Deamon Soul) that all the dragons have talismens of their power for precicely that purpose. Noz’s was some sort of hour glass that they put into the demon soul for him because he wasn’t there.

  15. Firewing

    AS for my Auberdine comment, I’m sorry, but I hated that place. The going from north to south of the zone drove me nuts, though it could be the fact I have a lot of night elf alts. I’ve done that zone so frequently that if I have to run all the way down to the Grove of the Ancients ONE more time I’ll explode.

    Ironically, it’s the only place I can bring myself to level an alt in. Only have had night elves make it past 15+…*sighs*

  16. Rikaku

    You’re not alone. I hate Auberdine. And I can’t wait for it to be sploded all over Deathwings face. Literally. I went there once. Ok twice (to tame ghost saber) but i never looked back. Hell til this halloween will mark my 1 yr anniversary of being Auberdine free.

    And for the auberdine lovers, look at it this way. At least Neo-Auberdine will have a better quest pattern =D

  17. Ryai

    eh I managed to facedesk thru Darkshore on my Draenei hunter. I avoided it on my dorf tho- mostly as I went thru the damn troubles of the VERY BAD DORF QUEST HUB. You want a place worse than Darkshore?

    Wetlands. Wetlands. Wetlands. Oh lord Wetlands.

    Now I know why everyone and their mothers uncle’s dog’s cat goes to Goldshire and beyond to lv up ally side.

  18. Firewing

    Eh. Wetlands I actually prefered. Redridge however drove me mad. Darkshire I liked. Hinterlands, later on, is my favorite EK zone ever.

  19. Palladiamors

    I actually do my 1-20′ing in Bloodmyst and the like. The draeni starter areas are perfect for leveling, and actually give you gear with stats…..

    And I never said I liked QUESTING in Auberdine, but I love the look and feel of Auberdine itself. Plus the first time you come off the griffon from Darnassus to Auberdine was a totally different feeling from going from Goldshire to Westfall. It was like the entire world has just opened up to you, and I don’t think any other starter to next level areas feel that way.

  20. Tarjin


    And you say the quillboars in Red Cloud Mesa are now nonagressive? That would have made things a lot easier back in February 2005. :D

  21. Rewy

    Intriguing… I hope they’ll get a neat story for the skin change other than just “hai, we save old skins here, kthx bai”.

    Umm… oh right, what got me thinking was that Bloodthirsty comment. Unlike a constant buff, I have trouble when ever I lon on or re-log to my hunter. My pet’s skills are all turned off from the Auto-use. I can click them back on, but when I log out and come back on, they’re off again. =(
    Terribly troublesome when I’m trying to grind out my last half a level of experience before Outland (again…) and just trying to survive my way back to a quest hub.

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