PTR 3.3: Spectral Bear?

spectralbearBlizzard pushed a new build (10676) to the 3.3 PTR today and updated the patch notes to match.

There’s nothing particularly interesting to hunters in the patch notes, but MMO Champion did notice a new skin in the data: the Spectral Bear.

Is this the newest Spirit Beast? Stay tuned … and let me know if you see him on the PTR!

120 thoughts on “PTR 3.3: Spectral Bear?

  1. Ryai

    Actually Palla, the brown bird is the basic tauren flight form as well :p

    Tho tbh I would kill for a cat like a tauren feral drood model. /drool.

    Ofc without the horns /cough

  2. Jangalian

    And yeah Ryai, that cat is super slick. All the cat models, even the riding tiger model, and pretty dated. It’d be nice if the game lions got updated.

  3. Ryai

    It’s alright Palla- I only really remember the fact cause I have drood aquaintances.

    And Jang- while I don’t want drastic changes, as you suggestedf slight upgradings to the models would be nice. Like less boxy legs/heads, the teeth actually you know teeth and not looking solid [the glitch is happening on some cat models, some tiger models and travel form for droods], and fixing colors on the models. Now I don’t mean changing the colors entirely, but have you seen like persay the black/dark blue striped tiger? How the legs seem to be discolored compared to the body? And on a couple limbs you can actually see the line that seperates the color differintual? that’s what I mean.

    Or possibly FIXING MODELS PERIOD- like the white bird of prey eagle/hawk, her/his wings seem to mess up like 50% of the time, and the pet is also affected too.

  4. Jangalian

    Would be nice. Maybe with Cata, but I doubt it. I don’t mind a few glitches here and there, but there’s a shit ton of stuff that Blizz needs to update/fix. My biggest gripe is a spirit wolf having a cat manuever. Where’s furiouis howl?

  5. leozero

    blah who cares bm was nice but now is the lamest build, i did love it but it goes oom so fast, even with invigoration.
    and on my server at least every low level/geared hunter have skoll or gondria, loque now is a rare sight but id like them to already make all pets have all three talent trees and give more pets with same spells liek for example furious roar for cats

  6. Palladiamors

    Might want to watch yourself, Leozero. BM may be the lowest in damage, but that doesn’t make it lame. Unless damage is everything to you?

  7. Vaahn

    Bring on the Spirit Beast Silithids!!!

    Now theres a pet that makes no sense whatsoever. But who cares it would look freaking awesome

  8. Ryai

    Yes you really want to watch your tongue there Leozero- while I detest SV or MM it’s not because of the dps or lack of dps it’s because it’s a playsty;e I don’t really like. For my BM played hunters thru and thru. I have no problem with people who want to be min/maxers, I have no problem if they just go with the tide for best speccs, I mean my paladin has switched from prot-ret-prot-ret-ret-prot-ret.

    And what are you trying to get at with making a comment of all BM hunters w/ Skoll/STD cat are poorly geared hunters? What kind of an elitist/jerkwad comment is that? Do you want to know something mister? My main hunter, specc be damned, was in LEVEL 70 PVP GEAR AND QUEST DROPS. Why? Because at first I was TERRIFIED to go into dungeons; but I finally did step into the waters, and slowly did start to gear up. But it took a long, long time.

    I mean hell a few days ago I was in an AN run and we had a warrior who was 80 and guess what, did 600/700 dps. BUT HE WAS GEARING UP. No one insulted him tho we did D: a few times, but it’s AN, and even hc AN isn’t that hard to do and I knew we’d most likely pick up the slack for him, and all that matters is we downed every boss, we didn’t wipe, and the guy did get an upgrade or two.

    So yes Leozero as you can see not alot of us take kindly to being bashed for gear, or dps or stuff like that, nor do we enjoy bashing upon others. Petopia/Mania’s Arcania is not a place for views like that.

    We’re all one big happy family.

    That squabbles from time to time.

  9. Kitairra

    @ Leozero–

    “but it goes oom so fast, even with invigoration.”

    What the hell is THAT?!…Do you mean “repleneshment”?

    I call shenanigans! Damn rogues sneaking in our posts…/shakes fist



  10. Firewing

    I would totally switch to BM and get the bear and forsake survival. That is one AWESOME bear, and I prefer him over my plain white Aayren. For the whole druid families….

    The crow forms I don’t mind; they have no marking, no little accesories, it’s all good. I think being allowed to tame pets with the same skin becomes awkward. I know, at least, I am proud of my druid’s skins. I love the uniqueness of them. If a hunter could suddenly start taming copies, I know a lot of hunters would.

    And us druids suddenly aren’t THAT unique anymore. You won’t be able to distuinguish druid from hunter pet!

    So, yeah, my take in short: Let there be no druid skins pets. EVER.

  11. Kitairra

    Sorry,double post…

    I don’t care where it is,as long as it’s a spirit beast,I want it! What with Skoll not liking to show up when I’m on,I’d like to get ONE spirit beast before the servers shut down for good. /LeSigh

  12. Ryai

    er technically the place holder cheetah for droods is the same as the tameable yellow cheetahs so ..

    And anyways I didn’t mean ‘tame a druid skinned cat’ I meant tame a cat that looks like a tauren druid. We already can with nelf cats and the ravens for both BoP and Carrion Birds, so why not tauren cat? Mean ofc without the trinkets and nose ring and horns, but the base model is nice now that they finally fixed it.

  13. Dweezill

    Well,I am a BM hunter and I do very good dps, and I can manage my mana very well. Even longer Boss fights like the Vault fights, I can do over 5000 dps and not run out of mana. Even if i do mismanage my mana, I can get it back quick enough so that it doesn’t hinder my dps. As far as the “gear” goes, for BM, the higher level hunter gear ins;t that great for BM. I have found that gear that is supposed to “upgrade” me really hinders me. The problem with BM right now, that i can find, is: Bm is too gear dependant, and there’s not much in the way of higher level gear that really helps BM hunters. We hit a ceiling pretty quick. Truthfully, Blizz is putting way too much haste on higher level gear, and I personally cannot use haste. Where is this going? well, did you ever think that sometiems, better gear really isn’t better?

    Sounds to me that you are the kind of hunter that goes online and googles “best hunter dps spec” and goes with what the min/maxers of the world goes with, rather than playing with a spec and style that is fun and works for you. Well,you go ahead and use your min/max spec and I will still out-dps you in my lame BM spec.

  14. Gimlion

    Yeah… BM isn’t lame… I love it, now granted i raid in MM, but if i did not like the playstyle of MM, i KNOW i would not do nearly as much dps as me in BM spec… so sure do the ‘cookie’ cutter specs work? hell yeah, but will they work if you don’t like it? thats a promised no

  15. Noba

    This looks eerily like the ghost wolf, with those blues. I wouldn’t be shocked if this became a shaman ability.

    and wow, this was mentioned by someone farther up in posts, but i can’t even imagine a rare Spirit Beast in Wintergrasp. That’d be awful!

  16. nobbie

    I’m now 99% sure that this spirit bear spawns near the Altar of Rhunok and surrounding areas (in Zul’Drak). Probably shares spawn timer with Gondria, too, so that there aren’t too much rare mobs at the same time.

  17. Emowin

    You know what I think Bliz should do. Instead of giving us more stable slots they should set up a pet retirement home of sorts. A place where you could send the pets you REALY dont want to get rid of but just dont use any more, aplace where you can see them any time you want. I have my warp stalker Lizzy that every time I get her out to get rid of her for a Better pet she does that thing where she turns her head and looks at me and and its allmost like she smiles at me and I cant do it I just cant do it I tell ya. sigh

  18. Safrienaer


    Even though I think I see where you’re coming from, would you mind explaining a bit? Having two Spirit Beasts in one zone feels off to me, but then again this one and Gondria have some things in common… I would like to know what makes you so sure of the matter. :)

  19. nobbie

    I’s just a guess. We have three spirit beasts so far: Loque, Skoll, and Gondria. Loque and Skoll don’t have a transparent or semi-transparent body. They are unique in the way they look – Loque completely unique (together with Har’koa – same model), and Skoll with the blue fur an lightning effects. I consider these two “A class” models. Gondria is a “B class” model, as is the spirit bear. This doesn’t mean they look cheap, just not as good/unique as Loque and Skoll. Loque is unique to the Sholazar Basin, and Skoll to the Storm Peaks. Skoll is actually the 3rd rare mob there, as the TLPD is ultra-rare and therefore does not count (it shares the spawn timer with Vyragosa btw).
    Gondria – a spirit cat – can be found near Har’koa (a cat god), and so the bear should be found near the bear god. To avoid more than 3 rare mobs in the zone, the bear probably shares the spawn timer with Gondria. As I said above, this is just speculation on my part, but I just can’t imagine (from an artistical standpoint) that Blizzard would place a “spiritual” creature like that bear in another place than Zul’Drak. ^^

  20. Safrienaer

    Hmm, that sounds like a really good theory to me. I was thinking the same way about Gondria and this one: both are transparent and similar to a god in Zul’Drak. However, Grizzly Hills feels just as right to me as Zul’Drak right now, so I’ll be keeping an eye on both zones.

    By the way… Is anyone else on the PTR server Remulos EU?

  21. nobbie

    PS: Btw – if we’re lucky, we might get a transparent wind serpent and rhino spirit beast in future patches, too (in Zul’Drak – all on the same timer). ^^

  22. Safrienaer

    I hope not… Imagine the trouble if you wanted just one of them. 1/4 chance for the right one to spawn. >.< Just finding any of the current ones is a pain, even though they don't share any timers with other rares (as far as I know).

  23. Safrienaer

    Hmm, I just found Gondria for the second time today. If she and the bear share a timer, the bear is pretty unlucky. XD

  24. Kaïna

    Ooooh! A transparent Wind Serpent and rhino! I’m not a fan of Rhinos tho…they’re just…too big for me! xD But I’d like a transparent Devilsaur…wouldn’t it look awesome? :D

  25. Jangalian


    I’d like to think the bear has some neat body effect, like maybe shimmering ice crystals or something. Maybe hint that the spirit animals are supposed to be sort of elemental gods or something.

    Still, it would be the best to get these beasties fixed so that you know, the spirit WOLF has HOWL.

  26. Azzrazzah

    What to do, what to do??? I want!!! I need more pet slots!!! Grrr.. 2 spirits of and 2 spirit beasts; doesn’t leave much room to play around here

  27. Ryai

    Er how would Howl make an SB op…? I mean Devilsaurs get a talent that stacks, increasing their attack power by by xx/xx/xx% It’s really no different from Raptor’s Rend, doing the increase of attack power.

    That and it wouldn’t increase SS all that much, the ap boost would only boost it’s claw/bite skill, while the boosted hunters rap would only boost the SS by a small ammount, so again I don’t see how it’s op.

    And it’d be a lot better than prowl imo, as it’s why I had to ditch charge for running dungeons with an SB, sometimes Jupiter will still lurch forward and stop almost imediately, as if unsure of wether to use charge or SS, or use charge- then SS or use SS- then charge or do more lurching.

    Mean it’s no different from bears/crocolisks having 2 different AoE’s available to them :/

    But granted I only expect to see Howl on Neptune, I would just like the option of something better than prowl for Loque.

  28. nobbie

    Other possible spawn locations would be Crystalsong Forest, and all the areas in the Dragonblight where you can find diseased bears. The latter would be more likely in order to make spirit beasts earlier available to younger hunters who have just entered Northrend (level 71 – 74).

  29. Witrely

    if its another spirit beast I do wish they would redesign its family talents to exclude prowl.
    I think the only reason prowl was added to the family was the biase of cats as the first forms of spirit beasts.
    to me its a wasted talent on the pet bar and for fear of its autocast I have to keep it on the pet bar- instead of better options.

  30. Noba

    Anyone else here think that Blizzard should take a poll for the next spirit beast, so we hunters can pick what type of animal/”effect” it has? Of course,you’d have rogues voting “helpless duckling with one leg”.

  31. locutus

    Well I think it will be in Grizzly right next to Zuldrak by the bear god site. If you go west from Ursa shrine at 16.25,78.83, there is a hilltop full of ruins in snow with nothing close by, a perfect place for spirit bear to roam.

    Plus close by the two children are nice spots to have him roam as well.

  32. Safrienaer


    Funny, I’ve been drawn to those places for a couple of days now. Right now the route I like to take starts from behind Altar of Rhunok, from there I look the Gondria spawn points through (the snowy area between Altar of Har’koa and Quetz’lun feels a good place for a bear too). Then I visit Ursoc’s Den and last I head south to the Forgotten Overlook (sounds like a perfect place for a spirit, eh?) and follow the mountainside west until I reach Howling Fjord. I also have another toon parked in Dragonblight at the lake with all the ghosts near Stars’ Rest.

  33. Cheesedoodle

    Ok, there’s something I gotta get out there before I comment on the bear and my ideas. To the people that complain about the wolf, Skoll, having Prowl and Claw like a cat, I have this to say. Skoll is a wolf, yes, but he has large claws. Second, these are SPIRIT beasts. Maybe to them, it’s not really prowling, just shifting their plane of existence slightly to cloak themselves. Now, onto the bear and some of my thoughts.

    Like many others, I would think that this would be in Grizzly Hills, Icecrown, maybe even the Fjord. And if they are adding a spirit beast to each zone, ones that kinda tie in with the creatures of Northrend, it made me think of a few possible new spirit beasts (P.S., these may have already been posted above, but after reading around 25 comments, I decided to already make a post). I wouldn’t be surprised by a spirit rhino, or eagle, maybe even bats or a wind serpent or jormungar. They might even add an untameable few just for background element, like a giant ghostly mammoth in Dragonblight. I saw a post about dwarf shamanism, and this being their summoned ‘wolves/travel form’, and some disagreements about it, but I thought about something. These are drunken dwarves. They may have a different form of shamanism than usual shamans. Troll druids, are an example that come to mind. They might act like some bosses in Zul’Gurub or Zul’Aman, and take on avatar forms of certain animal gods instead of usual druid practices. Or the tauren paladins (holy cows :D). Maybe they aren’t the holy paladins like Uther or the Argent Crusade. They worship the Light. Night elf priests are holy, but worship Elune as their ‘Light’. Maybe the tauren paladins are sort of like paladins and priests of the Earth Mother?

  34. Ryai

    All the wolf models in WoW have large claws… it’s not really about the claws, it’s about how an animal is -built- to use them. In animals, like wolves, they never use their claws. Or I’ll give an example. Skoll, and all northrend wolf models basically are very, very extremes of -sight hounds-, now granted even tho I have owned a sight hound, a Wolfhound, and played with him [he has already passed his time], he would chase me, and admitedly in our rough housing he would sweep out his front feet at me, but it was never to claw or tear, but to trip me.

    Which he loved to do.

    Now Hiedi, a mut we rescued, does have claws that are like claws due to her misstreatment from former owners; and she can wield them without meaning to be and they are a bit dangerous, but the only time Heidi can do this is when she’s sitting, or laying down, as her body isn’t built to lift up a leg like that and swipe it, like a cat.

    Now while you make a good point for a cheap and buggy Prowl [come on it didn't even boost SS for a -long time-], for claw it makes little sense. But it’s not that we don’t want claw on Skoll, we would rather have Howl as I imo, Prowl/Charge are a bit useless on a spirit beast.

    And Tree Troll shoots out the idea of an ‘avatar’ form for Trolls, sorry. And while bears are fast, they aren’t creatures that do long, sustained hauls. Wolves do that, they can travel 30 miles or more a day. So that’s why, along with the standard lore for shaman, that I fail to see a bear travel form for Dwarfs or a bear spirit summon, because then the ally and horde shammy glyph would have to be changed and reworded, and then everyone would complain that ‘only Dwarf get different’ and Blizzard is already reciving backlash from even suggesting the posibility Tauren Paladins are basically going to NOT get a horse but YET ANOTHER KODO. That and they’d probably get the same from avatar forms for Trolls.

    And lastly yes that is kinda how the Tauren-din and priest classes were being hinted at; it’s held up by the fact my friend said she saw tauren priest art. By the facts that Palla pointed out as to how a forsaken could still be a priest [ie the class trees and how there's holy/disc/shadow].

    Tho tbh I find it how funny people are reacting and it’s like really, really? I’ve been in Alterac Vally on holidays. Do you know how many paladins I see on ally side? Usually average 15.

    How many I see horde? OH IT TOPS 8 AT TIMES. Most of the time 4. Most of the time 0.

    So no I’m not complaining about Blizzard doing something to finally increase paladins horde side for pvp.

    admitedly they’re -everywhere- for pve activities tho.

    long post is long.

  35. Scott

    Hmm. As a spirit beast this doesn’t do much for me – at this point about the only reason I still collect them is because I don’t want to pass one up and then stumble across it later on my warrior, or with a hunter whose pets I really don’t want to dismiss, or etc. So unfortunately for myself it has indeed become a bit of a Pokemon fixation.

    But getting back on topic, I think this one could be very cool as a regular bear with rare skin – now you have something cool looking that any hunter can tame (if they’re willing to camp long enough), and which is good for solo’ing as opposed to the garden variety spirit beast we’ve come to expect.

  36. Safrienaer

    Akyo, yea me too. Having a ferocity bear sounds pretty odd, but to be honest, a bear that looks like that can’t be a normal bear. XD

  37. Palladiamors

    Don’t forget to take into consideration that this may not be a spirit beast or a beast at all, but a boss fight mechanic that we haven’t seen yet. I’m not saying that it is or isn’t, just that we haven’t found a spawn location for it yet. So we’ll just have to wait and see what crops up!

  38. Jangalian


    The reason for all the complaining about the skills that Skoll has is that the skill Claw is only used for the normal cat family. It would be like Gondria having Furious Howl. Cats can sort of yodel, and I guess that could be called a howl, but it would be silly to say that cats howl. Wolves do have claws, yes, but they don’t ever use them to claw like a cat. Mostly, they’re used for traction when the canid runs. Skoll must have some serious maneuvering ability.

    Also, hunters have been taught that certain body types have certain abilities, and we would like that to hold true for the spirit beasts body types. =)

  39. akyo

    Safrienaer. why not? we have a ghost kitty that act like a normal cat. A parrot taht acts like a bird of prey and a owl that acts like a carrion bird. There is Oddities here and there so to find a simple ghost bear wouldnt be impossible.

    Palla- yeah you are right we dont know anything about this creature atm, it might be a mob in a new instance or quest spawn for what we know. but we are hunters..we hope anything that looks like the oddball out of the batch to be tameable.

    Jangalian- no, not quite. we arent saying all SB should have howl. we are saying that the SB should get a fam skill of that family it represent(word)
    In the begining we suspected that Loque got claw AND prowl because he was close to beeing a cat. same with Gondria, but when Skoll came we hoped he would gain the wolf familiy skill Howl and lose prowl, maybe get bite instead of claw. But we all know he dident and he got stuck with a cats abilitys. wich you have to admidt is odd on a wolf.
    But then again..they arent cats, nor wolves. they are a family of their own. even though they look like cats and wolves..

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