Expansion Pet Families

I am fascinated by Cataclysm, the upcoming WoW expansion, because it represents a very different sort of expansion. Most MMO expansions change the world by adding new content to the edges of the world. Sure, some of that new content may be for low levels (especially new races), some may be meant to fill in holes in the middle levels, but the majority of it is usually intended for the upper levels. That division helps separate the old and new content in very obvious ways.

But Cataclysm will be restructuring the oldest part of WoW enormously. That clean division of old and new content … not so clean anymore.  Now I’m an old hand at MMOs, but I’m not entirely sure what to expect from this one. And that goes double for how and where new pet families may be introduced.

Pet families have never been explicitly limited by expansion — only by the level and location. For example, moths and wasps were added in Wrath of the Lich King but can be tamed by a hunter with only the Burning Crusade because they occur in Outland.

Chimaeras and silithids, on the other hand, can be tamed by any level 60 hunter, whether they have any expansions or not, because they occur in old Azeroth. (True, you need Beast Mastery to tame them, but talents are available to all hunters, and you can get Beast Mastery at level 60 if you plan carefully.)

How is this going to work when the old and new content are so thoroughly intermingled? Gilneas and the goblin starter area will probably be set off, much like the Draenei islands and the blood elf area, but it sounds like the majority of changes will happen in commonly accessible areas. Does this mean that if we get new pet families, they will be largely available to all hunters? Or will we see new families only in the explicit expansion areas?

Let’s take a look at the history so far. When it launched, WoW included 17 pet families:

  1. Bats
  2. Bears
  3. Boars
  4. Carrion Birds
  5. Cats
  6. Crabs
  7. Crocolisks
  8. Gorillas
  9. Hyenas
  10. Owls (now Birds of Prey)
  11. Raptors
  12. Scorpids
  13. Spiders
  14. Tallstriders
  15. Turtles
  16. Wind Serpents
  17. Wolves

Patch 2.0 and the Burning Crusade expansion added 6 pet families — an increase of about 35% — for a total of 23:

  1. Dragonhawks
  2. Nether Rays
  3. Ravagers
  4. Serpents
  5. Sporebats
  6. Warp Stalkers

Patch 3.0 and the Wrath of the Lich King expansion added 9 more — an increase of about 39% — for our current total of 32 pet families:

  1. Chimaeras
  2. Core Hounds
  3. Devilsaurs
  4. Moths
  5. Rhinos
  6. Silithids
  7. Spirit Beasts
  8. Wasps
  9. Worms

On a purely historical basis, we might expect another 10-12 pet families (an increase of about 31%-38%) from Patch 4.0/Cataclysm. Or we might get no new pet families at all …

At this point we really have no idea how Blizzard will draw the line between Patch 4.0 content — available to everyone — and Cataclysm expansion content proper. And that means that we don’t really know how the new pet families — if there are any — will be available and at what levels.

I’m really looking forward to finding out. (Hint, hint, Blizzard — send me a beta invite ASAP! Or even better, an alpha invite!) In the meantime, though, the best we can do is speculate endlessly and with great passion.

146 thoughts on “Expansion Pet Families

  1. Ryai

    And @ Rikaku or in responce to what she said.. or well support … or well just my thoughts on what she was replying to really. An entire trophy family is really well redundant and silly. Cause mean all my pets are trophies, and not really because of their status, like say for Jareth. He’s not King Krush, but he was Mosh, and have you tried to tame Mosh? While lv 70? With no fear ward OR +haste for the tame?

    O_o I mean I just tried last night on an orc and he just kept smishing me so I decided fine I’m gonna kill you- but I managed on Ryai; I managed to tame a beast that couldn’t be trapped or cc’d, with no aid from anyone, who hit hard even on a 70, and randomly fears.

    Blizz has it wrong if they think making Spirit Beasts shiny trophies just because they’re ‘hard to tame’, cause as I said, punishing a whole pet family because of raiding hunters who would be abused- punishes us all because Blizzard thinks it’s their right to decide ‘what is a trophy’ and ‘what isn’t a trophy’ because blizzard decided ‘they should meddle in the affairs of guilds’ when to be frank, they don’t do anything anywhere else. As they state, they don’t mess with gankers, griefers, corpse campers, anything of that ilk- and if you are reciving harassments from a guild, wouldn’t you A: leave or B: be used to it…?

    Like I said last time.

    And like Rikaku said, as everyone knows SV/MM uses CATS and WOLVES- seriously that’s all I see. Well ofc I see the ocassional owl/carrion bird/raptor/random exotic, but yeah the majority is wolves/cats, so again, why punish a WHOLE FAMILY- or instead why not make COMMON spirit beasts? Leave Loque, STD cat and Skoll rare, but introduce some fairly common/uncommon skins, maybe not with persay Loque’s model as, sorry Rikaku have to disagree with you there, Loque is the mate of erf, Lokara? or well anyways, he’s a spechul cat of spechulness that was punted to hide out in the Basin :p so no don’t want to see recolors of his skin.

    [tho I rp my Jupiter as actually a redemed cub lol]

    But, spirit beast wolves, cats, and possibily a few others COULD be put ingame. Mean there’s the ghost saber- and no no before you jump on me, I’m not saying to make it into an SB, I’m using it as an example. Of how it’s different from the norm, but still unique and ghostly. And that’s what spirit beasts are about, either by being SPIRITS like STD cat OR in the case of Skoll and Loque, DEMI GODS. or children of demi gods- and has everyone forgotten the OTHER STD like cat models thrown out?

    Now granted I know not everyone would be pleased if the other models became the common creatures, but still it is better than nothing, and while I did detest STD cat at first, it has, started to slightly, grow on me.

    And besides doesn’t PUNISHING SB dps also PUNISH hunters? Because not every hunter comes to petopia- sure there are some that come here, but you would be amazed on my server how many people DON’T know of petopia untill I tell them- or well er think that it’s a USER.

    So they won’t ever know they’re using a subpar pet, or wonder why the irksome players giggle at them cruelly.

    Besides, Skoll, STD and Loque aren’t that hard to tame- alright alright don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, yes I know they’re hard to find, and incredibly so, but once you do find them and no one tries to grief you, are they really so hard to tame? They don’t fear you like Mosh or Dred or Krush can/will. They don’t vanish and teleport like Snarler does. They DON’T phase invisable and break tame beast like a warpstalker will EVEN WHEN TRAPPED.

    So yes they’re hard to find- but not hard to tame.

    Which once again proves Blizzard has some messed up thinking if, instead of making COMMON/UNCOMMON spirit beast skins, they instead nerfbat an entire pet family. Which is ridiculous imo.

  2. Palladiamors

    Er, I think Rikaku and Ryai covered me. I think that an ENTIRE pet family of rare spawns not being better at what they do is utterly ridiculous. People are STILL hunting around for those silly things, for gods sake…..

    Of course, keep in mind that when Wrath launched, there was exactly ONE spirit beast on a twelve hour timer who despawned after an hour, and who had an achievement and rare loot attached to him. Great idea, Blizzard! Make him the most heavily camped spawn EVER! Man, why didn’t I think of that……? BECAUSE IT’S A BAD IDEA!!!! An ENTIRE PET FAMILY, represented in ONE place ((Or rather like, SIX places all over the danged map)) and hunted by everyone, their mother, their sister, AND THE FAMILY DOG.

    If they aren’t going to make them easier to catch, the LEAST they can do is make them more effective. This ‘trophy pet nerf’ BS is just stupid.

    And sorry Ryai, but I have to agree with Rikaku. If they were to use a skin it should be Loques, owning to it being the only unique skin of tameable pet. Different color, but definitely that look.

  3. Ryai

    Palla guess Loque model will be something we’ll have to agree to disagree on :p

    And yeah, it’s like, they’ve NEVER tried to tame something really, that was an absolute challenge to tame solo [IE the Saur trio or Snarler] or un CCable pets etc.

    And wait Loque despawns? O_o

  4. Caeralan

    One of the thoughts that has occurred to me is whether we will _lose_ any pet skins or families. After all, if the world is undergoing a change of a Cataclysmic scale, who’s to say that some of the zones where particular pets live may no longer suit those pets.

    For example the scorpid skin found in The Barrens (http://www.wow-petopia.com/html/mobs/mob_silithidcreeper.html) is unique to The Barrens, and we know that The Barrens is going to undergo significant change – so surely there is a chance that these scorpids won’t live there any more.

    Just a thought.

  5. Firewing

    @ 49,

    While I would LOVE a whelp, drake, or dragonkin, they can’t because they are sentinent beings that talk and think. Not to bring the whole worgen discussion up, but if you tamed a creature that could talk back and say, “Look. I’m tired of running off and getting pummeled. G’bye.” You’d have trouble. Tht, and dragons were quite helpful in numerous wars. Would you turn on your allies and make them your permanant meatshields if you could? :3

    Whelp mini pets, mounts, etc work because, by a RP/Lore standview, they’re offering their services. When you “tame” a pet, however, you’re forcing it to stand by your side.

    Really, it can go either ways. Besides, don’t you think an Emberstrife by your side would be a smidge OP? :3

  6. Ryai


    I’d want Onyxia. 310% mount my shiny white buttons, I’d have a tank, dps and flying pet/mount all at the same time.


  7. Martyn

    Ok reading through all these comments has been intresting, alot of ranting about the spirit beast,but who doesn’t. I read some where that blizzard wanted to add more class quests to the game to make each class feel special. What i think blizzard will do is create hunter quests to tame new beasts. Lets say we get 5 unique pets. Call them the Cataclysm Beasts and then at the end of it we get to only choose one of the 5 when we hit 85. I think alot of people are wanting pets as everyone has mentioned above but i feel blizzard want every hunter to have its own somewaht indiviuallity.

  8. Mitsuhide

    There’s the rumor that Zhevras will become tameable. And if that happens, hopefully the Stags and Talbuks will become tameable as well. They could have Double Kick as their family attack (strike with both front feet at the same time, damage + an effect, maybe a brief stun or disorientation), or Impale (skewer the foe with their horns/antlers, dealing damage and a bleed or sunder armor).

    Personally, I’d like to see Diemetradons and Pterrodaxes become tameable (as part of the Bat and Crocolisk families, respectively), as well as Mammoths (Ferocity, with Tusk Sweep as their family skill, knocks the enemy off its feet for a second or two). And Blizzard must add new skins and/or models for existing pet families. I’m still hoping for a Spinosaurus model in the Devilsaur family.

  9. Ryai

    But er Mitsuhide, Spinosaurs -aren’t- T-rex’s, they’re a different family entirely. Yeah yeah I know minor details when there’s 4 species of wolf grouped under the same name, but, Spinosaur’s aren’t even related to a Rex, that’d be like saying a Rex is a Raptor… like I did see someone in Un’goro say last night.

    If, and I mean IF they introduce a Spinosaurus, it’d probably be it’s own family/own unique model/skin.

    I mean I could, note could, see it maybe happening for the goblin island if they’re gonna take from the lost world/jurassic park to that extent, but I’d not want it dubbed ‘Devilsaur’.

    Mean strange enough Owls and Hawks are grouped up together O_o

  10. Dakarn

    I think I’m on my own with this one, but I would love to see the Fen Striders of Zangarmarsh tameable.

    Oh, and Hydras too. :P

  11. akyo

    No Ryai. Loque doesnt despawn, he just isent lucky enough to NOT have some farmer find and kill him. Same with the other two in the same area.

    Someone up here mentioned they was hopeing for the pets models to be updated like the druids…i do not! i love the look of the old world wolves, hyenas, cats, raptors, bears. And i actually miss the old druid catforms and got sad when i discovered that i could not chose from the old and the new model. Not saying the new forms doesnt look good. they do, but i find the NE form to look to…soft. i miss that pointy, sharp and dangerous look of the old form.

    but i would enjoy to see more animations in the old models, like blinking eyes, muzzle wrinkle or something when sniffing the ground. and good old wolves not snarling 100% of the time. but new models of old models. no. do not want.

    for new pet families. there is a few old ones id like to finaly see tameable.
    Pterrordaxes first of all. ive wanted one ever sins my first step in un guru.
    Old world wasps. why arent those marked as beast yet anyway?! :l
    Hippogrypsh and windriders..not gonna happen but i want one >:
    the sweet sweet mana wurm looking dragonkins in northrend. ok they might have the face of a dragon but they act like beast. in my eyes they arent anny different the Chimerah. and that one could easily go for a dragon.
    Sharks and Frenzys…just cause theyr awsome.. engineres could possibly fix up something to make it work…lol

    personaly i cant see girafes, stag and zebras as pets. they just seem like peacefull animals that rather flee than fight in my eye.

    I agree though with the SB been of only rare, hard to find and tame beasts are crap. i HAVE hunted and tamed all 3 but an entire familiy of rares that isent even one of the top dps pets is stupid. an exotic pet SHOULD be a slight upgrade from its closest…relative if you want. A devilsaur is easy to get and one of the best dps pets. while the SB beeing one of the hardest to find but dps easily beaten by you regular non exotic pets..

  12. Rikaku

    Ryai & Palla:

    Actually Ryai, I was more making an example. That wasn’t my stance on “making spirit beasts common”. I was more trying to make a point that there’s a variety of ways they can make common spirit beasts without threatening Loque, Gondria, and Skoll’s uniqueness. Option 1: Re-color the current SB’s and make those recolors common. Option 2: Make completely new SB’s that are unique and common.

    I just want SB’s for everyone! I think it’s a little unfair that these SB’s are hard for Hunters who maybe don’t have time to camp a heavily camped (on some servers, at some times) rare spawn due to real life priorities.

    Now my opinion, personally? (And Ryai, sorry in advance, but I agree on the right to disagree peacefully =) ) I think Loque would make an awesome re-color but only because I freaking love that model. That long tail, those big feet…it reminds me of a beanie baby on crack that fires lasers XD But I can see how people wouldn’t want those models being used and that’s cool too.

    Just, cmon Blizz. Make some unique SB’s that are common. use those 2 other spectral tiger models that are different colors like Gondria. That’s already in-game files, it’s not *that* hard D=


    ok I’m done. Sorry, just the whole “rare” family makes me wanna punch a DK.

  13. ihlos

    I have no doubt there will be new pets. Blizzard knows how pets energize the hunter community, they would be foolish to ignore how much longer players like mania and the rest of us here stay interested with new pets on the docket.

  14. Seryth

    thank for the picture rikaku

    but i ´cant see those foxes as a combat pet :/
    vanity yeah why not but biting or clawing at deathwing? i think he would just laugh
    maybe foxes will be the “standard” non-combat pets for worgen, like moths for draenei or snakes for orcs

  15. Rae

    I’ve been considering all the changes happening to Azeroth, and I’m pretty sure a lot of our old pets won’t exist in a revamped world. The Ghost Saber doesn’t have a fighting chance at staying, considering Darkshore is officially getting revamped from the earthquake and they weren’t quite intended to be pets initially.

    I’m personally grabbing some of the unique Azeroth skins on alt hunters to ensure they remain the the game :)

  16. tony

    I really hope blizzard adds more pet families. At least a handfull or so. I would also like to see pets of each family, given an ability that works, and makes sense, in both a pve and pvp aspect. When blizz leaned towards pet normalization, I dont think they intended on hunters just using a wolf for pve, or a crab/spider for pvp.

    The wild versions of each family, has several abilites they can use. It should not be a big issues to guive each pet family an extra ability to fill in any void that leaves them out of certain portions of this game.

    Pet leveling really needs to go too !!

  17. Rikaku

    I doubt the Ghost Saber is in too much danger. Auberdine is the area hardest hit by Cataclysm for the Darkshore region. Shadowclaw, a nearby stealthed rare just north of Auberdine…yeah he might be in trouble but his skin isn’t unique. However, Ghost Saber is still at the ruins up north. Far up north. In fact, there might be some change to make that area more of a quest hub since that village of Trolls (Shadowspear I think it’s called) will become available to travelers.

    Is there a possibility that Ghostsaber is gone? Yes, I’m not a Blizzard expert so I can’t say for sure. But to Blizzard’s credit, when they revamped zones, they *rarely* took away any unique skins from taming. When Dustwallow Marsh was revamped, we didn’t lose any unique skins. When they re-did Skettis, again no loss of unqiue skins. Revamp of Ogri’la area DID remove the red warpstalkers that were once there, but remember, those guys were never tameable as they were lvl 71+ as long as they existed in that region.

    Now another example would be Barrens. Barrens is gonna get torn up in Cataclysm, but there’s not really any skins “in danger”. Humar has Pitch, Echeyakee has Sian Rotam, and just about every other Barrens animal is found at other levels.

    So I do think Blizz does keep some thought of Hunter’s in their thoughts.

    Now of course, this is just *skins* I am talking about. Cataclysm may (and probably will) mess up what skins are offered at what level. By that I mean, maybe with Cataclysm a White Lion under lvl 60 maybe no longer obtainable, but the White Lion skin itself will still be around. (If that makes sense)

  18. Rikaku

    Yeah me neither…but I can dream! *holds onto dream* I think the Worgen’s vanity pet might be that. It better be…I want a fox somehow.

    But that also brings an interesting point. Sometimes we get minipets that are just “tiny” versions of their larger companions (Worg Pup, Strand Crawler, Spiderling, Parrots, Owls). So I’m hoping theres a giant tameable fox somewhere…. XDD

  19. Sukurachi

    I want those ghostly wolves in Shadowfang Keep.
    They are just THE sexiest beasties I have seen yet in this game.

    I’m a dog person, and none of the tamable wolves in the game really DO anything for me, they all have a far too similar skin.

  20. Dweezill

    I personally think a pet should keep it’s ability that is has in the wild. I guess the easiest example would be spiders. Some have webs, some have poison. This would make things a lot simpler. What I mean by that is…. if a hunter wanted a pet spider for pvp purposes, he could tame a spider who used web in the wild. If a hunter wnted a pet for dps, they could pick up a pet spider that inflics pison damamge. And lastly,I would love to see zarakh keep her attack speed. lol She hits like lightning. Anyway, i think that would cleap up some of the “family ability” issues. and it can’t be too hard for blizz to that. After all, the beast already had the pet in the wild. how hard could it be to loet it keep it when tamed?

  21. thebitterfig

    i don’t agree that spirit beasts should automatically be the best pet dps-wise. i don’t think any pet family should get a free ride to automatically be the best dps pet. however, most should be close. right now, wolves are the best pet for dps, followed by cats, with raptors and moths being closish behind. include exotics and devilsaur and spirit beast should be in there, as the pure-dps ferocity pets. blizzard’s goal should be to get the damage each of them does close enough (that is, within about 5%) so that a pet choice is just that. if in the end, spirit beasts are 5% below whatever the next FotM pet is, then that’s good enough. they really should fix that scaling problem so that they are competitive, but let’s not kid ourselves – there will be players who will select a pet for a 2% dps increase. good or bad, they will.

    that said, i partly understand why blizzard doesn’t work as hard at pet balance as we hunters might like – they have large balance issues to deal with, like the dps difference between mage specs, where frost is as much as 20% below fire and arcane. or they have to worry about blood DK AoE being next to nil while unholy and frost AoE is really sweet. or make sure that shadow priest dps doesn’t always come in dead last. the list goes on, and i’ll forgive them somewhat for making the difference between wolves and spirit beasts a lower priority. i want the spirit strike scaling fixed, but i’d rather have the difference between BM and other hunter specs closed first.

  22. Veinyn

    Attack speed was normalized before even BC came out, if I recall. There used to be spiders with a 1.0 attack speed and you could tame bears that had 3.5 I think. Everything else just kept what speed it had when it was tamed. (Though most were around 2.0 anyway. It was REALLY limiting because then everybody only had the fast pets.

    I think that Blizzard could solve a lot of problems by letting each family have it’s own individual set of talent trees that would allow us to customize our pets more. Creatures like Spiders that have multiple attacks in the wild could spec in a tree that allowed the hunter to choose what attacks it learns. Sure that’d be a lot of work for Blizzard, but that’s what we pay them for. :) I can’t think of a single hunter I’ve ever spoken to who doesn’t want their pet to be somewhat unique and able to be specialized to their playstyle, and while pet choice has improved incredibly since Wrath came out, it’s still not as unique as I think most of us would like it to be.

    Fen Striders are pretty awesome. I would probably get one if they were made tameable. (And weren’t horrible.)

  23. Snowtiger

    @Veinyn Brokentooth and the Zul Gurub Bat had the 1.0 speed and was the fastest attacking pets
    I remember i had a spider that would gain happiness when it was attacking!?!? Spirit beasts are suppose to be stonger then most pets since Loque is the mate of God/goddess in Zul’durak not sure about Gondria’s origins and Skroll is norse.. Wolves dont really have the best dps its the 20 sec boost to yours and his that give him his popularity cause after that buff and before the CD he’s up there but not at the top 3.. Granted if you drop your target in 20 or less no arguments but if it takes longer then different story.. Sure a few new skins would be nice but lets get whole new beasts out there Blizz…

  24. Palladiamors

    That’s right, at the moment Devilsaurs are on top for Pet DPS, followed by cats, with wolves being better then cats if you factor in the damage increase from howl.

  25. Ryai

    Seryth: You do know we can tame Moths, right? :p

    If we can tame moths, then foxes wouldn’t be far fetched; aslong as they aren’t tagged critters.

  26. Mitsuhide

    @Ryai #60- In regards to the owls and eagles being in the same family, that makes sense because in real life they’re very similar in terms of hunting style, niche in the food chain, and because they’re both “raptors” aka birds-of-prey, along with kestrels, hawks and falcons. The only big difference is owls are nocturnal and other raptors are diurnal.

    As for Spinosaurus, it could still be in the Devilsaur family, as an evolutionary offshoot or special adaptation of the Devilsaur (and the Devilsaurs already have the spines on their back, all it needs is some skin stretched between them). Make the head a little more crocodilian, lengthen the arms and add a third finger, slim down the body and fill in the spinal gap, and presto a SpinoDevil. Also give it some unique animations, like replace the headbutt with a double arm swipe, and the downward bite with a crouch-and-lunge-forward bite.

  27. Rikaku

    See the arguement for best DPS pet is always a moot one. No matter what Blizzard does. No matter what. There will always be one pet that just does better DPS then another pet. That’s just how it works. Is it fair? No. But unless you can mix n match your pet skills, there is never going to be equality. And even if there was a mix n match pet skill ability, there would be some “cookie cutter skill set” that would be the best dps skill to use.

    No matter what you do, there is always something on top @_@

    “the list goes on, and i’ll forgive them somewhat for making the difference between wolves and spirit beasts a lower priority. i want the spirit strike scaling fixed, but i’d rather have the difference between BM and other hunter specs closed first.”

    Agreed. But rather the thought brought up about SB’s is supposed to be “thought provoking”. Plus I think BM won’t be in too much of a problem if “stat scaling” comes with 3.3 like Blizz is aiming for. With that change alone, Pets will scale to all stats (except armor pen) the hunter has. BM will no longer stack Attack Power, we’ll be AGI-loving Hunters just like all the others. That alone will change BM drastically.

    Just figure in how much your AGI will go up. Which means how much your crit will go up (since 1 AGI = 1 AP, your AP will remain the same for the most part). Which means your pets crit will go up. Possibly pets will scale to our haste (for BM this is more minor) but more haste for pets = more swings per minute = more FI and Frenzies = more overall dps.

    Then in Cataclysm, AGI is getting buffed. 1 AGI = 1 AP (which is the vanilla stats for those from Pre-BC remember). Add that all up and how much our pets will be increasing in damage, and I see the gap between BM and SV closing to a very competitive design.

  28. Rottingham

    If you look, they have wolves and worgs, and cats and Large cats… They should make a large, feral hyena. Similar to a worg but hyena-ish… Just a though. I would love it if they did that!

  29. Ryai

    http: //www. wowwiki. com/ Dire_animal

    So it won’t get censored as it is just a Wowwiki link. Anyways according to WoW lore, Dire animals already exist, and as far as I can figure, are implimented to an extent ingame. Atleast concerning wolves; the Worgs, not the northrend ones, the ones that look like beefed up wolves. Those are I think the classic ‘Dire Wolves’ which are also dubbed wargs/worgs/battle wolves/etc.

    So Hyena’s getting a ‘buffer’ version of themselves isn’t so farfetched, to an extent ofc. And looking around it seems Hyena’s did have, irl a giant ancestor, so.

  30. Max

    No one else has mentioned them, but I’d really like to see maggots become tamable. They’re already beasts, and I find them particularly evocative. Plus they’d pair wonderfully with the new Undead Hunter.

  31. Rottingham

    I just wanna know that the Troll and Worgen Cat, Bear, and Moonkin forms for druids will look like. Prehaps the worgen cat form could be the feral/dire hyena, because they are slighlty more related to cats then wolves… so it would be a nice “In between” mix. and if they do that, the possibly they would make the dire hyenas tameable pets.

    One can dream, can’t he?

    I am still waiting for BLizz to add an armadillo or snail pet, too. Who wouldn’t want a pet whose family attack it to roll up into a little ball and roll at high speeds into the enemy, knocking them back?

  32. Rottingham

    Sorry for double post, but I just Saw Max’s. I agree, the maggots would be a good pet, with a leech family trait, that drains life from the enemy and healing themself.

  33. Ryai

    Aaaaah I went to MMO to check it out cause of the SB bear possibility [I would kill for that on one of my alts] and looking thru I find a post and there’s an icon of Saurfang. AND SAURFANG HAS DK EYES.

    WHAT IS HAPPENING D: the post doesn’t clarify if it’s Saurfang the Younger or Saurfang Cleaves faces D:

    And to be honest I wouldn’t really play a Worgen Drood if it had a ‘dire hyena’ form, because even if they are related to Cats it just doesn’t make sense really- as cat form is cat form and I didn’t even know Hyena’s were related to cats until doing some searches on the intarwebz.

    And tbh I wish they’d fix worgen hair first, they.. still look to lionish to me.

    That and just remembered I WANT MORE TAMEABLE BLIGHTHOUNDS D:

    gimme the glowy wolves gimme

  34. Palladiamors

    Saurfang the younger. *SPOILERS* Both Saurfang the younger AND Bolivar are under the control of Arthas. It is hinted that you can free them from said control in dialogue. *End spoilers*

    If anything, those bears will be boss mechanics. That’s my guess.

  35. Palladiamors

    As my double, though, I will go out on a limb and say that every major patch has had a new spirit beast added, so it isn’t to far fetched that this furry see through fellow is one.

  36. Rikaku

    We’re not sure if Bolvar is turned yet or not. As it stood in the yelling before the charge on ICC, Bolvar is still talking smack against Arthas. So we do know he is not *yet* under the Lich King’s control, but for how long?

    And holy crap spectral bear!!!
    Too bad it’s probably a spirit beast and not a real bear. I mean, as with Skoll, it won’t feel even very-bear like. Prowl on a bear? XD

    I’m disappointed though that they went with the “Gondria” look (if its infact tameable). One thing that irks me about that (and I mean me personally) is that kind of “half done” look. I mean, compare the transparent pets such as Ghost Saber and Disembodied Jormungar and notice how their transparencies don’t show off any “opposite side blockiness” like Ghost Wolf, Gondria, and even the Spectral Tiger do. It’s something that drives me batty (and I love GW, don’t get me wrong. but it still drives me batty).

  37. Palladiamors

    *SPOILERS* If I remember right, there is a fight in the files for 3.3 against both a ‘fallen horde champion’ and a ‘fallen alliance champion’ that I am assuming to be those two. Then again you may just end up fighting Saurfang but not Bolivar. if I had to wager, I’d say the horde have to fight Bolivar, and the Alliance have to fight Saurfang, but that’s really just a guess on my part. We should know soon enough either way, though.

  38. Ryno

    Mmm, tamable tri-pods (spore walkers) would be nice. I like how they look. I just think Blizz didn’t make them tamable because the whole size scaling would make them pretty silly if they got too small. And too tall if they made them big enough to walk properly.

    Tamable maggots would be cool. I think they’re kinda cute.

  39. Ryai

    noooo noooo maggots noooo

    I still remember my first time seeing Bolegore on my first [and failed[ ally hunter on hellscream when I wanted a belf cat for her. I was stupid enough to actually go into loraedon and think I could use the teleporter… hurdur moment there.

    Anyways we were on the home stretch. THEN UP FROM THE DITCH THIS GIANT WORM APPEARS. I go D: and then I go DDDD: cause omg the name the name is red I CAN SEE THE LEVEL THE NAME IS RED AND ITS GOING FOR ME.

    It litterally swamped me.

    So no my hatred for them was borne at that moment and has never gone away.

    Besides I rolled one of my DK’s blood. I get enough maggots that way …

  40. Seidouyumi

    In a lot of ways, we are hitting a point where there can just be no more pet families, and some of the untameable pet families could or should be folded into other families that already exist.

    Right now, the remaining families are Basalisk, Clefthoof, Diemetradon, Elekk, Frenzy, Giraffe, Gryphon, Hippogrphyon, Hydra, Kodo, Mana Worm, Pterrodax, Shark, Stag, Talbuk, Threshadon, Thunder Lizard, Tripod, Wyvern, Zhevra.

    The mass of the Clefthoof, Elekk, Kodo and Thunder Lizard is not an issue, and the height of the Tripod is not as well. Rhinos and Core Hounds are as massive as the first four, and Devilsaurs are kind of the same general height at Tripods.

    Here’s the way that it could play out easily-

    Clefthoof, Elekk, Thunder Lizard and Kodo join the Rhino Family.
    Pterodax joins the Bat familiy.
    Zhevra (already rumored), Stags, Giraffes, Talbuks, form their own familiy.
    Baskalisks form their own family.
    Dimetradon join the Crocalisks.
    Hydra form their own family.

    This leaves four non-aquatic beast families left- Mana Worm, Gryphons, Hippogrphons and Wyvern. If they were to become playable-

    Mana Worms would form their own familiy.
    Gryphons and Hippogryphons would form their own family.
    Wyverns their own family.

  41. Seidouyumi

    I forgot to say this-

    If Maggots become tameable beasts they should join the Worm family.

    All Silithid wasps should be classified as beasts and join the wasp family.

    This does not include the possibility of entirely new families in the future.

  42. Ryai

    Actually, all Sithilids -should- be classified as beasts. If reavers/tanks are classified, then why not the rest? And I can understand how the wasps would be able to be tameable by all, they have a simpler mind, they’re intellegent but probably not as much as the other sithilids [aka the tameable exotics]

    But then that leaves two bugs left, the worker model AND the tank model, the worker could become another easy to tame non exotic dps/cunning model. The tank like model.. aka the scarab could lean towards exotic and be a tank bug.

    And tbh if they do make Elekk’s tameable I would RATHER have them their own family with Mammoths, and their own pet special/ability, because frankly atm Rhino’s are -still- useless as being stuck with tenacity, and if Blizzard doesn’t impliment the change the pet tree of the desired pet.

    And wouldn’t see Giraffes, Talbuk and Rams/Stags tied in with Zehvra, could see Rams/Stags/Talbuk/Shoveltusks tied together, then the Giraffes in the Barrens and the Basin in northrend being their own family, which COULD make the wild horses in northrend tameable as I think they ARE classified as beasts- and both are equine in nature.

    And yeah that’s why I see exotics different from normal pets cause it sure as heck isn’t strength; so the beasts have to be smarter than their non exotic counterparts- meaning harder to sway/befriend/yada yada rp blah blah.

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