The Hunter’s Mark Chat Tonight

Lassirra from the Hunter’s Mark is hosting a special THM chat session in the THM chat room tonight at 9pm EDT.

It’s special because there are special guests: namely me and Pike from Aspect of the Hare. The topic: hunter pets, of course!

I’ve been a bit brain-fried lately so I’m not sure how much good I’ll be, but I fully expect Pike and Lassirra to make up for my deficits. *grin*

8 thoughts on “The Hunter’s Mark Chat Tonight

  1. Safrienaer

    Curse you, timezones! This is one of those times when I wish I lived in the US. That’s around 1 AM my time. >.<

    Hope the session will be available for reading afterwards.

  2. Narasalu

    Well, suprisingly little pet chat went on, there was a fair amount of discussion of patch notes and the like being discussed, but pets did manage to get some time, and it is my understanding that more of these chats will happen ;)

  3. Ethgrì

    I think the Hunter mark is down. I tried to hop over and see how your chat went, and all I got was a fatal error on the two times it actually finished connecting… Any way you could provide the world a recap, or was it that bad???

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