PTR 3.3: Faster Pet Leveling

The patch notes for Patch 3.3 on the Public Test Realms have been updated. You can find the full notes on the PTR forum or the normal PTR notes page, but as usual MMO Champion has been kind enough to post a notes comparison.

So what’s new for hunters and pets? Just this one note:

Pet Leveling: Hunter pets now need only 5% of the experience a player needs to level, down from 10%.


109 thoughts on “PTR 3.3: Faster Pet Leveling

  1. Nimizar

    Back on topic…

    Regardless of auto-leveling, hunters get to:
    1. Choose which pet to tame
    2. Choose a name for our pet
    3. Spend pet talent points as we choose

    Those are some pretty significant difference from warlock pets.

  2. Ryai

    Palla: Rogues have Misdirect? What? O_o

    And Nim: I had a big rant but it’s just a pointless argument because you’re not really listening when I said ‘-I- never experienced hunter grief until after the BM nerf’ as I was speaking from personal experience :/ or that ‘Blizzard should have no right trying to have a stance in controlling guild interactions to an extent because they don’t do anything anywhere else, so SB should have been on par with cats from the get-go, abusive/controlling guilds non withstanding, as no matter the pet, if a hunter is in one of those guilds, they probably wouldn’t be BM anyways’.

    And if they ever do implement auto leveling, it probably won’t happen untill Cat, if at all, this exp change seems to prove it; or hell I’d be happy to within 3 levels of the hunter’s level, but yeah again I doubt they’re gonna touch pet exp/leveling anymore than they have.

  3. Palladiamors

    I am a LITTLE off, Ryai. It’s actually MUCH BETTER then misdirect. It’s on next attack for 6 seconds, AND increases the damage dealt by the target of tricks of the trade by 15%. There ya go.

  4. Nimizar

    Eh, I still consider Tricks to be mostly different rather than outright better (mainly because rogues are primarily melee, so it doesn’t work anywhere near as well as a pulling tool). The one element that was genuinely better was the lack of charges, which is being corrected with the update to MD in 3.3 so that it will also use the time based duration mechanism.

    But then I have that annoying habit of insisting on seeing my glass as half full and not really caring that the guy over there might conceivably have a glass that is 55% full ;)

    @Ryai: *shrug* fair enough. I still think you’re blaming Blizz for things that are actually the fault of other players, but that’s your call.

  5. Palladiamors

    You’re thinking of it as just a pre-combat tool as opposed to an in-combat tool, Nim. Pre-combat hunters have the edge because shot for shot they’ll do more damage, but in combat rogues will have the advantage due to being able to release a five-combo point move to start the ball rolling. Not to mention we don’t have the 15% damage increase that also makes it some what useful in PvP.

    Also, as far as time based goes, rogues is still six seconds to what will be our four. And this isn’t even really about whether or not it’s better or not! This is about Blizzard saying “We don’t want to give a class another classes mechanics.” And then turning right around and giving rogues was was, until that point, a hunter class mechanic. Am I saying we should have gotten camo? Eh, that’s debatable but that doesn’t change the fact that Blizz said one thing and pretty much immediately went against it.

  6. Nimizar

    Palla, I think we mostly differ in what we saw as the key element of Misdirection from a class point of view. For me, Misdirection brought back the role of the hunter as a designated pre-combat puller – tank gets in position, hunter MDs target to tank, the fight gets rolling.

    Tricks duplicates the in-combat effect of MD (and does indeed do a better job), but to me that was already a fairly ancillary part of the skill (one that had already been significantly devalued by the tank threat generation improvements in Wrath).

  7. moljar

    i understand wht evry1 is saying BM does very bad damage unless u hav a good pet thats high level but still u got to learn to play around that take time to level ur pets and fight with them its easy but unless u get the flow down u cant do shit. i mean i still only have a level 30 hunter and im starting to think about respecing but then i rember y i chose bm i want to get the good pets like devalsaurs and corehounds i dont care if they dont do good damage thats what i want

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