Patch 3.2.2 Hunter Changes

Much to my chagrin (because I was caught napping), Patch 3.2.2 made its way onto the live realms today. We’ve been talking about the hunter changes on the 3.2.2 PTR for a bit, and now we can see the changes in action.

From the Patch 3.2.2 patch notes:

Beast Mastery

  • The Beast Within: The duration of this talent has been reduced to 10 seconds. In addition, hunters with this talent will do 10% additional damage at all times.
  • Bestial Wrath: The duration of this talent has been reduced to 10 seconds.

Bug Fixes

  • Master’s Call: This ability now correctly removes the snaring component of Infected Wounds, Frostfire Bolt, and Slow.
  • Trap Mastery’s (Survival) tooltip now states the correct amount of snakes summoned.
  • Hunter Tier-9 2-Piece Set Bonus: Critical damage from Serpent Sting will now work properly with the Mortal Shots and Expose Weakness talents.

You’ll notice that the mana reduction during The Beast Within is not mentioned in the patch notes. Nevertheless, Ghostcrawler says it should be there:

This change should be in 3.2.2.

So mentally add this change to the patch notes:

  • The Beast Within now reduces the mana costs of all spells by 50% for 10sec. (Up from 20%)

And finally, Ghostcrawler posted on the forums about a buff to Volley:

The AP coefficient of Volley has been increased from 0.0586 to 0.0837. Base points did not change. This probably did not make the patch notes.

And that’s Patch 3.2.2 for hunters! … Or at least as much as we know now. If you run into some other change, especially changes involving pets, please let us know!

90 thoughts on “Patch 3.2.2 Hunter Changes

  1. Tori

    I have to say that I’m looking forward to having Focus instead of Mana SO MUCH. It makes so much more sense in my opinion, and I’m excited to see how they incorporate it. Obviously there might be some bugs, and it could take a while to get used to, but all in all I have no qualms with the upcoming change.

  2. Nimizar

    @Dweezil: I haven’t seen anything from Blizz to indicate that haste from talents and haste from gear will function any differently when it comes to speeding up resource acquisition. So the 20% haste from Serpent’s Swiftness (or possibly from BM tree mastery, depending on how Cata affects the passive BM talents) would also grant faster focus recovery.

    There’s so much we just don’t know about the mechanics of Cataclysm at this point that speculating about relative DPS is basically impossible. Blizz will be rebalancing the whole game, even moreso than they had to with the introduction of 51 point talent trees, paladin seal changes, hunter pet changes and all of the other changes that went into Wrath.

  3. Snowtiger

    Well the new animation for feed pet and heal pet are neat! I’m still out on the TBW and BW and yes the Bears do have the animation of rearing on its back legs while attacking… I agree make the 51 point talent to bulking up the pet stats and make exotics available to all I mean my spirit beasts are neat but not nearly putting out the damge as we was lead to believe..wish we had more stable room!! abandoned my devilsaur for a Bear needed a tenacity pet was full on ferocity..

  4. HumongousOdiousLupous

    So I guess we all tame a wolf(furious howl) for anything group based and use our other pets for all our solo work. Exotic beasts will be like alcohol during prohibition, we’ll make a speak easy’s for hunters in all the major cities, so we can let our spirit beasts and glitch tames enjoy some fresh air. Makes me nervous of the things to come, hate to see BM become the #1 2nd spec of all hunters since nobody kept it as their primary spec.

  5. Palladiamors

    Neutrallo, it won’t effect PvP to negatively. In fact it might actually be an improvement, as long as the cooldowns remain. Right now that’s the limiting factor that would make PvP flow a bit better in light of the mana to focus system. Right now you fire off yer two shots and a sting, and then you wait for cooldowns while either A: Hiding behind some one or B: Running away. Either way, you won’t be doing anything other then steady shot until cooldowns off. With just a little rhythm I don’t think it will be hard to juggle those two shots so that you always have the energy you need to fire the one that is off of cooldown, AND you won’t have to worry about running out of mana, which is surprisingly more common then you’d think in PvP, and sucks so much worse then I can tell you. Having to halve your damage in PvP is tantamount to suicide, even for a BM.

    Humongous, I’ve had wolf since level eleven, when I made my way down to Ironforge to tame Timber. Amusingly enough, right now my two PvP pets are my spirit beast and my devilsaur. I still love my wolf, and she will still be my leveling pet and what have you, but its kind of nice to use other things for a while.

    Then again, I can’t say that I am the standard hunter…..

  6. Dweezill

    I have been using a Spirit beast opn my main hunter for raiding. before this last patch, he did pretty good dps/ he was even critting for over 3K while in BW. For some reason, I can only get about 1700-1800 crits with him now. I haven’t done a ton of raiding since the patch though. Truthfully, I am disappointed with the changes that came witht he patch. What little raiding I have done, I do seem to be doing lower dps that pre-patch. It could be attributed to the nerf on ArmPen though. i do stack up a ton of it. Scheduled to do Ulduar tomorrow night and I will get a better Idea from that. i’ll let you know what kind f dps I am pushing out.

  7. Ryai

    I don’t really liek the change to TBW. It’s not cause of lol change it’s just well we did brewfest the other day [lol forgot to get a group before EU server dailies reset sigh] and well I still found myself going oom as fast, or faster than I would have, with the old BM and the simple 20% mana reduction :/

    not noticed a change in my dps really, but not been on Ryai for much more than to aurgleblarglemarghle at all the lovely glitches for brewfest.

    I hate this tho, blizzard makes some damn good pets, but if you’re BM you basically HAVE to have a Devilsaur, unless you can really work it to make a spirit beast work; if you’re SV or MM it has to be a Wolf, Cat or Raptor- and it’s just what, why can’t you have pets you want.

    Didn’t Blizzard kinda lead us to believe all pets would, or should be viable?

    Then- why aren’t they? Sure I mean I love super pets, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like corehounds or chimera’s or other things too :/

    Somehow, somehow I am now thinking, that this ‘choose your pets tree’ is going to be blizzard’s ‘BIG FIX’ for hunter pets, I mean viability and etc.

    Mean they admited to breaking pets cause of the cunning tree did they not? :/

  8. Kalasha

    Well to be honest you don’t have to bring anything you don’t want to when simply soloing. Sure Devilsaurs may have the edge in a bit of dps over Core Hounds, but when I’m soloing anything I’ll stick to my flaming ball of 2-headed ferocity.

    It pays to pick a pet that excels at what you want it to do when you’re attempting to get the best of the best out of your performance, like say in a progress raid or a WG battle where you have lost 5 times already.

    But when things aren’t quite that intense, if your guild is running Nax again for old times sakes, bring whatever you want. The ‘super’ pets aren’t that super, the impact they have on whatever dangerous thing you’re doing is minimal AT BEST.

    I tamed a wolf after 3.0 because of the changes to how F. Howl now stacks with the shout from warriors. But a few days ago I realized if was looking at it all wrong. I love my Shy-Rotam skinned sabrecat. Wolves may be better in dps terms for my hunter. But my gorgeous Aurora is the rading pet I love best.

    And I noticed that it really didn’t natter for my performance. Hell, she did better then the wolf did. because I cared enough to really pay attention to her, keep her alive where I would have let the wolf just die. Trust me on this Ryai:

    Doing something intense with a pet you supposedly NEED is never going to measure up to doing something whith a pet you LOVE.

    That’s just my two cents :)

  9. Nimizar

    /cheer Kalasha :)

    Yes, choosing the “right” pet can be a DPS boost. But outside top-end raiding guilds, it annoys me when players let that interfere with playing the way they want to – while the DPS differences are measurable, they aren’t often going to be game-breaking.

    @Ryai: between the duration reduction and the increased mana cost reduction, your mana consumption staying roughly the same is the way things ought to be.

    I must say that not having Hunting Party and Thrill of the Hunt is probably what I noticed most when running a couple of heroics as BM instead of SV (I would obviously miss HP less if someone else was around to provide Replenishment).

  10. Dweezill

    Well, even if Blizz does make it so we can pick our pet’s tree, it is not really gonna fix everything. Some pets will be more viable in raid/dp situation. bears, scorpids, dragonhawks, wind serpents and quite a few other will be a lot better and they will be seen in quite a few raids. but, pets that have abilities that do no damage (Gorillas, Tallstriders) or pets that deal damage under certain circumstances (Crocolisks) will still be unusable. So, there will be more opyions to choose from, but they will still be pets that won;t top the dps charts, which I am fine with. If I do get to choose my pet’s tree, i will not be seen without my slime! He will be my pet of choice no matter what.

  11. Safernya

    :o I think I also notice a feed pet new animation (but I don’t know if it occured in patch 3.2.2 or before), when you feed it, a red thing is throw at your pet and he jumps to eat.

  12. Gimlion

    Ryai on post 58 u said SV had to use wolf cat or raptor, one thing for me that i found really works, especially if you find urself w/o a melee druid (how that’d happen in a 25 beats me tho) or w/ one that dies alot is that a wasp is well suited for a raid. granted that adds only one more pet to the amount that work, but its still another one…

  13. Dweezill

    OK, Just need some intelligent hunter advice. me and the other geared hunter are in a dps war, and he won;t answer any questions (yeah, he is SV and pi$$ed because i can do dps on the same level as him). Anyway, for raiding, would you rather have 39% crit and 29% arm pen, or 40% arm pen and 35% crit? I have a couple pieces of armor that can make those stats change that way, but keep all my other stats pretty much the same. Keep in mind, I am BM specced and this is goig to be for raiding. Would really appreciate some imput here. Thanks in advance.

  14. Gimlion

    That is tough Dweezill, I would choose the latter b/c im MM, but i thought crit was important for BM, so maybe the 1st one… have you tried using each change in boss fights to test em out?

  15. Mitsuhide

    Hmmm, reading what everyone’s saying seems to indicate that the changes to BW and TBW wasn’t as bad as first thought. This makes me feel a bit better.

    Does anyone know a site where they have the damage calculations for all of the pet families? I’m not usually a follower of the nitty-gritty stuff like that, but I’m interested to see where Devilsaurs stand in the Pet DPS list (since my first tame back when we could first tame them, I’ve loved the Tyrannosaurs. Monstrous Bite ftw).

    And personally I would love to see a new skin for a Devilsaur be put in the game, something similar to a Spinosaurus that has stomp, bite and slash animations for attacking (the slash replacing the headbutt). It’d be fun watching BM Hunters re-enacting the battle in Jurassic Park III with their pets XD

  16. Nimizar

    @Dweezil: the most impartial judgment you can get is to plug your gear into a DPS calculator like this one.

    Off the top of my head though, I would expect the crit to work better for you. The armour pen doesn’t benefit Arcane Shot or Volley (as neither is physical damage) and it doesn’t help your pet either. The crit chance, on the other hand, applies to everything you do and is also partially inherited by your pet (via Cobra Strikes).

    @Mitsuhide: The site I linked for Dweezil should answer your question as well. I believe devilsaurs are at least competitive with wolves for BM, if not actually better.

  17. Ryai

    ‘yai on post 58 u said SV had to use wolf cat or raptor, one thing for me that i found really works, especially if you find urself w/o a melee druid (how that’d happen in a 25 beats me tho) or w/ one that dies alot is that a wasp is well suited for a raid. granted that adds only one more pet to the amount that work, but its still another one…’

    I don’t like the wasp models outside of the sithilid and the Hive Queen’s skin. And not alot of people do- so unless you like wasps it really is between cats and wolves if you’re mm/sv.

    And ty for the link too Nimizar, might help me on Ryai.

  18. Rottingham

    I think more wasps, Devilsaurs, Spirit Beasts, and Tallstrider models should be added. There are not too many of them, adn the other beasts that there are not too many of are basically just found in Outlands, so it would seem pointless to add them to a cataclysmic event in Azeroth. (Beasts like spore bats, Warp Beasts, and Nether Rays, Although I would love to see more of them, too!)

  19. Ryai

    Actually there are more wasps, they just need to be made tameable. Aka the sithilid wasps; there are enough firefly wasps imo, think what two yellows, a purple, a black, and one other? Yet there’s only one tameable sithilid model- and only two, well one, giant model.

    And yeah more devilsaurs would be lovely, ESPECIALLY a chance for another green Devilsaur, maybe some shades of blue, or purple ones too. Another couple of spirit beasts would be lovely, and tallstriders too- mean there’s only three ‘unique’ skins, Mazz, Clutch and the Lost Torranche, no offense to the other three models, but they are a bit plain- tho the white one is nice.

    There’s also the fact they hinted they might make Zehvra’s tameable. And if they do, that could open up a whole new can of worms of old models being tameable.

  20. Ryai

    Edit: Also, wtb more demon hounds like the Vargul ones- I would LOVE for a blue one, or others being made available. While I don’t enjoy it on my tauren and ditched it, I would love more options for them. Since I have alts. that are hunters. That aren’t taurens.

    That don’t dwarf their pets.

    Tauren should not be bigger than devilsaur. Nuh.

  21. Rottingham

    I think maybe a yellow and black stirped Firefly model wasp would be cool. And I’ve always wanted a red Tallstrider. Like maybe a darker red, sorta like a brown, but add a bit more to it. Maybe a differently formed beak or something, but make it different then the rest. A brown lion would be nice, too, with a black mane Like scar from Lion King.

    Although,We could use more Corehounds…

  22. Mitsuhide

    @Ryai- If they’re going to make Zhevras tameable, they should also make Stags tameable. Maybe give them a Lacerate-like special ability using their antlers. Though since Stags and Zhevras are basically the same model they might have the same special, maybe Double Kick or Stomp.

    And I would love for Mammoths to become tameable. Make them Ferocity Pets and give them Tusk Sweep (hits several targets in an arc in front of the Mammoth and knocks them down, with a minute-long cooldown or something).

  23. Rowdypotter

    I can see how hilarious running around with a huge chicken as a dps pet can be. I first saw that chicken when I was a wee-young hunter doing the last of my round of quests in Felwood and I saw a warlock smack a huge chicken around. Made me wish it was tamable….. “The Mighty Cluck”

  24. Tori

    I’ve always wanted more crocolisk skins. They’re so limited right now, but crocodiles are one of my favourite animals and I’d love to have something like a black crocolisk, or red.

    I’d also like to see stags become tameable just for those awesome black ones in Ashenvale with the green eyes. :)

  25. Snowtiger

    Couldnt believe my luck while beboppin around on my lil warlock I got royally reamed by the sewer beast in stormwind I couldnt believe it!!!
    first time i ever seen him and me without my hunter well hell!! LOL so is the life in WoW but he looks neat with his almost white skin.
    My leveling and first choice is my Rak Shiri and I will never boot him.. but I do agree with Ryai its pretty bad when its seems like blizz wants us to pick certain pets to play like I said earlier I traded in my Devilsaur for a Bear for the tenacity part but how i miss the days of old with no pet trees and taming others for their skills just think how the achievements would fill up with the old way….

  26. Rottingham

    Bah, i missed my chance at being post number 77…

    Anyways, I was thinking and there should probably be certain achievements for each class. a hunter achievement would be to have tamed every tameable beast (non exotic) at least once, so like one bird of prey, one wolf, one cat, and so on throughout the game :P

  27. Rowdypotter

    excuse me for this off topic, topic….. a little bit of news that may have been already bandied about in other sites… I’ve taken a gander at my account services page on the official WoW site and I saw a “coming soon” tab for racial changes in your own faction under the paid service tab. This, in a way, may be good news to some people who do not want to re-level a new toon from ground zero… and a chance for some who want to be able to change racials from your old skin to that of a goblin or worgen if the changes also include them.

    Is this good news? … or bad? not sure… but I wouldn’t mind, personally, it’s just an option.

    A part of me wants to try out the new content’s change on a new toon, it’s exciting to start fresh… but another part of me wants to roll my eyes at the “slight chore” of doing it all over again (re-done content or not) even if I did stack on heirlooms…. I’ve already gotten most of my toons to max current level, their professions included (I already have all current professions spread around all of my toons, and that includes one “farmer john” that is my main – hunter of course – that farms for all of them)….

  28. Nimizar

    @Rowdy: while Blizz haven’t confirmed how they’re going to handle new races and class combinations in the expansion (as they haven’t entirely made up their minds yet), they’ve hinted pretty strongly that race and faction transfers will be restricted for a while after the expansion launches. They haven’t said anything about how long “a while” might be, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was on par with the character transfer lockouts for genuinely new realms (not that they’ve launched one of those in a long time, but my recollection from the last time they did it is that transfers are locked out for at least 3 months and possibly as many as 6 months after the realm is started).

  29. Rowdypotter

    Nim… I think I lost you on that one… while I partly get what you’re trying to say…. my off topic topic was more about the currently “coming soon” in regards to race changes “in” your own faction. I understand that there would probably be some restrictions in regards to that, the racial changes are more or less cosmetic in regards to how your character looks (just like the character gender change thing). Mostly likely the race change restrictions will be depending on the race and class you want to change into… say you have a human paladin and you want to change that to a different race: you will only have the option to change between human, dwarf, and draenei in regards to that class. As far as lockouts go in terms of new realms, I don’t see that being a problem unless you’re actually going to change realms along with that change.

  30. Palladiamors

    Rowdy, what Nim was trying to say is that you won’t be able to race change to Worgen or goblins PERIOD for a period of time after the expansion is released. As for the class change during it, that was already confirmed. You won’t be able to be, say, a gnome paladin by race changing from a human, dwarf, or draeni paladin.

  31. Rowdypotter

    ah, thanks Palla… that cleared that up. In any case, it’s still good news… and when they do free up the Worgen and Goblins for race change, then I know which of my toons will get a makeover.

  32. Ryai

    I wish my realm would get a make over.

    O U CAN’T JOIN UNLESS YOU HAVE ACHIVEMENT. Fair enough if some want to be elitist. But it’s gotten so bad that THE DAY ONY WAS UPDATED people were pulling it! ‘oh lo people we want a group for ony ten, /w me whit achiev

    That and wanting it for naxx 10. Or wanting 3k+ dps, for naxx 10.

    It makes me question why am I leveling up my other hunters? Why am I still playing Ryai?

    I face roll on Zeldei and dot everything to hell and have more fun.

    Then I remember, oh yeah, pets and professions.

    Anyways I’m not really interested in the faction changing service/race changing service, sure wouldn’t mind making Amarai an undead hunter, but then I remember oh yeah in the bit of role play I do she’s Zel’s sister. And Rosa? Nuh no way, Orc ftw. Orc iz epix.

    And besides gonna be rolling a Worgen Mage or something else, give me a break from my hunter addiction. But leaning towards mage.

    Werewolf shooting fireballs and ice beams and arcane lasers.

    I just fear tho, there were all the legolas fans for nelf hunters, then belf hunters.

    .-. I fear Twilight fans will invade wow next with worgens

  33. Snowtiger

    When I was talking about the learning pets skills of old and achievements I was saying that imagine having to travel all over the maps training beasts for skills and how quickly some of those achievements would fill like exploring and many others

  34. Palladiamors

    Nah Ryai, last I heard there was an actual Twilight MMO in the works. So while we may get a few drooling ‘Jacob’ fans, I don’t think it’ll be a bad as all that. Maybe.

  35. Ryai



    oh .. god.

    Yes they can just, all go there. And just stay there. Away from us. /shudder

    And a jerk let me have a booyah moment and relish being a hunter THE TANK LEFT OUR BREWFEST GROUP- didn’t ask if anyone had the quest left, just left. So I suggested letting my pet tank, as Aria, myself and our friend had almost three manned him. So switched to BM tank, equiped both my brewfest trinkets, popped on the pvp gear, summoned Ere to my side and booyah we did it.

    Amazingly Ere only lost aggro at 20k left on the boss.

    I guess being a hunter isn’t so bad if you are allowed moments to shine.

    luff BM.

  36. Porkskillet

    BM was my favorite spec, but previous to patch 3 basically. After patch 3, I went survival, my pet however is still a major part of my build, even if it isn’t BM anymore. I went for the dual, and have BM as a side spec currently till they un-nerf my pet’s damage. I was running with a nasty T-Rex named Hashbrownz doing nearly 1200 dps all by himself, then after patch 3…he was 470ish DPS. Overall was near 2500 to 2800 as BM…now I push 3800 to 5K depending on how much i have to move in a boss fight as Survival spec. Hopefully the Cataclysm expansion will get BM some love, as BM got taken for a ride and left hangin.
    A good hunter has many tools, and the pet is a big part…always.

  37. CL

    @Rowdy: while Blizz haven’t confirmed how they’re going to handle new races and class combinations in the expansion (as they haven’t entirely made up their minds yet), they’ve hinted pretty strongly that race and faction transfers will be restricted for a while after the expansion launches. They haven’t said anything about how long “a while” might be, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was on par with the character transfer lockouts for genuinely new realms (not that they’ve launched one of those in a long time, but my recollection from the last time they did it is that transfers are locked out for at least 3 months and possibly as many as 6 months after the realm is started).

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